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Semi Final SPOILER

Printed From: The Blue Room
Category: Reality TV
Forum Name: Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Forum Discription: All the news and gossip from the new series of SCD
Printed Date: 25 Apr 2018 at 19:35

Topic: Semi Final SPOILER
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Semi Final SPOILER
Date Posted: 09 Dec 2017 at 22:29
well spoiler is in

just a bit more

well for first time in a long time right two in bottom

mollie v gemma

mollie out

am happy best 4 left

Posted By: Maisie
Date Posted: 09 Dec 2017 at 22:43
Thanks Bren - yes, Mollie was the right one to go.

Posted By: deborah31
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2017 at 03:23
Yes agree, right one

Loose Lips, Sink Ships !!   or as they say in Jamaice, 'Mouth open, Story fly out!'

Posted By: Pandora\'s Box
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2017 at 04:04
Good news at last 😀


Posted By: Jo Bird
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2017 at 08:00
Hurray! Mollie's a nice girl .. but she's not the best dancer. Plus the romance rumours were just so silly.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Posted By: BambionIce
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2017 at 15:58
Glad that Alexandra, Joe and Debbie all made it through. I'd be happy enough with any of them winning the whole shebang.

I did think the whole overplayed showmance nonsense, coupled with her tearful "crumbling dreams" speech might mobilise a sympathy vote for Mollie. Given the messiness of her Samba - thank goodness it didn't!

Posted By: Eviesmum
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2017 at 17:59
The showmance between Mollie and AJ is a bit pathetic. He strikes me as if she wouldn't be his type if you know what I mean. She was the right one to go this week, but she's a sweetie and I like him a lot. Hope he's back next year.

Posted By: Pandora\'s Box
Date Posted: 11 Dec 2017 at 05:04
On watching the dance off to be honest to my untrained eye I thought Mollie did a much better waltz compared to Gemma's tango. Saying that not that keen on either of them and would like to see either Joe or Alex win.


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