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10th December - One week to go...

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Topic: 10th December - One week to go...
Posted By: Andrew
Subject: 10th December - One week to go...
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2016 at 20:50
Greetings all - I'm in a rather good mood at the moment because as readers from last year will know, I'm not a fan at all of Christmas shopping due to the busy crowds - but today went fine, with the shops being surprisingly quiet - the only incident being when I accidentally knocked over a display in John Lewis, then the wife proceeded to do the same a minute or so later - we'll be popular there!

I can't help but laugh at these 'dramatic' montages at the beginning of the show - Ed Balls was in this a few weeks ago!

As I said in another thread, I don't know why they're so bothered - it's blatantly obvious who the Beeb are lining up to be this year's winner - no prizes for guessing who I'm talking about!

Here are Daly and Winklepicker - I'm not surprised Daly doesn't have any straps on her frock this week after the disaster last time round.

Louise & Kevin:-

Tango - Ah, it's time for the tedious 'public messages' training clips - We all know these 'fans' in the street have had a script layed out in front of them!
Here's the dance - well, it wasn't perfect, but I still enjoyed it - hang on, a '10' from Bruno?

Samba - I'm a big fan of these two but the Samba doesn't seem perfect for her I don't think - it seems I'm wrong again, this was great - I'm not an expert but there seemed to be lots of Samba in there and I nearly joined in with it - We'll definitely be voting for them again!

The Perfects (Danny & Oti):-

Salsa - After reading around, their Tango last week apparently had completely the wrong footwork - and yet they still got two 10's! Yes, I know - you're all sick of me moaning about these two so I'll try and reign it in a bit - the dance was decent, who's next?

Either Bruno was the first one to get to the green room bar or he planned that fall - I'm not sure which!

American Smooth - I'm not sure what to say other than it was quite good and they'll certainly be in the final - sorry about this!

Claudia & AJ:-

Rhumba - I'm not sure how young Claudia will do on this - I don't think endless lifts are allowed in the Rhumba! Wait a minute - I was wrong, it's actually quite romantic and well danced - trust the judges to nitpick it!

Quickstep - This was a proper Quickstep - I loved the music, choreography and dancing - I may drop these two a vote as well - just for this they must get into the final!

Ore & Joanne:-

Quickstep - At this point I think it'll be between him and Claudia for who's booted out - surely with only four couples left there'll be no dunce off and it'll just be down to us?
This is good, very good - going back to the green room bar, had all the drinks gone by the time Craig arrived?

Argentine Tango - I have to admit, I was p*ssed at TPTB when I heard they were doing Kylie Minogue for an Argentine Tango but it actually works well - the dance was fantastic to watch but it seemed like Joanne was doing all the work to me - I'm not sure!

As I always say, thanks for reading - I'll be back later to see the final spoiler of the series.

Sorry for the lack of 'smilies' - they're not showing up on my ancient laptop!

Posted By: Pandora\'s Box
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2016 at 21:54
great review as always


Posted By: Marky B
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2016 at 22:00
Thanks for the review,will tune in to see who goes😀

Don't tell them,Pike

Posted By: Jo Bird
Date Posted: 11 Dec 2016 at 13:38
Thank you Andrew. Interesting.

I voted along the same lines as you.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

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