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Question for the dance experts

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Printed Date: 22 June 2018 at 18:15

Topic: Question for the dance experts
Posted By: salsa-addict
Subject: Question for the dance experts
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2016 at 09:28
I notice that Ian Waite still performs professionally with Camilla Dallerup on occasions. Just wondered what you experts thought about who was the better dancer out of Camilla and Natalie Lowe? What are their similarities (obviously both tall, blonde and non British) and their differences (I think Natalie tends to favour Ballroom whilst Camilla favours Latin?)
Obviously I would be interested in everyone's opinions, but specifically interested to get an expert "take" on it.

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2016 at 12:19
Everyone will have their own faves irrespective of dance ability but will try to answer your question from a dance take on it only

Ian performs mainly with Natalie now (ie tour etc and they are both directors of fit steps)

I like both of them as pros on Strictly - although Natalie is good she tends to (like Anton) particularly on DS be portrayed as the best at ballroom on the show etc but like Anton it isnt the case in past series the best all rounders were Flavia and Vincent and those two were def best at ballroom

Camilla vs Natalie   achievement wise and dance wise  it is probably Camilla.  Camilla danced and competed in Europe to a fairly high level - making closed uk championships with both Brendan Cole and after their split with Ian Waite (finished one place higher with Ian)

Natalie was an Australian dance champion and as a general rule the standards there are lower than in Europe do not believe she ever competed widely over here so hard to judge but she did perform with BTF and think that helped her as a performer and she knows how to connect with the viewing public.

in Summary imo at their peak and competiton wise they are on a par ballroom wise and Camilla better at latin  - on Strictly - very much on a par with each other with perhaps Natalie winning the personality stakes - think her stint years ago on BTF helped her with the showy side and how to sell a dance to the viewers.

Will be interesting to see how Natalie gets on this series with the new pros coming in eg Katya is a world showdance latin champion and you have Joanne who was  World Ballroom Showdance Champiion and Chloe Hewitt - although young, a 10 dancer with considerable talent - one thing for sure she remains very popular with the viewers which is probably the most important thing

Posted By: salsa-addict
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2016 at 14:30
Wow, thank you for such an informative reply! I have never seen Camilla dance "live" but never really connected with her on Strictly. I had not realised that she and Ian had done better than she and Brendan at competition.
Natalie has grown on me on Strictly and I have enjoyed watching her and Ian perform live on a couple of occasions. I was fortunate enough to attend a "Strictly" weekend where she and Ian taught and they were excellent teachers. Natalie in particular was very ready to get involved and come and help/dance with individuals if she noticed they were struggling. She was excellent at explaining tricks to technique.
I shall now be able to watch Strictly armed with the extra "expert" view and see whether I can spot differences between the individuals you mention. Guess it is as much to do with ability to teach/connect with your partner and to choreograph appropriately as it is with dancing ability.

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 22 Aug 2016 at 17:15
I think all the pros from what I call a 'proper' background are good at teaching - being that they have enough technical knowledge of the dances to be able to pass it on

Notable (imo) of those who do not have that technical knowledge are Janette - particularly in ballroom - and Karen in ballroom (although she is getting better)

Pasha has the skill and knowledge but I always feel his choreography is all about him and he leaves his partners out to dry (as does Brendan) a good example was Rachel whose routines did not allow for her lack of rhythm and carol whose routines just did not suit her
If you look at Brendan's routine for Sunetra at Blackpool you will see how the routine she was given left her high and dry imo

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