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Week 7 : You're My Favourite

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Topic: Week 7 : You're My Favourite
Posted By: Thess
Subject: Week 7 : You're My Favourite
Date Posted: 21 Nov 2014 at 02:53

Here we go into Week 7 and, not for the first time in this series, I ask myself what are the judges on?  I’ve never seen such gimpy travelling volta’s in a long time!  After last weeks’ horror show we should be back on form with the frocks and I’m looking forward to reviewing this weeks’ line up.

First up is ….


and DSI are cheating a little here – Joanne wore this dress for her Smooth with Scott, only she wore it with a sheer pink top over the bodice.  For Kristina the sheer top is gone and the spaces between the shapes  on the bodice have been filled in with gold and she sports gloves and a chiffon scarf.  This kind of thing used to happen a lot back in my day. You got bored with a costume, changed the decoration and hey presto, a new frock is born!  I wonder if this was a last minute substitution, or just DSI being canny?  I mean, when you can re-purpose a frock it saves a bit of time and money! 


Oh dear – has she offended the ladies of DSI?  Last week was the demonic car wash, this week it’s just wishy washy. Poor colour choice for her, she looked wan and lost on the floor.  The macramé over the bodice would have been OK with a much stronger colour underneath, but even so, the weight of it flattened her bust.  A little more structure underneath would have lifted the bosom and enhanced her shape.   The straight waistline together with the plain skirt was unflattering and I can’t understand why when DSI are capable of creating the most beautiful and stunning gowns (even when keeping them simple) they turn her out in this.  It was all rather grim.  When you compare this to the luxurious gold cha cha dress she wore a few weeks back - OK I wasn’t especially keen on that either, but it did at least look good on her.  I’ve been told that she might be imposing her own views on costumes, if that’s the case then she needs to stop it now and trust the dressmakers a bit more.


little more than a leotard with navy chiffon stitched to it and some sparkly lace to hide the join - it was however a million miles better than Caroline’s.  It floated and wafted around Janette as so many of her costumes tend to do.  But it suited the dance and I love the colour combination – I think this is the only shade of pink I really like! 


caught cheating again DSI – you put Judy in this red plated skirt a couple of weeks back! The first time she wore it with a ruffled top, this time a more sleek look with the vest style bodice.  Did they think she was going to crash and burn early on, so didn’t plan enough unique costumes?  Are they surprised she made it to week 7?  As with the first time she wore it, the skirt flared out really well, the sunray pleats rippling through the air on the move and looking elegant when still, but pillar box red is not right for Judy. It’s not just about her colouring (lots of platinum haired dancers wear red), you need to be a strong personality on the floor to carry it off as the colour draws the eye and makes you the centre of attention. Judy is too tentative on the floor and looks far better in paler shades.


so nice to see what I call a ‘proper’ ballroom frock.  Well proportioned, plenty of weight in the skirts and cut nicely at the back. This danced really well, thanks to the layers of net in the skirts.  An unusual feature is a long topskirt over a shorter second layer.  It adds an extra dimension to the skirt, both in a subtle change in colour and texture and in the shaping.  The decoration over the bodice is just beautiful, the asymmetric lines echoing the seams in the skirt panels and in the diagonal restraining strap at the back.  A dress with a good weight to it is an absolute pleasure to dance in and I’m sure that Sunetra will have really enjoyed wearing this. 


an opportunity for Alison to wear something jazzy and she rocked this look.  The faux ‘v’ neck in gold drew the eye in and down to the little gold points, which helped to keep the focus in the centre.  While others have had sparkling fringe (indeed Alison has worn it herself) it was a good move to keep this in plain black with just the flashes of gold and little touches of jet stoning at the wrists.  A classy look which Alison carried well, but I am in two minds about the opaque tights, I felt the overall look was a bit heavy.  Would this have looked cleaner with sheer tights?  Possibly, but the opaque tights did work better with the black flat shoes. 


a very old fashioned silhouette but beautiful nonetheless. Karen looked so lovely I almost forgot how much I detest this particular shade of pink.  What is it this year DSI? Could you not shift the pink material for this years’ International?!  Another gown that uses a mixture of several materials and techniques to add texture and interest, from the sheer sleeves to the chiffon skirts with contrasting band of material at the hem, all adding to the multi-layered look.  The ruched bodice and light touch on the decoration, following the central line, enhanced the curve of Karens body.  A really lovely frock that danced very well.


so much to like in this frothy number.  The frills I adore, a good size, lightly wired and with Frankie’s hip action they never stood still. In fact the top half wasn’t still either, with the strands of bugle beads dripping from the bodice.  The little flashes of colour prevented the look from being too stark, the bias binding on the frills accentuating the shape and the dark belt drawing in the waist.  I especially like the plaited straps, another texture in the mix and a great pop of colour.  I’m not very keen on ‘invisible’ straps made from body stocking and think if you have a strap then make it a design feature rather than fight against it.  A great frock, just my cup of tea!   


there are some frocks that are stunning in their simplicity, and this was one of them.  The proportions in this frock are perfection – the sleeves end just where the waist is cinched in.  With the gently gathered shoulders, the boxy silhouette in the top half was well balanced by the long and elegant lines of the skirt.  The deep collared neckline was set off beautifully with a perfectly placed bow and the cummerbund effect drew attention to Pixie’s tiny waist. Well, once she got rid of the pinny that is!  For a moment there I thought this was going to be another dress ruined due to a badly thought out apron!  But in the end it didn’t dance as nicely as the more weighty frocks and as beautiful as it was, it was more a cocktail dress than a ballroom gown.   


in an oft-worn two-piece combination.  Or is it more correctly described as a three piece?!  Anyway, more bugle beads, I reckon DSI are keeping the world bugle bead trade going single-handedly here, but they balanced the volume of the skirt very well and the colour looked glorious under the lights. More plaited straps, which is a known feature for this series,  but the blue ones were oddly placed and fought with the tan straps. A cleaner look would have been achieved by keeping the blue ones only and moving them to where the tan ones where.  I liked the spangly briefs and thought it was very clever not to decorate the whole pair so as not cause lumps and bumps in the skirt. Not a bad costume by any stretch, just a little pick and mix!

After Halloween week I’m so pleased to see a return to proper frocks, that I am going to declare that ALL of the frocks were my favourtes, this week.

Except Carolines!

Posted By: Jo Bird
Date Posted: 21 Nov 2014 at 07:47
What's DSI? (I've wanted to ask ever since I joined BR).

Favourite Latin was Frankie's (plus Kevin's shirt)!

Favorite ballroom was Sunetra's.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Posted By: Thess
Date Posted: 21 Nov 2014 at 08:10
Hi Jo - DSI is a company called DanceSport International Ltd and, amongst other things, they make ballroom and latin dresses.  They make the frocks for Strictly (although in previous years Chrisanne have had a hand in them as well)

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 21 Nov 2014 at 11:27
Kristina's dress was a replacement it was not the one shown on ITT that week

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