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DWTS 19: Week 10 recap and pics

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Topic: DWTS 19: Week 10 recap and pics
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Subject: DWTS 19: Week 10 recap and pics
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'We knew it!' Tommy Chong, 76, sees surprising run on Dancing With The Stars come to an emotional end in semi final

By - MailOnline Reporter

Published: 07:03, 18 November 2014 | Updated: 02:49, 19 November 2014

At age 76, Tommy Chong already created the biggest shock of the latest season of Dancing With The Stars just by making it through to the semi-finals.

The comedy legend however saw his bid for the ultimate upset end on Monday when he became the last contestant to be sent home before the final showdown.

Despite repeatedly scoring lowest with the judges, Tommy had such amazing support from viewers he repeatedly made it through each round.


End of the run: Tommy Chong after an unexpected run to the semi-finals was eliminated on Monday night from Dancing With The Stars

His  dance pro partner Peta Murgatroyd even dropped to her knees in shock last week when they made the semis.

But on the night he was dubbed the 'one wild card' against 'four aces' left in the dancing competition, his viewer support finally met its match.

'We knew it!' Tommy smiled as he was told he was heading home as Peta burst into tears.


Emotional ending: Peta started crying after it was announced that Tommy had been eliminated

Asked what the show meant to him, he said: 'Everything. I just showed that old stoners can perform when they need to.'

His exit leaves four stars to battle it out in next week's final - Alfonso Ribeiro, Janel Parrish, Sadie Robertson and Bethany Mota.

They will perform two more dances on Monday and then find out who will take home the coveted mirror ball trophy on Tuesday.


Best dance: Tommy saved his best dance for lat as he and Peta performed a rumba to Tainted Love

Tommy insisted that the only surprise for him had been not going home sooner.

'I thought for sure last week was the end,' he admitted. 'I had my bags all packed ready to go.'

And sadly for him, his exit came on the night he performed easily his best dance, a rumba to an acoustic version of Soft Cell's Tainted Love that had Peta performing as a ballet dancer from a snow globe - and judges Julianne Hough and Carrie Ann Inaba in tears.

'There is something so magical and fantastical about that piece,' Julianne said, welling up. 'I'm kind of getting emotional about it - it was awesome, so great.'

'I haven't cried in a while,' Carrie Ann said. 'It was like watching the master and the muse. You are a master. That was poetry. That was magic.'

Len Goodman predicted: 'I guarantee no one as old as you will ever get this far as you on Dancing With The Stars.'

And after Tommy's first dance, a jazz number also to Tainted Love, Len told him: 'Tommy, you're six years older than me. And I'll be honest - I couldn't have done what you've done. Week after week, coming out here, learning new dances.'

Peta had been left in tears after the comments - and too emotional to speak more when quizzed by Erin Andrews.

'I'm just so proud,' she said of Tommy.

'Yeah, I can't say any more I'm gonna start crying,' she said, already in tears.

Fans had also feared another contestant might be heading home, with former The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro suffering a back injury he feared would end his dancing.

But the actor won rave reviews after battling through obvious pain to finish two dances - and almost getting a perfect score with three 10s in his final dance.

'This is how you pave the path to the finals,' Carrie Ann told him after his contemporary performance.

Fans saw how Alfonso in rehearsals hurt himself practicing a series of lifts.

'Out of nowhere my back went into full lock-up and I went down,' he recalled. 'It took my breathe away - I started to feel incredible pain in my lower back. Every moment just started to hurt more and more.'

He said he went to see 'doctor after doctor after doctor' and said at the time: 'I really want to keep going, but I don't know if my body's going to let me continue.'

After his first dance, a tango to OneRepublic's Love Runs Out, Alfonso admitted it was his 'I'm hurting' smile' as he walked away from the dance.

As the judges started hailing his bravery, host Tom Bergeron said: 'You're crying, and I'm guessing that's not pain tears?'

'A little bit, yeah,' Alfonso laughed.

'That's why I'm not a doctor, I'm a TV host,' Tom quipped.

'Pain is temporary but glory lasts forever. Work through it and get into that final,' Len encouraged him, while Carrie Ann said: 'I know that tonight was really painful and scary for you but channel these emotions. Go safe, but go hard.'

Alfonso also had easily the biggest surprise in friends and fans recording tributes - with vice president Dan Quayle talking about him.

'I've known Alfonso probably seven or eight years,' Quayle said.

'Every time Alfonso tees it up he's looking to win. And I think he's gonna do it.'

The semis were once again a night where Janel Parrish, one of the favourites all season, really managed to shine - getting a perfect 40 for one dance and two more 10s for her second.

'You have a gift, a God given gift, and you dance with everything you have,' Julianne told her, while Bruno said: 'You really set the stage on fire.'

'We wanna go all the way. You do whatever it takes for what you love, and I love this,' Janel said. 

'And I wanna win with him,' she added, pointing to pro partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

They were joined in rehearsals by Val's brother Maksim, and Janel admitted: 'Maks won last year, and I know how much winning would mean to Val.'

Val also got to show off a hidden skill - playing the violin at the beginning of his second dance to accompany Time For Three in a moving instrumental of Calvin Harris's Blame.

He admitted he started playing the instrument aged five - and laughed as a picture of a younger, chubbier him playing one was flashed up on screen.

'That is not a chick magnet, so I pursued dance, clearly,' he laughed.

Following them on the leaderboard and also scoring a perfect 40 for one of their dances was YouTube sensation Bethany Mota and pro partner Derek Hough.

That perfect score went to a contemporary dance using a picture frame as a prop.

'This dance should be on permanent display in an art gallery,' Bruno gushed. 'It was a modern masterpiece.'

'Pretty as a picture,' Len agreed. 'It was a Picasso of a dance. Loved it.'

Julianne, once again seeming moved, said: 'That was picture perfect. Beautiful.'

While their first dance did not score as well - a samba getting all 9s - it had one of the most light-hearted moments seen on the dance floor this season.

As Derek and fellow pro Sasha Farber pretended to chase after Bethany, they all ended up sitting on a bench, with Bethany leaning forward just as Derek went in for a kiss - smacking lips with Sasha instead.

But Carrie Ann admitted she was 'a little underwhelmed' by the dance.

Len compared it to cotton candy saying, 'It was light and fluffy, but a little sticky here and there.'

Sadie scored the lowest of the three finalists, but still managed to get two 10s among all the other 9s awarded her two dances.

Len was teased for giving her first 10 of the night - after it emerged she had posted a picture of him holding up a 10 online calling him her 'Man Crush Monday' and telling him: 'Another 10 would be nice please.'

'I think it worked!' she laughed.

After the judges praised her maturity, the 17-year-old proudly admitted: 'I've surprised myself with how far I've come and how much more mature I've become. I've grown up a lot.'

'Sadie's been here nine weeks, she's got mature,' host Tom Bergeron said. 'I've been here just over nine years, and I haven't.'


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