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Week 2: Acceptable in the Eighties

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Topic: Week 2: Acceptable in the Eighties
Posted By: Thess
Subject: Week 2: Acceptable in the Eighties
Date Posted: 09 Oct 2014 at 22:43

So onto week 2 and what a motley bunch of frocks we had.  I’ll admit that my heart just sank when I saw Aliona descending the stairs as a ‘Nippy’ (those of you who are younger than I will just have to google image search ‘Nippy maid’!). As for Greg Wallace and the chefs whites … what?  He’s a greengrocer not a bloody chef!

OK lets get started and first out of the gate is ……

Iveta:  not a lot can be said about this dress, it needed to be sleek and short so as not to get in the way with the acrobatic parts of the routine, but the too short fringing gave no sense of movement at all. Clashing colours were a bit strong for Iveta who, I always think, looks better in muted more delicate colours.  Safe to say that I wasn’t a fan.

Jennifer: ooh I had a maroon and pink ballroom gown in 1982. I’m therefore not saying a bad word about this one haha!  Actually a nice little mover on the floor albeit with skirt on the thin side.  Jennifer is quite straight up and down, so the criss-crossing of various materials and colours over the bodice broke her torso up and gave her more of a waist.  I liked the draped material coming over her shoulders and across her back, which was a good way of covering up for someone who may be feeling self-conscious about showing bits of their body.  Much better than her latin dress of week one. 

Kristina: we’re definitely back in the 80’s tonight, electric blue and black is so of that time and a colour combination I loved to wear.  Beautiful silhouette, all close fitting until the skirts, with the flashes of blue coming up from underneath black pleated overskirts.  A very dramatic look and so much better than Ola’s black number in week one.  Very plain at the front with the straps a the back drawing all the attention.  I don’t usually like lots of loose dangling bits, but the plainness of the bodice actually needed the movement for relief. 

Aliona:  OK well, it is what it is … a maid’s outfit with some sparkly bits thrown at it.  It fitted the theme and she looked cute, but it wasn’t a dance dress.  I remember dancing a routine in a French maid’s dress back in the day, what is it with this week … it’s like someone has been going through my photo album!

Moving on ……

Alison: Cutting a person in two with such a contrast in colours is a risky thing to do, but in this case I think it worked very well. The bright wrapover top kept the focus on the top half, while the godets allowed for enough material in the skirts to balance her silhouette whilst keeping the gown skimming the hips.  A clever design feature in using pinstriped material for part of the skirt, elongating the lines and nice to see Alison’s hair in a French pleat, which extended the line upwards and outwards, helping a little with her head carriage. I haven’t been watching ITT so not sure if the shoe thing has been mentioned, but it is strange to see her dancing in flats. Can anyone enlighten me as to why she is favouring them?

Janette: alright now, I DEFINITELY have a stalker who is going through my old pics because I swear I had a ra-ra skirt like this one circa 1983!  But this was a lovely little Salsa dress and a good example of how to meet the requirement for a frock that won’t get in the way of acrobatic moves whilst still moving well. The frills bounced nicely and I adored the cute ruffled cap sleeves. If I’m being picky I would have liked to have seen a stronger colour, but overall this was a lot of fun and Janette wore it well.

Judy: it would be wrong to put her in a dress slashed to the thigh with all the bits hanging out, so it was no surprise that she got this cocktail dress.  The layered pleated skirt moved nicely and the stoning on the bodice and body stocking was lovely. It did, however, put me in mind of the Jacques Vert selection at Lewis’.   

Caroline: the first truly awful dress of the series, she looked like she had got tangled up in a pile of net curtains.  Leaving aside the fact that this was not a suitable dress for a ballroom dance, this was a sloppy effort all round.  The straps keeping the foundation in place were visible which is unforgiveable.  If a strap can’t be seen then by all means use plain tan material for it, but if it is going to be visible then it’s best to make a feature of it and cover it in sequins or stones. Dreadful.

Natalie: what a beautiful frock this was. Crystal stones on ice-white material looks so pure and crisp and this just glittered under the studio lights. Do you see what I’m getting at about good weighty skirts?  The volume in the skirt accentuates the posture and dances far nicer than a single piece of thin satin.  Very restrained again in terms of style and all the more lovely for it.  Stunning.

Sunetra: A classic shimmy dress which does wonders for a lady.  The fringing being cut into chevrons adds interest as does the glittery bits which were revealed when the fringing moved.  A good length on her too, with this style if you cut too long it can look very frumpy, but this looked fresh and most importantly, Sunetra looked comfortable in it. Now all that being said, this is the sort of frock that DSI can knock up in their sleep and it wouldn’t surprise me if this was an off the peg number to enable time to be spent on other dresses.

Karen: lovely mint green prom style frock, which danced very nicely indeed.  The bodice was decorated beautifully but there’s a ribbon tie again at the waist that really wasn’t needed.  Why are DSI intent on adding these to their gowns?  (this is not a rhetorical question by the way, if by chance anyone from DSI is reading this, please fill me in!!) In fact the whole strappy back was looking a bit like a straight jacket and not really to my taste, it looked messy.

Joanne: gorgeous colour, I loved the fishtail cut of this gown, tight over the hips but still lots of room to stride out.  The bodice was beautiful and leaving the skirts plain was a good move.  Just as I was thinking how lovely Joanne looked, she started dancing and then that flipping ponytail just took on a life of it’s own!  It whipped around so fiercely that I was genuinely worried for Scott’s eyes! I really do not like this predilection for loose hair. Get it tied up and under control!

Pixie: an interesting layered skirt that floated around ethereally but which was a bit wishy washy in terms of colour.  I don’t like two-piece ballroom gowns so while Pixie looked very nice, I don’t rate this frock at all.  Very insipid and forgettable.

Ola: the same design in the bottom half as her Goth frock from week one.  This looks set to be a recurring theme!  I might have liked the top half if I could have seen it, but with all her hair getting in the way it just looked a jumbled mess.  Another 80’s design feature was the coloured shoe to match the dress.  Have the makers of those tan shoes gone out of business?

Frankie: another cutesy dress that goes with the theme but which isn’t much of a dance dress.  The colour was lovely on her and the overall design was very nice, and I’m glad they didn’t do the pussycat bow kind of diner waitress look.  But this was just another glorified day dress.

Overall a much better field than week one I think, but we’ve not yet seen DSI really hit their stride. Some stunning gowns however with my favourite being Natalie’s for ballroom and Janette's 80's inspired ra-ra skirt! 

What was your favourite?

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 09 Oct 2014 at 23:45
agree Thess those two my fave too

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 09 Oct 2014 at 23:59
hhaha Hot Stuff you and Sarah in Maids outfits danciing wth Paul - haha one of my routines

Posted By: Thess
Date Posted: 10 Oct 2014 at 01:07
I had such a blast doing that routine. Can't hear that song without thinking of Sarah and Paul!

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.

Posted By: Jo Bird
Date Posted: 10 Oct 2014 at 16:36
Hello Thess

I didn't like Pixie's dress. She's got a great figure but there's no need to short change her.

I loved Sunetra's latin and Jennifer's ballroom dresses and Frankie looked sweet.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

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