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Week 1: Fringe Benefits

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Topic: Week 1: Fringe Benefits
Posted By: Thess
Subject: Week 1: Fringe Benefits
Date Posted: 08 Oct 2014 at 10:04

Hello folks old and new, and welcome to the Strictly Frock Spot 2014!

I start with an apology for arriving at the party late.  Other stuff has got in the way of the sparkly stuff which had to be sorted.  Sorted it is though and I have now been able to review week 1 frocks. Week 2 coming soon and then I shall be bang on this weekend! 

Well last year we had some truly beautiful dresses so I have been looking forward to seeing what the DSI ladies have been working on for this year.  Truth be told I wasn’t overly fussed on the opening night frocks, but now that the celebs have settled in to it all and (hopefully) found their style, maybe the frocks will be more tailored to their body shapes and personalities. I read that over 200 dresses are created for each series, which I’m assuming includes the pro showdance dresses.  In any case,  that’s a LOT of frocks and I shall enjoy going through them with you all.

Right then, shall we have a look at week 1?

Caroline: this was a great colour on her and wonderful as a ‘going out’ dress, but as a dance dress No, not for me.  Fringing can accentuate hip action, but cut this long and hanging from the shoulders, it disguised any hip action she might have had and looked very messy.

Natalie: beautifully crisp and delicate colour which Natalie carried well.  Quite an unfussy frock really, the white overlay across the hips was very clever, drawing attention to Natalie’s hip action and being a tall girl she can take having the lines of the dress broken in this way.  A flouncy skirt cut on the bias, flipped and bounced with every step, showing her legs without it being overtly revealing. As she is dancing with an older man I felt this was the right look.

Janette: I’m torn.  On the one hand I liked the overall silhouette, the billowing top half of the bodice balanced the floaty skirt and the cummerbund effect stonework at the waist was fab.  BUT I hated theinsubstantial skirt with the centre split and ruffle.  It did nothing for her or for the dress. And I think it was a mistake to use a different shade of green for the skirt, would have been better all in the same blue-green shade of the bodice.

Judy: I quite liked this frock. Lovely shape to the skirts and with a bit of weight in them too, so they moved well.  On a more dynamic dancer it would have been wonderful, however as Judy was quite tentative, we didn’t get to see this dress reach its full potential.  Clever design at the back, the strands of beading doing a good job of disguising the neckline of a body stocking and the little touch of tartan was nice and as the rest of the dress was plain white, didn’t look overwhelming.  But I do hope they don’t put tartan on her every week!

Joanne: First time out for the new girl and they give her this!   It looked like they’d taken the top from one outfit and the bottom from another and bound them to her with sparkly duck tape. Individually the pieces were nice, it just didn’t look like a cohesive dress. I didn't like how they cut the fringing in long tattered strands, like Caroline's it looked messy. 

Pixie: This was not a latin dress. I do like it, the colour looked great on her, the black and red bands at the hem gave definition and drew attention to her hips and the whole 60’s look was topped off with a very retro hairstyle, but it did not dance well. And to wear something this short you need to have very good leg action indeed.  And Pixie did not. Still at least it was better than her red carpet dress, which was totally the wrong shade of yellow for her!

Karen: Lovely tutti-fruitti colours which looked mouth-wateringly good on her, but this was essentially a leotard and a wrapover skirt.  Seeing the decoration continue under the skirt to be revealed when the skirt flew up, put me in mind of the 70’s when a lot of Mum’s put their girls in frilly and sequinned knickers to match their dress!  Anyway I wasn’t keen, the skirt spoilt the bodice as it cut the design off at the waist and we couldn’t appreciate the entire design. Practice wear I’m afraid, albeit sparkly.

Alison: brilliant shade of blue for the majority of the dress and using a lighter centre panel to draw the eye inwards, like those silhouette-type dresses that fool the eye.  The shape was nice and good use of sparkle fringe to give a sleek look in the skirt.  The sleeves gave good coverage without adding bulk and she looked comfortable on the floor in it.  Odd to see her dancing in a flat shoe, I would have liked to see her in maybe a Cuban heel, but that’s just a small point.

Ola: Channelling her inner Goth in this black strappy number.  I am ‘old school’ when it comes to ballroom gowns and this frock was everything I dislike. Thin skirts, too much flesh on show, hair whipping around (OK not part of the frock, but since I’m ranting ….) and an overall design that owed more to latin styling than ballroom.  I also didn’t like her dark lipstick.

Jennifer: I liked the overall shape of this dress, the dipped hem and the bias cut of the skirt ensured there would be a lot of movement going on. The embellished centre panel styling appears to be a style feature for Jennifer and this was lovely down the front. At the back however, the panel ended abruptly in a straight line under her bottom, I feel this would have looked better with a scalloped or scoop shaping.  I hated the ribbon tie at the waist, another design cut in two for no apparent reason. It didn’t add anything and looked ridiculous, being no similar colour in the rest of the dress.

Iveta: Beautiful buttery yellow shade, and hooray for sunray pleats, they dance so well and give a lovely shape to the skirt.  I was a bit underwhelmed with the bodice, the cut was very nice but the decoration not very inspiring.  Overall however a lovely frock with uncluttered clean lines.

Sunetra: Panel dresses like these are well constructed to dance nicely (having enough weight at the hem) while skimming the hips and elongating the body.  Keeping the decoration in the same colour as the dress is a classy look, and the way the bugle beads drip over the bust has the effect of making the waist look a little smaller by comparison.  I wasn’t over keen on the bit of ruching at the front – the dress didn’t need it.  Nice little mover.

Aliona: a flirty little dress that was nice enough but the colour wasn’t right for her and she looked washed out.  It wasn’t really a latin dress though, just a glorified day dress.  I also hated the gloves, I can’t understand why you would want to dance with gloves on – you lose the connection with your partner to some extent and they can be slippery beggars too. 

Frankie: gorgeous shade of green that worked with her colouring and the short prom style dress is such a lovely look.  For once I didn’t mind a ribbon tie at the waist, it actually went with the style of the dress and the colour was a match to the skirts. Although Frankie does not have a large bust I felt a bit more support there was necessary. She looked a little undefined in that area.

Kristina: you all know me by now, I’m a sucker for a red frock!  But there was something about this one that didn’t grab me. Maybe it was the stiffness of the skirt from the nets underneath, maybe it was the black shoes, something wasn’t rocking for me with this one. It didn't dance very well and Kristina's hair was flying all over the place which was distracting.

So there were with week one.  A tentative start I feel to the series, with one or two lovely frocks and the rest just standard fillers.  With some it’s as if DSI are knocking out stuff they can make with their eyes closed for people they don’t think will stay in for long, in order to concentrate on the more elaborate frocks for the long stayers. There is also a bit of a reliance on fringing, but at least it's not the macrame style knotted stuff they pushed so much last series.  Early days still and a lot more frocks to come and it is to be hoped that we get some stunners.

My favourites were Natalie’s in latin and Judy’s in ballroom(but only if I can see it move on a pro dancer in full flight.  What were yours?

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 08 Oct 2014 at 12:46
thanks Thess, must admit I am not keen on the fringe dresses this year either and some of the male outfits not right too

Posted By: Thess
Date Posted: 08 Oct 2014 at 18:14
GreggWallace's trousers spring to mind. As the girl said on Gogglebox last week: "He's got £5 worth of them up his ****!"

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.

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