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DWTS 19: Week 4 recap and pics

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Topic: DWTS 19: Week 4 recap and pics
Posted By: Bren
Subject: DWTS 19: Week 4 recap and pics
Date Posted: 07 Oct 2014 at 12:48

Return of the Carlton! Alfonso Ribeiro FINALLY brings back Fresh Prince Of Bel Air character on Dancing With The Stars

Published: 05:22, 7 October 2014 | Updated: 09:52, 7 October 2014 -


It was the night The Carlton finally took over Dancing With The Stars.

Ever since actor Alfonso Ribeiro was announced as a contestant on the dance competition it was assumed he would eventually recreate his notorious moves from one of the best-loved scenes from his hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

And while it took him four weeks to do it, it definitely paid off - with Carlton getting the only perfect 10 on a night that saw quirky fashion designer Betsey Johnson sent home. 

Carlton%20Banks%20a%20great%20score: Alfonso%20Ribeiro%20thrilled%20the%20judges%20and%20public%20alike%20by%20brining%20back%20his%20Fresh%20Prince%20Of%20Bel%20Air%20character%20on%20Dancing%20With%20The%20Stars%20on%20Monday

Carlton Banks a great score: Alfonso Ribeiro thrilled the judges and public alike by brining back his Fresh Prince Of Bel Air character on Dancing With The Stars on Monday

It came on a night with a lot to compete with - including former Calvin Klein underwear model Antonio Sabato Jr finally stripping off his shirt and dance pro Mark Ballas hilariously dressing up in a bushy beard to fit in with his Duck Dynasty partner.

There was also so much emotion fueling the evening that judge Julianne Hough burst into tears as she praised YouTube sensation Bethany Mota for speaking out about being bullied.

But it was as Alfonso took the stage for the last dance of the night that the audience really erupted - cheering so long that the judges at first struggled to silence them to make their comments.

And his jazz routine - to Tom Jones’s It’s Not Unusual, just as it had been in the show - also averaged a perfect 10 from viewers who had two minutes to call in a score, with the average making up the fourth judge’s mark in Len Goodman’s absence.


Relaxing: But things would soon change for the pair when the first strain's of Carlton's favourite song came on


It's definitely not unusual: As soon as the strains of Tom Jones' famous hit came on he could not resist grooving


Shall we dance: And he soon begged his partner to join him for a Fresh Prince inspired ballroom routine

‘This is what we’ve been waiting for,’ Carrie Ann Inaba told him, a giant smile on her face. ‘All I can say is: finally.’

‘I’m so glad you made us wait for the Carlton - it’s almost like dating,’ Julianne Hough told him, insisting that after the show ‘people are going to remember Alfonso’ rather than just his character Carlton Banks after he admitted the show ‘stunted’ his career as he was left ‘pigeonholed’.

‘This is a moment I’ve dreamed about many years,’ Alfonso admitted to co-host Erin Andrews after his performance.

 He had also admitted that he had previous had ‘a little bit of falling out of love with’ the character as it hurt him move on in his career, but said: ‘I love the Carlton Dance now - I love how it makes people feel.’

He added: ‘My number one goal this week is to please the fans and to give America what I feel they’ve been asking for since the beginning of this show: The Carlton.’

At the end, Alfonso gave advice on how to do the famous moves - saying you have to ‘lead with the hands and go over the top’ of your head - sparking a mass dance by the there contestants and even the judges.

But loyal to his dance pro Witney Carson, he insisted: ‘Honestly, the best I’ve ever seen anyone do it: Witney.’


Getting into the groove: It seemed to all be coming back for Alfonso as soon as he stepped onto the floor


Forget James Brown and Michael Jackson: Alfonso proved who the real king of the dancefloor is


Learning from the master: His 20-year-old partner Witney Carson will been relieved to receive tuition from Alfonso for a change as she will have been lucky to remember the show


Style icon: Men around the world aspired to live up to the legend that is Carlton Banks during his heyday

After the huge high of his performance came the low of losing the latest contestant, with Betsey Johnson being voted off. But the smile never left her face as she said ’Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.’

‘This has been the best, most wonderful thing,’ she added. ‘It’s just been a trip!’

Betsey had also been at the heart of one of the most light-hearted moments of the night - when Janel Parrish pretended to square up to her as a love rival when her own partner, Valentin Chmerkovskiy, stripped off his shirt when told Betsey had a crush on him.

The tears for the night came not for Betsey’s exit but Bethany Mota’s dance which she emotionally dedicated to fellow victims of bullying to prove that ‘things do get better’.

After her rumba to a live performance by Colbie Caillat of her song Try, judge Julianne was so overcome with emotion she struggled to get her words out.


Who needs Will Smith? The crowd were hooting with delight as the pair performed their jazz routine


Loving it: Alfonso will have loved getting to grips with the sexy dancer during their hit performance


Flying high: The confident star even threw in an airplane move during his scintillating performance


She's done this before: Witney made it look easy as she clambered over the beefy actor

‘What you stand for is so beautiful,’ she finally said, fighting back tears. ‘And what you wish you could have told yourself years ago you just told so many girls tonight.’

With even more tears, she added: ‘You are an amazing role model, not only for young girls but for women - for mothers, for everybody. To love yourself is so important. I love what you stand for.’

But she then told her brother Derek Hough, Bethany’s pro partner, that she was ‘going to beat you up now’ and criticized his choreograph for not having ‘enough Rumba content’.

‘Thanksgiving at the Hough house will be fun,’ host Tom Bergeron quipped.

The emotion was also lifted when Bruno Tonioli, praising Bethany’s emotion, said there was ‘a big but’ - quickly clarifying: ‘Not yours darling, yours is great.’


Standing ovation: The triumphant pair saluted the audience following their spellbinding turn


Frank Bruno: Honest judge Tonioli could not hide his delight with their quirky yet techniclally flawless routine


You dancer: The professionals could not award anything but a perfect score for the crowd-pleasing turn


Thrilled: The pair could not hide their delight when they chatted about the reaction afterwards

Alfonso was not the only contestant to launch his obvious main weapon, with male model Antonio Sabato Jr finally showing off his abs as he danced shirtless.

When Erin asked what took him so long to do it, his pro Cheryl Burke admitted: ‘We had to save the goods. It’s week four - we need the votes!’

Alfonso danced to Janet Jackson’s Love Will Never Do (Without You) - the song his appearance in the video he admitted ‘was the beginning of my career’.

‘I felt that we were watching a preview of Magic Mike two-and-a-half - Dancing With The Stud,’ Bruno told him. ‘I think you got the part, by the way.’

‘Hotty-hot-tot-tot!’ Carrie Ann said excitedly, adding: ‘You are definitely proving yourself the heartthrob of this season.’


Dramatic moment: There was tension aplenty as they waited to find out who was getting the chop this week

Gutted:%20And Betsey%20Johnsons%20face%20said%20it%20all%20as%20she%20looked%20disgusted%20to%20have%20lost%20out

Gutted: And Betsey Johnson's face said it all as she looked disgusted to have lost out


Face like thunder: It will take Betsey a while to get over the disappointment of being unceremoniously axed

But she also warned: ‘For a man with such a beautiful body you close yourself off a lot. And you dance little - yet you’re a big, hot guy!’

Almost as eye-catching was show favorite Mark Ballas - wearing camouflage clothing and a bushy beard to look like a Duck Dynasty family member to dance with the show’s teenage star, Sadie Robertson.

And he looked the part, blending in with male members from the reality TV family who helped start off their samba that Sadie said was ‘a tribute to my family’ and got a perfect 10 from Julianne and 9s from the other judges, including the viewers’ votes.

‘The little girl has got some bite - it was like Natalie Portman in Black Swan,’ Bruno insisted.

The high emotions came from the contestants dedicating their dances to the most memorable year of their lives.

Class%20act:%20But%20she%20soon%20regained%20her%20poise%20and%20was%20heaping%20praise%20on%20her%20partner Tony%20Dovolan

Class act: But she soon regained her poise and was heaping praise on her partner Tony Dovolan


Last waltz for Betsey: The 72-year-old designer will surely miss getting her hands on the young beefcake


No wonder she was so disappointed: There are not many people her age who could pull off this move

Leah Thompson almost got a perfect 40 for her contemporary routine to Dance With My Father

that she dedicated to her late father - with just the viewers letting her down with an average vote of 9.

‘You’re the guest judge this week - and you’re tough,’ Tom Bergeron joked of the viewers.

Leah spoke of how her dad had been ‘just the coolest guy in the history of the universe’ before he died in 2003 after being ‘diagnosed with cancer just about everywhere’.

‘Every once in a while on this show there are these moments that really go into my heart,’ Carrie Ann said, clearly moved.

‘I will remember that dance forever because you danced like an angel. Everything was beautiful.’

Janel Parrish also teared up as she dedicated her dance to B.J., the teacher and mentor she said was like ‘a second grandmother’ and ‘the most important person in my life’ who died in 2002.’ The biggest regret that I have is that I didn’t get to say goodbye to her, she said, saying she wanted to make her dance ’beautiful and special’ for her.


Bare necessity: Cheryl Burke pursaded male model Antonio Sabato Jr to perform shirtless to win a good score


Ab-solutely fabulous: He still had to make sure he went out and delivered a serviceable performance however


Can we dance with him? The ladies from the show certainly seemed to appreciate his dancing form

‘Honestly BJ would be very proud,’ Julianne told her. ‘You’re making me cry now! That was awesome.’

‘The best way to pay tribute to someone who passes on is to go on living a full and complete life,’ Carrie Ann told her, as all the judges gave 9s. ‘That was absolutely breathtaking. You are living, honey.’

Jonathan Bennett dedicated his dance to his father, who died four months ago - but his routine, starting in Christmas outfits to Jingle Bell Rock before ripping it off and dancing to Kelis’s Milkshake, was perhaps not the tribute he would have wanted.

‘How much Christmas punch have you had?’ Bruno asked him, while Julianne called it ‘little bit Flat Stanley’ and ‘erratic’.

Michael Waltrip had a similar night, emotionally dedicating his dance to ‘friend and mentor’ Dale Earnhardt who crashed and died at one of the biggest NASCAR events Michael won - and then snubbed by the judges, with Bruno telling him: ‘That wasn’t very good, you went wrong so many times, sweetheart.’


Bracing himself: The beefcake looked a little worried as he waited to hear the judge's reaction


Phwoar blimey: But it did not take an expert in body language to know what Carrie Ann Inaba though of it

Might%20is%20right:%20And%20Antonio%20flexed%20for%20the%20crowd%20when%20he%20realised%20the%20shamefully%20 transparent%20ruse%20had%20paid%20off

Might is right: And Antonio flexed for the crowd when he realised the shamefully  transparent ruse had paid off

Tommy Chong, meanwhile, spoke movingly of his biggest year - ‘2003, the year I went to prison’ - but also brought on some of the biggest laughs of the night because of it.

He admitted feeling ‘helpless’ and ‘chilled to the bone’ when he was ‘locked up like an animal’ for having drug paraphernalia, insisting it was only because the authorities wanted to make an example out of him because he was famous. ‘Overcoming that fear was very, very hard to do,’ he insisted.

After his routine to Elvis’s Jailhouse Rock - with partner Peta Murgatroyd in an incredibly skimpy cop outfit - co-host Erin asked if there were ‘any girls like this in prison?’

‘Well - not girls,’ he said with a wry smile, cracking up the audience.

Then, after insisting all the pro dancers are ‘beautiful’ and not having any preference who he ends u with when the teams are switched up next week, Erin asked if that would include being with handsome Tony Dovolani.

‘I’ll take Tony - I’ve been in jail,’ he quipped, again getting one of the biggest laughs of the night.

Tommy would have to satisfy himself with laughs as he only got 7s for his dance.

‘There’s no denying that I’m pretty much obsessed with you,’ Julianne told him. ‘But that was not your best dance.’

Emotional: Bethany Mota’s dance was dedicated to fellow victims of bullying to prove that ‘things do get better'


And Hough they go: She was ably assisted by twinkle-toed ballroom dazzler Derek for her turn


He's done it again: The dancing pro's choreography certainly nailed the emotion of the piece


Moved to tears: Judge Julianne was deeply moved by their performance and gave a high score


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