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DWTS 19: Week 3 recap and pics

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Topic: DWTS 19: Week 3 recap and pics
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Subject: DWTS 19: Week 3 recap and pics
Date Posted: 30 Sep 2014 at 14:37

Knocked out! Randy Couture gets eliminated from Dancing With The Stars after routine inspired by Rocky fails to impress judges

By - MailOnline Reporter

Published: 06:54, 30 September 2014 | Updated: 09:37, 30 September 2014

Randy Couture turned to Rocky on Monday in the hope of a miraculous ending on a movie themed elimination episode of Dancing With The Stars.

The 51-year-old retired mixed martial artist however was knocked out of the TV dance competition show.

Despite being clearly the toughest man in the room, a watery glint appeared in his eyes as he was told he was voted off as his professional dance partner Karina Smirnoff called him ‘an amazing man’.


Going home: Randy Couture was eliminated on Monday from Dancing With The Stars after performing a Rocky routine with pro partner Karina Smirnoff during the show's move night theme

‘I hope I made a friend for life because this was a priceless experience and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything else,’ Karina said clearly moved.

Of leaving, Randy said: ‘I’m happy. It’s been a great experience. I put myself out there, tried something new and it’s been fun.’


Looking at Karina, the college wrestling star and former UFC champion said: ‘She’s been amazing.’


As the crowd reacted with shock at the decision, guest judge Kevin Hart - who earlier joked that he was giving him ‘a good score regardless’ because he was ‘scared’ of the fighter - again joked as he told Randy: ‘It wasn’t me, OK? I’m you’re friend.’

Karina admitted that choosing Rocky for their movie night routine had been a way of seeking inspiration for there previous low scores, saying: ‘We’re doing Rocky because Rocky fights back.’

And Randy, who should have felt at home as the dance floor was turned into a ring, said he picked it because of ‘parallels’ to his career where he felt like 'the underdog that nobody really expected to win'.


Fan favourite: Randy left many disappointed with his departure from the competition


Waiting it out: Jonathan Bennett and Randy were shown on a split screen as they waited to learn their fate

But he once again failed to impress the judges, with Julianne Hough admitting: ‘I hate to start this way - but what happened to that strong, charming leading man from week one? It was lacking that charm and strength.’

Randy’s exit came on a night that saw not just the first 10s of the season, but the first completely perfect scores - and two of them.

Janel Parrish and Valentin Chmerkovskiy scored the first perfect 40 for their performance inspired by West Side Story - even though a legal hitch had meant they had had to completely change their routine halfway through rehearsals.


Perfect scores: Janel Parrish evoked her inner Rita Moreno as she performed to America from West Side Story with pro partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy

Then YouTube sensation Bethany Mota and her pro partner Derek Hough scored the next perfect set of 10s for their immaculate homage to Singin’ In The Rain, with the added pressure that it was Derek's biggest inspiration.

‘Gene Kelly is smiling on you kid!’ Bruno said as he handed out the last of the perfect 10s.

They were inspired by Gene Kelly’s wife Patricia Kelly coming to rehearsals and giving them gifts, with Patricia admitting: ‘When Derek dances I can definitely see a little bit of Gene out there.’


Raining in Los Angeles: Bethany Mota and Derek Hough nailed their routine of Singing In The Rain


Special guest: Gene Kelly's wife Patricia brought gifts to inspire Derek and Bethany

But it was little surprise that Derek would have the dance so perfectly memorized - after a clip was shown of him performing it aged just four.

Derek’s sister Julianne teased Bethany for the pressure she was under in rehearsals, telling her after their dance: ‘Bethany, I know the wrath of Derek. I know the pressure.’

But reaching for high enough praise, she insisted: ‘Tonight you really became a woman in my eyes.’


Familiar song: Derek was shown performing Singing In The Rain at age four

‘Mission impossible - mission complete,’ judge Carrie Ann Inaba told them. ‘That was ridiculously, insanely good.’

While Janel Parrish’s jazz routine to West Side Story left the judges equally enthralled, the young star was handed the weirdest compliment of the night when Carrie Ann told her: ‘You give good fish face, honey, and you give good sex.’

After a pause she appeared to realize what she just said and clarified: ‘I don’t mean you give good sex! Dancing - sexy dancing!’


Funny faces: Erin Andres pulled a funny face while interviewing Janel and Val

As she said it, Valentin Chmerkovskiy - who has sparked rumors of real-life romance with Janel because of their clear chemistry - was left smiling wildly as his partner immediately put her finger to her mouth to shush him from commenting.

Their performance was all the more amazing as they had to scrap their initial plans when denied legal rights to perform the West Side Story dance.

‘They are being very specific about not using any of the moves from the movie,’ Val said after first hearing the news. ‘So the challenge now is to do the West Side Story without making it look like the West Side Story.’


Late change: Val was shown talking to producers who told him his routine had to be changed

They got standing ovations from the judges for a dance called ‘perfecto’ by Julianne.

‘I felt like I was watching a full-on Broadway show,’ Julianne added. ‘You are incredible. You just opened up so many doors to your career.’

Bruno agreed, telling her: ‘My darling this is your star making turn.’

The other 10 of the night came as a bigger surprise - going to comedian Tommy Chong and his tango inspired by Scent Of A Woman.


Guest judge: Carrie Anne Inaba was joined by guest judge Kevin Hart along with regulars Julianne Hough and Bruno Tonioli

While the judges were all full of praise they gave respectable 8s - far less than guest judge Kevin Hart’s 10 after telling him he ‘killed it’.

‘I think Kevin likes you,’ co-host Erin Andrews told the Cheech & Chong star. ‘We all know why.’

In rehearsals, Tommy shocked partner Peta Murgatroyd by insisting he would teach her the tango - and then alarmed her by constantly forgetting the routine.


Good times: Tommy Chong and pro partner Peta Murgatroyd had fun while rehearsing hard

‘That was actually the first time we’ve gotten through the whole dance,’ she admitted after their performance that Bruno called ‘unforced, languid, sensual’ and Carrie Ann insisted made her feel like she was ‘in the presence of Yoda’.

‘It was enlightening and so ethereal and so authentic. You are the real deal sir,’ she continued.

Julianne, meanwhile, told Tommy: ‘Peta is a fierce woman so anybody who can lead that woman is excellent. You were flawless.’


Two to tango: Tommy and Peta earned rave reviews for their performance

Carrie Ann’s ‘good sex’ comment was not her only awkward exchange of the night - as she also told hunky underwear model Antonio Sabato he was ‘stiff in places that are a bit strange’.

She even repeated the comment when Kevin Hart sniggered - then latched on, clarifying: ‘Oh! Forget it! Keeping it clean.’

Antonio’s foxtrot to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough from Guardians Of The Galaxy got three 7s and an 8, a clear improvement for him.


Getting better: Antonio Sabato and pro partner Cheryl Burke continued to show improvement

Mean Girls star Jonathan Bennett had been the other contestant alongside Randy facing possible eviction from the show at the end, but earlier in the night was left jumping for joy as he got all 8s for his tango to The Great Gatsby.

‘I really can’t tell if he’s excited or not,’ Erin joked as he leapt up and down giddily.

One of the biggest disappointments, however, came from actress Leah Thompson who recreated her most famous character, Lorraine McFly from Back To The Future - but was surprised at the judges’ low scores.


Low scores: Leah Thompson and pro partner Artem Chigvintsev failed to impress the judges with their cha cha

‘Unfortunately I think that was not your best dance at all,’ Carrie Ann told her and partner Artem Chigvintsev. ‘You were very uncertain on your feet. You looked like you were on the very edge of losing it throughout the whole dance.’

Their routine had started with a pre-recorded segment where they were visited by themselves from the future telling them they had missed performance night - getting into the famous Back To The Future car to race back in time.

Leah insisted afterwards: ‘Lorraine McFly is my favorite character so it was really fun to revisit her in a cha cha skirt.’


Solid substitute: Kevin provided some comic relief and a fresh perspective to the show

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Austin Powers dance started with a mini-me dressed exactly like him - even with a drawn on goatee - and respectable 8s from all judges.

Kevin Hart told him he ‘murdered that, brother’, then quipped: ‘You don’t put a black men in a velvet suit and tell him to dance.

‘The fact that you did that and danced amazingly - I take my hat off.’


Top contender: Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson performed an Austin Powers routine

Kevin later told quirky fashion icon Betsey Johnson that he had the ‘hots’ for the 21-year-old girl she looked like on the dance floor.

‘We’ve got a term called, “Drop it like it’s hot” in the black community - and that’s what you just did Betsey,’ he told her as he gave her a 9 for her her contemporary dance to Unchained Melody from Ghost.

‘No one can bend it like Betsey. She can be stretched in any direction and she never breaks,’ Bruno said admiringly.

After Julianne gave her just 6, host Bergeron joked: ‘Oh wow, Julianne dropped it like it was coooold.’


Contemporary dance: Betsey Johnson and Tony Dovolani performed Unchained Melody from Ghost

NASCAR legend Michael Waltrip admitted that he had teared up last week after escaping elimination, saying: ‘It’s just an opportunity to do something that I never dreamed I would be doing.’

He added with his typical deadpan humor: ‘My buddies called me the other day to watch football and I said, “No I’ve got to go to dance rehearsal”. This is very important to me.’

After his waltz to Everything I Do from Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves he was called over by Julianne who grabbed his hands as she told him: ‘That was your best dance ever. So good - I’m so proud of you.’


Takes from the rich: Michael Waltrip performed a waltz with Emma Slater

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson ended her routine to the theme from Up by floating away on balloons, leading Bruno to say: ‘I’m right up there with you among the clouds: totally and utterly charmed.’

Perhaps the most eye-catching part of her routine was pro partner Mark Ballas’s thick square glasses to get in character from the cartoon classic.

‘Mark was so happy that he finally got to wear his actual glasses on the show,’ Bergeron joked.


Nice glasses: Pro dancer Mark Ballas got in character with thick glasses for his routine from Up


There she goes: Sadi Robertson floated up, up and away on balloons at the end of her routine

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