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Musically Speaking: Week 10

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Topic: Musically Speaking: Week 10
Posted By: Thess
Subject: Musically Speaking: Week 10
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2013 at 01:41
After last weeks' offerings of shrouds and loo roll, I was expecting a return to glorious gowns, especially since it was 'Musicals Week'. Sorry to say, it wasn't great ..

Anya: this dress looked as frantic as Anya's choreography.  I know she was meant to be 'Truly Scrumptious' and in the movie, truly wafts around in layers of cream ruffled silk.  On the dance floor, this sort of thing rarely works well.  The double layered pleated skirt had a life of it's own, frothy and fluttery, and I liked how it moved.  but with the loose bodice, bows, huge flapping sleeves, the overall look was far too messy.  Add to that Anya's hair which has, for a number of weeks now, been flapping about, and she just looked untidy. 

Natalie: a very similar design to last weeks' Tango frock, but this time the materials worked much better together due to a greater inclusion in the bodice, of the sheer skirt fabric. Nice  lines in the bodice to echo the off the shoulder curve. Although it danced nicely, I still prefer a more substantial skirt, but maybe a light and floaty dress is actually more desirable when performing a Smooth, it would certainly not add much weight to the lady for those lifts!

Iveta: well, she looks good in pretty much anything doesn't she, even when pretending to be a lioness! Actually, if you take off the tail and the feathers at the neck, it's quite a straightforward fringed latin dress. The fringe was cut well to give shape when still and lots of movement in flight and of course, she worked the skirt extremely well. Iveta's hair stole the show though!

Sophie: after last week the girl deserved a pretty frock and this ........ wasn't it Oh I know she was meant to be all Mary Poppins sweetness and purity, but essentially she was wearing a nightie, with only some sparkly bracelets to lift the spirits!  However, the pleated skirt flared nicely during the turns, I just wish it hadn't looked so much like a nightie.

Abbey: it was almost a straight copy of the red dress from Sturday Night Fever, well, it couldn't be anything else could it?!  I don't usually rate red as a great colour for blondes, but Abbey carried it well and she worked the dress beautifully.  And to go off on a tangent, this was the first time that I have actually enjoyed watching Abbey dance even though I consider that she did a showdance rather than a Salsa.

Ola: a very predictable costume, riffing on the Arabian Nights hareem-style and Disney's princess Jasmin.  I'm not a big fan of the strap design down the back, she looked like a Sunday joint ready for roasting.  I loved the colour though, which looked really crisp against the crystal stoning.  Now you might think that there would be no danger of catching a heel in those billowing swathes of material, given the broad ankle cuff, but this series goes down as the year of the wardrobe malfunction.  This time it wasn't down to poor design, it was just a fluke, it happens, but it seems to have happened rather a lot lately!  Ola coped well on the fly, I thought.

Susanna: echoing Debbie Reynolds costume in the movie, with details such as the necktie and the jagged pointy design on the bodice, the colours looked really lovely on Susanna. If I were to be picky, the bodice design should have been asymmetric  and the skirt pleated, but hey, DSI are paying homage not copying verbatim.  It worked as a ballroom gown, but adding the belt just so they could attach floats to it spoiled the lines and we lost the full effect of the bodice design. Nice, but could have been nicer.

Now I normally choose a favourite frock in both discipline's but this week it's difficult, due to a lack of unusual and showstopping design and a need to address a theme week (saints preserve us from any more!).  I guess my favourite for the latin would be Abbey's and because I don't have one for the ballroom, I'm going to choose Artem's jacket LOL

The only thing left to say now is, I hope they get their act together for next week!

What were your favorite's?

Posted By: thengp12
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2013 at 08:47
Another great read again Thess

thengp12 reality show continues

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2013 at 10:41
My fave was Abbey's red dress and Nat's smooth

thanks thess another great read

Posted By: Toots
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2013 at 13:12
I liked Nat's smooth dress the best.
Loving your column Thess

Inside every elderly person there is a young person wondering what the hell happened

Posted By: Jo Bird
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2013 at 15:57
Thanks Thess.

I loved Susanna's dress. Beautiful.
Nicely matched with Kevin's waistcoat.

Looking forward to the Swingathon outfits.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Posted By: Thess
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2013 at 16:08
Thank you all for your lovely words of encouragement nod
I recall last years' swingathon dresses and the only one that really stucks in my mind was Holly's cool zoot suit look, just because it was so different.  I reckon we'll get a shed load of 50's prom style dresses, and that's fine with me since I really like that era and style.

Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 06 Dec 2013 at 09:46
yes they are Thess all are having the same but different colours and belts :)

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