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DWTS 17: Show 10 recap and pics

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Topic: DWTS 17: Show 10 recap and pics
Posted By: Bren
Subject: DWTS 17: Show 10 recap and pics
Date Posted: 19 Nov 2013 at 10:36

Throne off! King of Queens star Leah Remini eliminated from Dancing With The Stars... but Bill Engvall avoids the chop despite dismal performance in semi-finals

By - Mike Larkin

PUBLISHED: 05:26, 19 November 2013 | UPDATED: 08:46, 19 November 2013

He gave a performance as creaky and wooden as a 19th century marionette.

But that did not stop fan power saving Bill Engvall from the chop yet again on Dancing With The Stars on Monday night.

Despite once again being voted the worst by judges, it was King Of Queens actress Leah Remini who was throne off ahead of next week’s series finale.


Smug: Bill Engvall was as cool as a cucumber while Leah Remini was devastated as she got voted off the Dancing With The Stars on Monday

The King of Queens star and her partner Tony Dovolani were left red faced after the public made a the difference in the semi-finals as the remaining five couples battled it out.

This week the couples had to dance in two different styles to the same song, and the judges’s scores and the viewer votes from last week were tallied up to determine who went home.

Bill and Emma Slater and Leah and Tony came out in the bottom two spots, and after the result was announced there were some boos from the audience,

But Leah did not seem overly concerned as she said: ‘This has been an amazing experience. I want to thank everyone so much - Tony especially.’


Oh well: The former Scientologist was hardly ruing the fact she would no longer have to take part in gruelling rehearsals


Loving it: Her partner Tony Dovolani paid lip service to how much he had enjoyed dancing with the actress: CM


Cult following: But Leah lost out on the influential Scientology voting bloc after leaving the religion this year

Tony added: ‘I’ve never looked so forward to practice every day.’

Her tearful daughter Sofia was comforted by dad Angelo in the audience.

Bill Engvall was also in tears, though he was weeping with joy after being stunned by the news.

The results echoed last week’s shock departure of Elizabeth and Val, who also lost out to Bill and Emma.

In another twist, the ‘bad boy of ballroom’, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, returned as a guest judge, and faced the awkward task of judging his former fiancée Karina Smirnoff. 

The show kicked off with who performed the paso doble and tango to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

They did the paso doble first and brought a sexy Latin vibe to the song, that saw Leah got caught on her dress and ended with her clutching his leg.


Puppet master: Emma could not believe her wooden partner's popularity had seen them home again


Big squeeze: Bill was rewarded with a massive hug from the shapely dance pro after they made it through


Pumped: Bill Engvall was delighted after beating the chop yet again thanks to fan power on Dancing with The Stars

Judge Len Goodman said it was ‘precise,' adding 'Come out and give it some welly [next time].'

All four judges gave them eight points for a total of 32 out of 40

Frontrunners Corbin Bleu and partner Karina Smirnoff appeared in black hoods before they showed off their rehearsals for the tango and the rumba.

‘Maks and I were engaged so I think it could go either way for Corbin and me,’ Karina said.

They did the tango first, to My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy. 

The eerie routine saw them rip off their witch-like hoods as Karina showed off her figure in a revealing red dress, as flames erupted behind them, and Corbin blew red ‘ashes’ from
‘Fire and brimstone!’ said Bruno. ‘It was almost untamable.’

Carrie Ann said it was ‘hot. That was the fastest and most intense tango ever!’

Maks branded it ‘amazing’ - but warned Corbin not to stick his bottom out.


Favourites: And Corbin Bleu and partner Karina Smirnoff did their chances no harm with this tango


Excited: Karina seemed especially keen to hear what the judges had to say as old flame Maks was on board


Awkward: But the old smoothie had his former fiancee eating out of his hand after showering her with praise

‘It isn’t Manic Monday,’ Len  told Corbin. As a tango, it wasn’t really my cup of tea.’

Carrie Ann, Maks and Bruno gave them nine while Len awarded them eight for a total of 35 points.

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke got to do jazz and the Argentine tango to Roxanne by The Police. And in keeping with the lyrics she played a prostitute.

Multiple sclerosis sufferer Jack Osbourne told how he had been getting vision problems during the week.

‘It’s just a dance show,’ Cheryl reminded him, telling him to put his health first.’

They did jazz first, as Jack lifted her up and twirled her as she danced sexily around him in a skimpy dress, showing off her toned legs before she ran away from him through a door.

Jack’s mum Sharon Osbourne was bawling in the audience, as his wife Lisa Stelly sat smiling. Sister Kelly stood and clapped.


Jack of all trades: Osbourne proved again to be a surprisingly good dancer as he twirled his partner around


Edging away: Maksim seemed a little perturbed by flamboyant Bruno's pelvic thrusting during his critique


Oh Sharon: His mother was moved to tears as she saw her boy put in yet another sterling performance

Carrie Ann praised Cheryl, saying she ‘killed’ it.

Bruno - looking Maks in the eye - said: ‘I’m a bit hot and bothered myself.’

He grabbed Maks’ arm, and the Russian hunk gamely played along with the flamboyant Italian. 

‘See Maks, it’s different when someone’s squeezing your butt,’ said Tom Bergeron. 

Maks gave them nine, while the other judges gave them eight each for a total of 33.

‘It’s the beast I have to live with these days. You’ve got to roll with it,’ Jack said of his MS diagnosis.

Comedian Bill Engvall and British-born pro Emma Slater did the cha-cha-cha and the Argentine tango to LMFAO hit Sexy And I Know It.

Bill struggled with the speed in rehearsals and cursed at himself, then got an injury. 

‘Something in my groin went way haywire,’ he said. ‘It sucked the wind out of me.’


In need of some cod liver oil: Bill looked every inch the 56-year-old as he plodded through his routine


In need of a sit down: At one point he was even relaxing on a chair while his partner gyrated on his lap


Shocked: Carrie Ann Inaba could not believe her eyes but praised them for bringing fun to the show

They did a fun-filled cha-cha-cha first - decked out in hilarious LMFAO-style animal print workout gear.

While Emma showed off her fgure in tiny hotpants, wiggling her rear along to the song, 56-year-old Bill looked more comfortable in his tracksuit. 

Maks said: ‘A lot of people are looking up at you for even attempting this.’

‘Bill, you are the people’s champion,’ Len added. 

Bruno said: ‘Olivia Neutron Bomb, splendid in polyester. The pleasure you gave us… is unmatchable.’

Each judge gave them seven, for a total of 28 points.

‘It hurts,’ Bill said of his injury afterwards. 

‘[But] this little girl is just the best thing ever,’ he added as he hugged Emma.

Actress Amber Riley and Derek Hough - who had a bad week the previous week - were given jazz and the Viennese waltz.


End of the road: It seemed Amber may have reached breaking point after suffering a knee injury


Knee bother: But canny choreographer Derek Hough made sure they were able to perform an adapted routine


Making his point: Head judge Len Goodman was impressed with the pair's ingenuity on the dance floor

But rotund Amber had to go to the doctor to get her knees checked. 

‘I literally have the eye of the tiger,’ she said as she got a good diagnosis as Derek came up with choreography to protect her knees. 

They did jazz first, to Bruno Mars’ Locked out of Heaven in a energetic, highly synced Cabaret-esque routine that saw them show off their sparkly ‘jazz hands’ as she beamed in delight.

Carrie Ann said: ‘If Einstein could dance, I imagine that’s how he would dance. That’s where my mind goes. It felt like a mathematical equation - and you solved it!’

They just missed out on 40 points when Maks only gave them nine; they got a total of 39 points after three 10s from the other judges.

The first couple to learn they were safe was Corbin and Karina, while Amber and Tony were next to learn they were in the finals.

And the third couple definitely through was Jack and Cheryl. She fell to the ground in shock as his family celebrated in the audience.


Hooray: Even the judges seem overjoyed that another season of the show is nearly at an end

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