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Im A Celeb : Show 1 recap

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Topic: Im A Celeb : Show 1 recap
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Im A Celeb : Show 1 recap
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2013 at 20:56


Snooker player Steve Davis, Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro and The Only Way is Essex’s Joey Essex were the first celebrities to meet one another as they boarded a luxury yacht moored on the luxurious Marina Mirage on Australia’s Gold Coast.

“The reflection of your teeth is blinding me,” said Steve to Joey when he first met him.

A little after setting sail, hosts Ant and Dec arrived on a speedboat and then boarded the yacht to tell the celebrities they would be split into two teams of two and then each sky dive from helicopters before taking part in their first challenge.



Steve and Joey for the red team and Lucy and Alfonso for the yellows landed from the security of a luxury yacht onto the desolate and barren Stradbroke Island, off Australia’s Gold Coast.  Each were told that they had to take part in a race to create their very own dream team.  There would be three checkpoints across the island, they’d have to get there following GPS co-ordinates and at each one there would be two new celebrities.  The first team to reach each checkpoint would have first choice of whom to pick.


Lucy was confident that she and Alfonso would win.  “Me tagging along and Alfonso trying to read GPS but they've got Joey, so . . .  ", she joked.  Joey didn't seem to look like a potential winner as he said "I'm not good at things GPS.  Are these like man bags?" he asked as he examined a water bottle in its holder.


But Joey had a clear strategy as Steve explained.  "It’s important that we reach checkpoints because Joey has told me that he wants to pick birds that are well fit."




Joey and Steve won the first leg of the race and were faced with picking Westlife star Kian Egan or Olympic Gold medallist Rebecca Adlington.  As the two celebrities waited, Rebecca seemed thrilled to meet her hero.  "You were in Westlife.  I was a big fan growing up.  I'm not even going to pretend I've not been to loads of your concerts."  But her elation turned to disappointment when she realised that the two would be split up.  "So we're definitely not in each other’s team, damn it!"


Steve and Joey picked Rebecca.  "I think we go with fit in all senses of the word." explained Steve.


Again reaching the second checkpoint first, the reds had first pick of television host Matthew Wright and Miss Universe GB Amy Willerton.  "Not having to put any make up on is a dream come true.  I can't wait," said Amy.


Joey picked Amy saying "I just want the best for our team" but Matthew seemed to think he'd picked him and tried to join them.  "I'm so ecstatic to be picked." said Amy.  "I'm so glad we're got Amy.  She's a proper sort." said Joey.


Matthew was gutted that he hadn't been picked.  "I must admit I was upset not to be picked first but then again if you're sat next to a super model your chances of getting picked diminish somewhat." he said.  "I wish I hadn't had a bottle of wine last night." he added later, referring to his hangover.


The red team's winning streak continued when they won the final leg, having first choice between EastEnders actress Laila Morse and royal designer David Emanuel.  "I don't mind eating testicle and penises.  As long as they ain't hard." joked Laila, before being picked by the winning red team.


They struggled down the beach and narrowly won the race - bagging another night of luxury.


Matthew blamed himself for the yellow team’s failure.  "I feel completely done in and I'm responsible I guess.  But we're going to have a laugh.  We are going to have a laugh, aren't we?!"


So the teams were split as follows:

Red team:  Joey Essex, Amy Willerton, Laila Morse, Steve Davis, Rebecca Adlington.

Yellow team:  Lucy Pargeter, Alfonso Ribeiro, Kian Egan, Matthew Wright, David Emanuel




The losing yellow team had to spend their first night on the show on the deserted Stradbroke Island. 


Matthew explained: "I was expecting some sort of hideous hole and in fact it’s just nothing.  It’s a stretch of land with a bit of space with a gas cooker in it.  For me personally it’s going to be a long night."


David added "This is without any shadow of a doubt the most basic sleep I'll ever have in my life.  I'm trying to find a little wardrobe." He said as he hung his white tuxedo jacket on a nearby branch.  And Alfonso added: "The idea that we're going to be in this campsite could possibly be the most miserable thing I've ever done."


Matthew's night was an uncomfortable one as he slept with the rest of the yellow team on the ground.  "I was awake a lot of last night.  I think I had the least sleep and needed the most." he commented.  Alfonso said his whole body ached.  But Westlife singer Kian Egan said that he slept well on the island floor.  "I had a great night's sleep." he said grinning.


Meanwhile the winning red team toasted their success with a champagne dinner back on the yacht.  Amy said: "We're so lucky but at the same time we're very aware that tomorrow it all starts.”


The celebrities all met each other properly for the first time as they all went head to head for the first Bush Tucker Trial of the series.  Turntable of Terror would see all the celebrities strapped to a massive turntable whilst they had to complete a puzzle of a star.  This being I'm A Celebrity, they were joined by various jungle critters as they completed the task.  The Trial was to surprise a couple of the camp mates, as it drove two of the male campers to tears.

 As the red team won the previous day's race, each of the celebrities from that team were allowed to choose who they wanted to play against from the yellow team.  Joey picked Lucy; Steve picked Alfonso; Laila picked David; Amy picked Matthew and Rebecca picked her hero Kian.  Amy explained her choice.  "Matthew gets really freaked out by bugs so I'm hoping I'm at a bit of an advantage."  Visibly nervous, Matthew wiped a tear away before he even started.


Hosts Ant and Dec had a separate 'Wheel of Doom' which they spun to decide what critters would join each celebrity.  Laila and David were first up and were joined by cockroaches.  As the thousands of insects crawled over their bodies and up to their faces, each celebrity gallantly tried to complete the puzzle.  David won as Laila fought to keep the cockroaches out of her mouth as she talked.


Next up were Amy and Matthew who were joined by snakes.  Shaking, Matthew tried to complete the task as snakes crawled over his body, and despite his nerves managed to beat Amy and won another meal for the yellow team.


Westlife star Kian Egan and Rebecca Adlington were next up and were joined by rats.  Kian stayed calm as the rats gently nibbled his face and he completed the puzzle.  "Thank you so much for being so quick." said Rebecca.


Despite three wins for the yellows, meaning that they would live in the better camp, the other celebrities still had to complete the Trial in an attempt to win food.  Alfonso and Steve had scorpions and Alfonso won again for the yellows.  But afterwards Alfonso wiped a tear from his eye and commented: "That was tougher than I thought."


Finally Joey and Lucy went head to head as they were joined by lizards.  "They'll be scared by the whiteness of your teeth," joked Lucy.  They were joined by the reptiles as Lucy said: "I'm not doing it.  They need food." leaving Joey to complete the puzzle and finally win one meal for the red team.




Both teams entered their respective camps but each gave a different reaction.  Having won the head to head Trial, the yellow team were rewarded with the larger and relatively more luxurious camp, Croc Creek.  Being greeted by a roaring camp fire and a large camp, Kian said: "I'm happy to be here for as long a time as possible."  David said: "It was actually like a real Disney world.  It’s magical actually."


Meanwhile it was a very different reaction for the red team who found themselves in Snake Rock.  ‘It’s not that nice.  We’ll have to sleep on the floor," said Rebecca.


The campmates tried to light the camp fire without any luck.  Whilst Laila, Steve and Amy tried to get the fire going, Joey did his hair.  "None of us really know how to start a fire." said Amy.  "The fire was such a painful experience." said Rebecca.


It was the Olympic medallist who saved the day though when she offered up one of her tampons to light.  It worked - and soon the red team had a roaring campfire in Snake Rock.




For Kian Egan, his jungle life started with two scrapes.  Firstly he grazed his arm against a bush whilst racing on the first day.  And then he won the dubious accolade of being the first celebrity this year to get a tic.  Medic Bob removed the tic from the singer's shoulder.  "At least his last meal was a good one." joked Kian.




The celebrity camp was hit by one of the biggest storms that the programme had ever seen.  As rain lashed the camp, the celebrities ran for cover to avoid torrential rain and hailstones the size of marbles.  The normally dry creek turned into a raging torrent of brown water and as the water levels rose, producers had to consider whether they would need to evacuate the camp.  Production staff had to stay in their buildings and no one was allowed on the bridges connecting the camp to the outside world for fear of lightning strikes.  The internet connections went down until backup generators kicked in and nine cameras stopped operating.



Amy and Joey bonded as having learnt that Joey can’t tell the time, Amy decided to teach him.  She made a make shift clock on the ground and set about explaining what the big and little hands of the clock mean.

“It’s so much easier to look at your phone though, isn’t it?” said Joey.

 “You ought to remember, if you want to go and buy a nice watch, like a nice designer watch, people will come up to you and say, ‘Joey, what’s the time?’” said Amy.

“I’ve got a watch, but watches are more like fashion, in’t they?” said Joey. “My watch ain’t got numbers on it,” Joey added.

Rebecca asked Joey if he understood the 24 hour clock.

“I always say when it says 20 it means eight, so when they say 19, that’s seven,” said Joey. “What’s the point of a 24 hour clock?”

 Amy was incredibly patient with Joey and wanted to help him learn.  Is this just the beginning of a new friendship?


Royal Designer David Emanuel told his campmates it was his birthday. Alfonso and Matthew sang to him and then Lucy gave him up hug.  “We’re celebrating with a cup of hot water,” laughed Matthew.

“You’ll remember it,” said Lucy.  “I will.  I can say I was in the jungle,” said David.



Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2013 at 21:38
Thank goodness I've had my dinner!!! Watching this at the same time could've spoiled it!

Nice summing up Bren. XXX


Posted By: Guests
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2013 at 21:55
Can't believe there are only you and me on here Bren! What do you think of the inmates? Who do you think will go in to make figs up and when?


Posted By: deborah31
Date Posted: 19 Nov 2013 at 17:22
I'm watching it with my kids!! (hubby refuses to watch it!)
Have only watched it for last 2/3? years tho, so don't know all previous contestants/happenings/events etc.
My fav's in the past have been watching Helen Flanagan(cannot stand the woman) and Gillian Mc Keith fainting!!!! (not a fan either) at some of her trials.
I didn't want the eastenders girl to win last year, I wanted David Haigh.
This year I'd like to see an 'oldie ' win it, either Steve D, or Laila (ex- Eastender i think)!!!
Are there going to be 2 more arriving late (is this what always happens??)
I'm a bit disappointed this year with celebs tho , I thought the contestants were more interesting the last two years, but maybe they'll grow on me- I have never seen the American guy before (Alfonso??)but my two teenagers seem to know him.
I do know all the names tho, as the Adults I help at a learning centre (with learning disabilities) love the programme so we are making all posters/ booklets etc.. about it, and creating some bush trucker trials ourselves in the next couple of weeks!! (all 'normal' UK food, just made to look unappealing!)Some mostly watch it the next day tho, as it's on quite late for them, so I have to remember to not give away info too early.
The majority watch a lot of TV, hence i now know more Soap people and stories i ever knew without watching a soap/drama!!!

Loose Lips, Sink Ships !!   or as they say in Jamaice, 'Mouth open, Story fly out!'

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 19 Nov 2013 at 22:50
haha Joey thick!! and what a girly man is Matthew

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