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housemates uk

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Printed Date: 21 May 2018 at 06:28

Topic: housemates uk
Posted By: moonshine
Subject: housemates uk
Date Posted: 05 Aug 2013 at 11:35
just thought i would come on and ask 3 questions

1 . why when they knew that last week dexter gina the twins  calume and hazel were up did bb give a twin task to everyone other then callum and hazel   dexter got one twin gina got the other

2 have you noticed in the last few days its more to do with pairing people up Dexter(gina/callum) gina (dexter) bet they will pair her with sam now Hazel ( Charlie) the Charlie (saam/hazel)  my prediction this week is hazel will go because all she has is charlie and i think bb want joint winners this year and we will have to vote in the final for two winners and we are being prepared to think of the housemates as being coupled if thats the right word.

3 THIS IS JUST ME have not heard anyone else comment on this at all and if its true then good luck to them and i hope they are happy as they .This is the year of secrets and lies and i think one housemate has a big secret ..most years WE know before they go in if they are gay straight going throught the change  but as i say its secrets and lies year and i think one housemate has kept a big secret to themselves ...which is their right we don't need to know every single thing about the people in there  won't metion any names because if i am wrong then i have had the wrong impression of some one since week two does happen but not offen


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