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why do we have so few reporters

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Printed Date: 25 June 2018 at 05:32

Topic: why do we have so few reporters
Posted By: moonshine
Subject: why do we have so few reporters
Date Posted: 27 July 2013 at 01:18
Just two questions i need to get off my chest and ask

1. why when something major happens in (say america) you see half a dozen british reporters take for example we had three days of hand wringing at the hurrican that went through a town in the usa after the third day the bbc were flying in more reporters in to cover the story pleasr note that i am not saying that they should mot have been there that was a big story  but when something happened here i belive it was the death of the soilder on the london street we had breaking news and still pictures for over an hour untill they could find someone to cover it ,,,they were even asking people to send in pictures and footage in to the news channel it was happening in most news stations....happens abroard and snap for or five reporters on scene within mins here usually after an hour theres someone on the other end of the phone reporting what they see till the cameras arrive ???

2. Also have you noticed on tv and radio this new phrase creeping in and this one really annoyes me
" right and next we have eg.(eastenders) but fist we have ( local news) why say its next when cleary its not

rant over
off to bed where next i will be getting into bed but first i'll clean my teeth
no one talks like that except on ads for tv shows

ohh just thought of one more thing for the news why do they show a video of something happening say a bomb going offf some where and they say (alegidley this is a bomb set off at such a place we can.t verify this) but if you can't verify the video then don't show it till you can 


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