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what if it had been dailey

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Topic: what if it had been dailey
Posted By: moonshine
Subject: what if it had been dailey
Date Posted: 13 July 2013 at 11:11
I know that i am a little behind but i am playing catch up this week
house all packed up cats baskets  sorted removel men booked and the buyers pulled out...any way thats beside the point.

The question that i am asking is if it had been dailey saying "oh give me a hug " ect and hazel had said no as many times as dailey did he would have been called to the diary room and would have been spoken about his actions  so why not her  too

I always thought NO....... well ment NO

I am not sticking up for dailey in fact not sticking up for either of them or the girlfriend because all three knew  seperatly probably knew what they were letting themselves in for by going on the show


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