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Home Renovation Shows

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Topic: Home Renovation Shows
Posted By: MargiABC
Subject: Home Renovation Shows
Date Posted: 03 July 2013 at 02:43
I know there are lots of home renovation shows out there, but I have watched the best home renovation show ever and probably one of the most expensive to produce. Its called House Rules produced in Australia (and an Australian concept which could be franchised out to other countries).
Since Australia has 6 states, there were 6 couples, one from each state who each had a run down home with a mortgage on it. Over 6 weeks, each house is renovated by the teams, except the home owners who get the week off. They hand over the keys and the 5 other competing teams have 7 days to transform the house. Each couple is allocated a zone e.g. kitchen and dining room, master bedroom and ensuite, second bedroom plus hallway and entry etc. Each team is given a budget for their zone which must cover the building materials, tradesmen for the areas they can't do themselves e.g. plumbing, tiling, electrical work, new furniture and styling accessories. Each team must source the materials themselves. There is an on-sight mentor supervisor who is a qualified builder who also acts as a health and safety officer. Another mentor is an interior designer. Before the start they are given a floor plan which is usually different to the existing floor plan. The teams demolish walls, put in new ones to fit the new floor plan. In one house they demolished an internal set of stairs and had to build a new set elsewhere in the house. They do not get an extension of time if there are any delays beyond their control. Two houses had asbestos in it and the demolition work had to stop while a professional asbestos removal company is brought in to remove it, the last house done had termite damage and asbestos, so the teams, when it was safe to return to work on it had lost over 2 days of time and virtally had to rebuild the house - there were no external walls left, only some of the framework, some of the floor and the roof remained - it was a skeleton of a house. Another house was on stilts (its called a Queenslander style house). The floor plan meant that the house had to be raised an extra metre from ground level to add a laundry and work out room under the house. Professionals raised the house.
The home owners leave a set of 5 house rules that must be followed - e.g. they can specify a theme, colours they like or don't want in the house, features to be kept etc. All the old funiture is still in the house when the couples start, even clothes in the wardrobe, photos, elsctrical equipment. The teams have to choose some items to keep to help style the house and ascertain lifestyle features of the owners. Removalists take all the furniture to charity.

At the end of the 7 days the work is judged by an architect and the editor of a home renovation magazine, who each score each team out of 10. The home owners return, and not knowing which team has done which zone, also score each zone. Teams who have done a good job and have adhered to the house rules, and the style reflects the homeowners lifestyle obviously get a better score.

All the couples stay at a nearby hotel, but the couple with the lowest score for that week have to camp in a tent in the backyard of the next house renovation. The couple with the highest score get to choose the zone they want to work on.

At the end of 6 weeks all the scores are tallied and the lowest scoring couple are elimnated. Their consolation prize is their home renovation. In fact every elimnated team has this prize and more depending on when they are eliminated.

The next elimination round has the remaining couples return to their own homes and in 24 hours, fix a zone that they don't like, was not completed in the time frame or scored the poorest. The lowest scoring couple is elimnated.

The last 4 teams for the semi finals have to work on the exterior of the house - landscaping the front and backyards, doing new driveways, demolishing carports and building new ones, revamping front and back verandas, building decks and any external painting in 2 & 1/2 days. The can't work on their own house, but one couple does the front yard, another the back of 2 homes in 2 separate sessions. Two teams are eliminated from this challenge. Again the owners specify 5 rules for this challenge.

The grandfinal had the last remaining 2 teams work on a room that was not included in the first renovation of the opposing team's house - one was a downstairs rumpus room, the other a detached room. They had a blank canvas and had to think outside the box. The rooms were amazing.
This last section was judged by viewer voting.

The ultimate winner not only had their whole house renovated and their gardens / yards landscaped, they also had their whole mortgage paid off.

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