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BB 2013 : Day 5

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Topic: BB 2013 : Day 5
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Here we go again... Big Brother bosses forced to deal with another race row after Jemima Slade offends Gina Rio

By - Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED: 23:09, 17 June 2013 | UPDATED: 01:02, 18 June 2013

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After five days in the house, this year's batch of Big Brother contestants are already finding themselves in the midst of an emotional rollercoaster.

Just days after branding her a 'skid mark', Sallie Axl mused to Big Brother she actually doesn't mind mouthy rival Gina Rio.

'Gina has grown on me as a person, she’s not someone I’d hang out with, I don’t like her but she doesn’t annoy me, she’s alright to have around, if you know what I mean?' she said.


'I don't date black guys': Sugar Daddy lover Jemima Slade announced she dates neither black nor Chinese men

However, jobless Gina who lives off handouts from her mother totalling thousands of pounds so she can live in a hotel, has been busy making enemies elsewhere in the house.

The spoiled 24-year old is soon accusing the wizened faced brunette of racism after she tells housemate Michael that she would never date a black or Chinese man.

Jemima said: 'I go for darker looking, not black, but darker feature, Mediterranean. I wouldn’t generally go for a black guy. I like darker guys, but not black guys. Wouldn’t really go for Chinese. I like mixed race.'


Another day another fight: Gina Rio branded Jemima racist and happily argued with her in front of everyone

Gina interrupted: 'What’s wrong with black men?'

The 41-year old explained: 'I wouldn’t generally go for a black guy, I’ve gone out with Indian guys, I’d generally go out with someone in their 30s.'

As tensions increased, Gina asked Jemima for a chat in the bedroom.

While waiting for her to arrive, the furious self-proclaimed socialite relayed the earlier conversation about Jemima’s ‘type.’


Awkward: Fake housemate Michael Dylan sat back after the girls started to argue


Al fresco arguing: The tensions spilled outside in to the garden

She tells the housemates that she may have 'just experienced racism', which is all it takes for them to leave the bedroom as soon as Jemima arrives. 

Gina tried to explain: 'I felt offended by what you said earlier, just the way you said I don’t like black men, it’s the way you said it, I didn’t like it and I felt a certain way and I felt very very offended and I can’t help the way I feel.'

Jemima, who runs a website that helps young women meet rich men said: 'I didn’t say I didn’t like black me, I’ve got loads of black friends. I wouldn’t go for a Chinese guy, generally that’s my taste, you probably wouldn’t go for a white guy.' 

This infuriated Gina, who spat: 'Why would you say that, how would you know that I haven’t been out with a white guy; just because I’m black why would you assume?'

The Sugar Daddy fan retorted: 'You’re turning it into a racial thing, that’s why you’ve got an issue with it. You’re paranoid; you had a fight on the first night.'


Tricky situation: Michael was seen badmouthing his housemates on a large screen downstairs


Sergeant sexy: Ex-policeman Dan has been peeling off his particulars in a bright orange vest

Gina said: 'That didn’t include you, that’s none of your business.'

Making things worse, scraggy Jemima growled: 'I think you’re the most shallow and selfish person I’ve ever met.'

And Gina, unable to miss the chance for a good old fashioned slanging match said: 'I think you’re very jealous and insecure. I always see you staring at me, giving me very funny looks and I do not appreciate it.' 

The mum of one replied: 'I don’t care how you’ve interpreted it, that’s not how it is, you are the most selfish, shallow, so not disrespect me.'

But trying sure she had the last word, Gina span on her heels , shrieking: 'Do not speak to me, we’ve ended here!'


Special treatment: Michael enjoyed a cooked breakfast while the other housemates ate lentils

After their spat spilled in to the garden, their slurs became more personal with the warring women making catty remarks about their families.

'I don't like you as you're a racist biatch,' snarled Gina as Jemima stormed off again.

Later, Jemima was given an official warning by Big Brother who pulled her up over her comments about not dating black or Chinese men.

'It's just my personal choice, it doesn't mean I dislike anyone of any nationality,' she said before admitting that she felt bad about the comments but remained indignant Gina had taken it the wrong way.


Bunchies? At your age? Jemima Slade forgot she was 41 and styled her hair like a schoolgirl


How dare you: Gina saw red after Jemima implied she wouldn't date a white guy as she was black

There was more awkardness for Michael Dylan in Monday night's show as the undercover actor in the house dubbed the 'people's puppet', was forced to face his peers' suspicions.

Big Brother called Michael to the Diary Room and within moments - and not to his knowledge - his coversation was beamed to the housemates who had gathered on the sofa.

Dan Neal, the ex-policeman who was part of the Jimmy Saville sex crimes investigation, said: 'He’s been up there a lot, what do you think is going on.


Formal warning: Jemima was warned her statement could be taken as racist

'This all looks staged, it doesn’t seem real to me.'

Meanwhile, Michael mused over who he wants to nominate: 'I just don’t trust Sallie, all Dexter cares about is money, I love the twins but the keep going on about food rations, basic stuff, but I do love them.

'Sophie, I love Sophie, but she keep asking if her voice is annoying, is her voice annoying?'

Dan was indignant that this was part of an elaborate ruse and yelled at the screen: 'This is acting! It’s too staged, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is an act.'

Watch: BB Cringe. Michael gets his hair styled by Sophie

Gina was nominated as she only puts herself first, and Michael, with a shaking voice, said Dexter would also face the public vote as he is 'boring and only talks about himself.

'My third nominee is Sallie, as I feel like you're always fighting to be the centre of attention,' he muttered. 'You're a f******g d***khead who only pretends to be friends with people,' fumed Sallie as she stormed off.

'F**k off you have no idea what I've been through this week,' mumbled Michael as Sallie vowed to make his life 'a living hell.'

''If I don't get sent home on Friday let the battle commence,' hollered the blonde, who argued with Tulisa Contostavlos in Marbella after she licked her friend's armpit.

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