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The Final final ...

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Topic: The Final final ...
Posted By: Aida
Subject: The Final final ...
Date Posted: 22 Dec 2012 at 23:30
Well, well, well - despite the sterling efforts of the Beeb and their puppet joodges - viz., the Van Outen/Jordan Charleston being lauded as the best Charleston ever seen in the entire history of the world - as well as Revile-Horrid's truly spiteful awarding a 9 instead of the 10's he'd given the other two cupples - the GBP voted for their favourite and Luscious Louis won the Glitterball! ClapClapClap

What a hoot -  of course, it goes without saying that I'm absolutely delighted for the boy - he's been little short of entrancing from the very beginning - kudos to Fast Flav too for her impeccable choreography, all designed from Dance 1 to showcase her celebrity, not herself.

Yes, I'm very pleased at the outcome which Louis and Flavia richly deserved, and as if that triumph for dance wasn't enough, the final final was full of amusing incidents - mostly provided by the 'best lineup we've ever had' - the best of which was Jerry Hall collapsing to the floor like an elegant giraffe and Tony Beke having the presence of mind to pretend it was a planned move, drop to his knees, grin - a little tensely - and spread his arms wide in that time-honoured dancer's signal to the audience that the dance is over and it's time to applaud.

Another splendid moment was when Pop Forysth began panicking and almost losing it at the very end when the other cupples tried to surge forward, fake smiles firmly in place to congratulate the winners and he drove them back like a agitated baboon who suspects its peers are going to try to pinch its stash of nuts!  LOL

But for me, the winning laugh of the night came from the hubba (who's had a few drinkies) and had me hysterical with laughter at his imagined conversation between Tess and Vermin - which went as follows:-
TT: "Aye, t'sparkly frock is luvly, Verm - but where's t'second frock?
V: "Eh?"
TT: "T'second frock, Vermin - t'frock I told you I'd to have for t'final final!"
V: "Nay, lass, you nev ..."
TT: (furious) "Don't you tell me I never asked for t'second frock!  I did - and I need it - tomorrow!"
V: "But, lass - I've no stuff to mek a frock with, and t'shops are shut!"
TT: "Find something!"
V: "Calm down, luv, don't fash yerself - now then - let's think! Aye, I think I've got just stuff for t'job - I've a bodice left over from t'frock I couldn't fit t'sleeves into - I've a bit of net and two sparkly epaulettes that little 'un refused to 'ave on 'is  King 'Erod costume in t'school nativity - I can use t'material from t'sleeves I couldn't manage to fit to t'bodice to mek a bit of a short skirt - stick a bit of net on t'bottom - and it'll look right gradely!"
TT: (mollified) "Aye, it will that - mind, don't forget t'belt!"
V: "Nay, I'll not, pet - pass t'tin of navy spray paint!"

Well, it made me laugh - and now it's time to say goodbye from the Pyramid until the next series when Bren and I can enjoy our usual exchange of emails and, like a Victorian maiden observing the niceties of manner when being proposed to, I can demur and refuse two or three times! Wink

It's been hard at times, but a lot of it has been fun -  thanks to the valiant few who've supported me, sympathised with me when I've not been very well or I've been sad - and totally understood that  the blog is as much a frothy, silly joke as the programme!

Arriverderici, amici - have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy, prosperous 2013! Wave


Cats were once worshipped as gods in Ancient Egypt. They've never forgotten this.

Posted By: Jo Bird
Date Posted: 23 Dec 2012 at 07:55
Thank you Aida. I've enjoyed your blog very much. Happy Xmas.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

Posted By: littlesue
Date Posted: 23 Dec 2012 at 08:37
Thanks for the fun through the year Aida, have a good Xmas. xx

Posted By: Tups
Date Posted: 23 Dec 2012 at 18:24
Aida... I'm going to miss you and your Blog
Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year to you the hubba and the cats
Looking forward now to next season's blog!!!

Posted By: Force Ten
Date Posted: 23 Dec 2012 at 20:29
Thanks for all the blogs Aida.  It's been fab-u-lous reading them.  Looking forward to next year.nod

Hope you and the hubba and all the gorgeous cats have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Big%20smile

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