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The Voice ????

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Category: Reality TV
Forum Name: Britain's Got Talent 2012
Forum Discription: Simon promises it won't be as crap as last year
Printed Date: 22 Mar 2018 at 06:19

Topic: The Voice ????
Posted By: deborah31
Subject: The Voice ????
Date Posted: 29 Apr 2012 at 22:15
Is there a thread for this anywhere, can't find it, if there is??
Just watched the results show, just like SCD then, all filmed on a Saturday then?? LOL and they all keep pretending it's Sunday???Wink

Loose Lips, Sink Ships !!   or as they say in Jamaice, 'Mouth open, Story fly out!'

Posted By: MargiABC
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2012 at 07:17
The Australian Voice is giving Australia's Got Talent a run for its money. Seal, Keith Urban, Deltra Goodrem and Joel Madden are the judges here. I didn't realise that Joel Madden was Lionel Ritchie's son in-law until yesterday. Most people here think of Keith Urban as Nicole Kidman's husband, but he better known for his music in USA, but after seeing him on the Voice, just about everyone has a crush on him. He is so nice.

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2012 at 10:49
not seen any interest for a The Voice thread during  auditions but suppose with live finals  a thread would be good

Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2012 at 11:27
It shall be done!

Only watch two telly progs now DOI is over, that's Homeland (Claire Danes is brilliant) and The Voice

I say to all critics of The Voice (that's you Miss Bendygal) sky plus two progs to watch together and then fast forward all the sob stories and waffle from the judges and just get to the meaty bits, it comes to about 20-30 mins viewing time for 2 shows!

I don't know know why I like the format, I'm not into talent shows (hey Will!) don't watch BGT or XFac yet this hooked me

Also never rated Holly (in the semi final rounds she looked like a fat joker in a dress) but she sparkled last night,  slightly 'Americanised' with insincere spiel at times but she earned her money talking to the judges who were fast and funny in the heavily edited progs but were stiff and not so ready with the quips in the live show.

Couldn't tell you any of the names of the contestants apart  from Ruth Brown (who the f*&K styles her? She looked like a black Shirley Temple in the live show, just back from her day job at the circus) and Jaz Ellington (hello you DO know that isn't his real name don't you? Don't you?)

I thought lanky Adam was a bit s.l.o.w. but no matter how shit he is (when I say he killed Foo Fighters All My Life, I don't mean it in a good way) he ain't going nowhere

So, one The Voice thread coming up soon!

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Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2012 at 11:36
et voila! - Forum for The Voice UK

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Posted By: James
Date Posted: 01 May 2012 at 12:08
Screw The Voice! X Factor all the way!



Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 01 May 2012 at 14:14

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