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Kyran Bracken's DOI Blog Week 9

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Topic: Kyran Bracken's DOI Blog Week 9
Posted By: Kyran Bracken
Subject: Kyran Bracken's DOI Blog Week 9
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2012 at 10:36
Week 9? Already?

Last week saw the right man go. Saved by the public, Andy actually had his best skate this week. Still a better skater than Jen but his dancing lines were way off hers. She could really sell a performance whereas he couldn't.

I like the idea of a group skate off and the right team won. A group routine was always going to be in favour of the girls. Three big lifts with the girls looked better than three average ones by the boys.

So I now watch with a critical eye as I will be judging on the Dancing on Ice Live Tour. I did it a few years ago which was fun though there is nothing better than skating aswell. But good news for me as I will be doing a routine with the brilliant Alex (Sam's partner) music not chosen so ideas anyone?

So, what about next week? It is tough on the celebrities as to what they might get for prop/circus week. I was curious when I got a suitcase but as it was unusual it became a fun project getting my first 6 from Nicky Slater.

Others seem to struggle with what seem easy, hats are a nightmare to catch. Tables are clumsy. Umbrellas are fun but unpredictable. There will be some funny moments. Again my gripe is that the skate off will be with the prop. What if the music is rubbish and the prop is a nighmare? Makes it a bit unfair, maybe it should be their favourite routine in the skate off. What do you think?

So why again was Chemmy in the skate off. I don't get it. Her points were doubled yet she was back there again.  I think she comes across well and a fighter and had turned a corner with the public vote. Even doubling her points did not help. Your thoughts?

Saw Chico today at Hemel Hempstead practicing on his day off. He has been really ill with little chance to recover. Whilst he is not top of the pile yet he certainly has the right attitude to go far. I can see him getting to the final but to outscore Matt or Jorgie he will have to skate very well and they will have to underperform.

So where do this series top dogs compare to the old? I think every series gets better and better with Torvill and Dean able to push the celebs further and further.

In my opinion the best skaters are as follows:

1. Chris Fountain
2. Ray Quinn
3. Matt Wolfenden
Equal 4th Sam Attwater/Kyran Bracken

That was the boys, now even tougher, the girls:

1. Jorgie Porter
2. Suzanne Shaw
3. Claire Buckfield/Hayley Tammaddan
4th Bonnie Langford

I am sure my list above will ruffle some feathers, let me know!

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Posted By: Eviesmum
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2012 at 13:42
Great blog again Kyran.  It's always interesting to see your opinions. 
Lovely that you are doing the tour this year, shame I can't go this time though - but as you've skated with Alex lots before I'm sure the routine you choose will be a good one.
As for your best skaters list.  I would put Ray above Chris but otherwise agree on the boys but I did find Sam dull to watch. 
As for the girls I disagree a bit as I felt Bonnie was no-where near as good as Laura last year. but hey ho what do I know I only skate for fun. (Jennifer reminds me alot of Bonnie - very graceful in the lifts but a bit substanceless in the skating). Just my opinion of course.

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