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Deaf viewers outraged by bizarre DOI subtitles

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Topic: Deaf viewers outraged by bizarre DOI subtitles
Posted By: Alex
Subject: Deaf viewers outraged by bizarre DOI subtitles
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2012 at 09:40

'Pulled your ball up!' Deaf viewers outraged by bizarre subtitles on Dancing On Ice

  • 'Across the ice and the Samaritans and speedo you'
  • 'They will be toasted to their limits'
  • ... and don't forget to vote 'at the end of the shop'

It's Sunday night, you're settling down to watch Dancing On Ice and hopefully see some witty banter from the judges.

So what does one judge have to say about the skaters? 'Across the ice and the Samaritans and speedo you.'

Or how about, 'Right is affecting their partnership. Pulled your ball up.'

These are just some of the strange subtitles that have appeared on the show.

And now, the National Deaf Children's Society has slammed ITV for its 'bizarre and confusing' captioning on the hit celebrity figure skating contest.


The National Deaf Children's Society has slammed ITV for its 'bizarre and confusing' subtitles on the hit celebrity figure skating contest


An interesting appraisal of Chemmy Allcott's skating


Presenter Phillip Schofield tells it like it isn't, to contestants such as Jennifer Ellison and Jorgie Porter

The programme has attracted an audience of more than 7million but deaf viewers are outraged by nonsensical wording claiming 'blasphemous' routines 'walk straight in the fridge'.

Leading campaigners who want a good quality of life for deaf adults and children said incoherent subtitles makes second-class citizens out of disability sufferers.

Campaigns officer Ian Noon at the NDCS said: 'Shoddy subtitling shows that broadcasters are not making access for deaf viewers a priority.'

Presenters Christine Bleakley and Phillip Schofield usually give a polished turn but appeared to fluff their lines when talking about contestants including Jennifer Ellison and Jorgie Porter.

'They will be toasted to the limits,' claimed This Morning presenter Phillip.


See, skaters? That's where you're going wrong. Good job you pulled your ball up


Muscle-bound Chico Slimani reveals the secret to his success on the ice with partner Katarina Witt


Could you say that one more time please, Phillip...?

At one point, Louie Spence - judge and dance teacher to the stars - admitted he does 'do occulta diagrams'.

Meanwhile, muscle-bound Chico Slimani has said on the show that the secret to his success on the ice with partner Katarina Witt is an 'ageing achievement'.

Skating legend Christopher Dean is an expert on the rink and performing routines to Olympic gold medal standard - but the subtitles portray him as a confused amateur.

'The jump just walk straight in the fridge. It's Sebastian and Brianne,' he exclaimed.

Viewers can also vote 'at the end of the shop' for their favourite ice-skating star.


Presenter Christine Bleakley gives judge Louie Spence (seated left) a cryptic grilling

Mr Noon added: 'Deaf young people all too frequently find that the subtitles for their favourite shows are riddled with mistakes and hugely out of sync with speech.

'There's no excuse for poor subtitles like this - even on live programmes. But ITV is not the only channel guilty of bizarre and confusing subtitles.'

'Through basic planning such as involving the subtitler in rehearsals and sharing scripts and plans in advance, broadcasters could dramatically improve live television for deaf viewers.'

Mr Noon also revealed that ITV have been caught out before for their poor subtitling and he secured a commitment to improve them on X Factor in 2010.


Explanation? An ITV spokesman said: 'Dancing On Ice is a live programme and therefore has live subtitling which is a challenge for any broadcaster'

'After a series of emails highlighting complaints from young people, ITV agreed that the subtitles on X Factor were not of a good standard,' added Mr Noon.

'Now I believe the production team send off a near-final edit of the programme the day before which should improve the quality of the subtitles.

'ITV also claimed they had committed to making sure that the repeats of the programme have high-quality subtitles.'

Despite being a heavily scripted live programme, the popular talent show - which puts celebrity amateur skaters with professionals - has bizarre and out-of-context wording.

An ITV spokesman said: 'Dancing On Ice is a live programme and therefore has live subtitling which is a challenge for any broadcaster.

'We are now also subtitling 70 per cent of the programmes on ITV Player, our on-demand catch-up service.'

The drive to improve the quality of subtitles for deaf viewers has been led by Action on Aid who were formerly called the Royal National Institute for the Deaf.

An Action on Hearing Loss spokesman said: 'We urge all broadcasters to monitor the quality of their subtitling to ensure high standards and invest in technology to reduce mistakes.

'We would also like Ofcom to play a greater role in monitoring subtitling complaints and we have called for new laws to ensure the provision of subtitles on all programmes, regardless of whether it is traditional or catch-up TV.'

Meanwhile, at the blundering BBC...

The BBC came under fire last October from groups for the hard of hearing for its increasing number of bizarre gaffes, which have included calling the Labour leader 'Ed Miller Band' and the Church of England leader the 'arch biatch' of Canterbury.

The blunders are understood to be caused during live events where either a stenographer types words phonetically or by speech recognition.

This sees a person talking into a microphone as they observe the broadcast and a computer then changes what they are saying to subtitles.


Error: This subtitle 'willies/wellies' mistake on BBC Breakfast became an internet sensation when an eagle-eyed viewer posted the shot, describing pigs, online last year

During the Queen Mother’s funeral, a solemn call for silence became ‘we will now have a moment’s violence’.

When a BBC announcer revealed the Government was ‘making helpful decisions’, deaf viewers would have been left wondering why politicians were ‘making holes for surgeons’.

A report that mentioned pigs on a farm nibbling on ‘wellies’ became something much ruder.

One politician talking to the Daily Politics told presenter Andrew Neil was subtitled as saying he did not believe in ‘soliciting’ himself when what he actually said was ‘shortlisting’.

Other gaffes have seen the Ireland rugby team renamed as Island and the sale of millions of puppies in Britain was not about the trade in live dogs but actually a story about people wearing poppies for Remembrance Day

The errors have become so common they have spawned their own dedicated website.

The BBC is the only broadcaster in the world that subtitles all of its programmes.

Groups for the deaf and hard of hearing have admitted they receive regular complaints about the issue and called on broadcasters to monitor the ‘quality of their subtitling’ and reduce mistakes'.

A BBC spokesman said: ‘We recognise that  subtitling it a hugely important service, and we endeavour to ensure it is as accurate as possible.

‘There are occasions, particularly during live broadcasts, when mistakes will happen but we do all we can to keep this to a minimum and are constantly striving to improve accuracy.’ - Source

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Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2012 at 09:43
They need to follow our - DOI2012UK twitter then!

LOL Sooo watching it with subtitles next week! 

------------- - Big Brother 11

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2012 at 09:52
haha one way to liven show up when your fave is not on read the subtitles love the BBC error - so funny 

Posted By: deborah31
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2012 at 16:28
ha..ha.. very funny,
probably someone in India being paid  a pittance by ITV to translate!!!

Loose Lips, Sink Ships !!   or as they say in Jamaice, 'Mouth open, Story fly out!'

Posted By: BambionIce
Date Posted: 11 Mar 2012 at 17:29
BBC News 24's subtitling is hilarious.  At work during lunch hour they sometimes put the TV on with the sound turned off in our canteen.  The roof nearly came off one day when during an item about motorway problems a guest was shown to be suggesting people stop abusing the hard soilders. LOL

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