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Forum Name: Dancing On Ice 2012
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Printed Date: 13 Dec 2017 at 05:37

Topic: Karen/Olympics
Posted By: Toots
Subject: Karen/Olympics
Date Posted: 25 Feb 2012 at 08:05
Did she and Nicky ever win an Olympic medal? Why I ask, is that she seems to be wanting to get rid of Katarina now (Don't think even she would have the brass neck to try and oust Jayne, but you never know) as far as I can remember, Karen seemed to fall over a lot and I can't remember her winning much. Katarina on the other hand was breathtaking on the ice

Posted By: Eviesmum
Date Posted: 25 Feb 2012 at 09:20
No they didn't - they competed twice in the olympics and came 12th in 1980 and 6th in 1984.
They did get a Bronze at the Europeans and they always did well at the British Championships when they competed.
Trouble with Karen is she's emotional because she works with celebs whereas Katarina is looking for and marking the skills being asked for.

Posted By: BambionIce
Date Posted: 25 Feb 2012 at 11:03
They won bronze at the Europeans in 1983 (Jayne and Chris were out injured) and were 4th in the Worlds, if I remember correctly, in 1984 with their Chaplin routine. 
Karen as a judge in the first few series was too emotionally involved to be critical, which annoyed me almost as much as Jason Gardner's deliberate rudeness.  Her participation on-screen nowadays seems a complete irrelevance.
Katarina judges on what she sees, which is what any good judge should do.  Karen wants to give marks for making an effort.  Sorry, love - the celebs are getting paid to "push themselves" and "be brave" on television. They don't get bonus points for it as well.

Posted By: EllieJ
Date Posted: 04 Mar 2012 at 15:44
Karen annoys me. I wonder what her function really is apart from being there to cry on tv if any of the celebs are not given high marks. She is the coach, or one of them so why does she get to parade herself on the live show? I expect it has to do with the relationship with Chris.
She and Nicky were always second best to Chris and Jayne and they thought they would take over the world when C & J retired but there was no way that could happen, they were good but not good enough.
they should take a leaf out of SCd's book and let the professional skaters make up their own routines and teach them to the celebs it might produce some less boring and samey routines.


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