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Charlene Tilton's going GaGa

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Printed Date: 23 Oct 2017 at 07:04

Topic: Charlene Tilton's going GaGa
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Charlene Tilton's going GaGa
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2012 at 11:39


Charlene Tilton will go gaga this Sunday
2nd February 2012

CHARLENE Tilton will go gaga this Sunday. - The Dallas star will be skating to Lady Gaga’s hit Poker Face .

And rumours are rife that she might don an outrageous costume on the ice just like the wacky pop -

Bubbly Charlene, 53, said: “It’s going to be awesome. Oh my God! We are really excited. It’s something different and -

Actress Charlene says that weeks of training for the ITV show have done wonders for her body. She added: “I’m getting toned.

“When I came into this show I didn’t have a single muscle toned.

“At school I was a sickly kid and while everyone else was doing PE I was reading books. I’d never done any athletic stuff.”

Fans of the star will be thrilled to know she will be joining the new series of Dallas as Lucy “Poison Dwarf’’ Ewing when it airs on Channel 5 later this year.

She joked: “I started Dallas when I was 17 years old. And now I’m 117, I’m going back.

“Lucy has been a part of my life for years.

“I love it. I’m in the pilot and a few other episodes but I’d love to do more.” - Daily Star

Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 02 Feb 2012 at 14:29
Looking forward to this, thank Christ they didn't land her (as one of the older contestants) with a dud song from the 50s.

I'm thinking back to when Danielle & Matthew danced to Beg Your Pardon, Rose Garden when Hayley got Glee's Don't Stop Believin' which was still in the UK charts Roll%20Eyes

If they could just leave the 'classics' alone (unless its a theme week) and update the music choices

------------- - Big Brother 11

Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 03 Feb 2012 at 13:51
I'm putting in a request for a Lady Gaga week (as if!)

One of the music bods on DOI did tell me how much they pay for songs. I was having a rant about the topic above and saying it's not fair that some celebs get a current chart song and loads of money spent on them when others get some old shit from the 50s. He did actually explain that the price is the same Roll%20Eyes

------------- - Big Brother 11

Posted By: littlesue
Date Posted: 03 Feb 2012 at 18:40
I'd  much rather here some classic piece than some of the current chart stuff which is frankly crap!!

Posted By: James
Date Posted: 04 Feb 2012 at 00:18

Torvill & Dean don't seem to have much of an imagination or broad musical taste when it comes to doling out the max tracks anyway. 9 to 5 AGAIN last week? Do me a favour. If they're paying the same amount for every track they use then they could be doing with a musical advisor (HIYA) or would that be cutting Chris's grass as well?


Posted By: Toots
Date Posted: 04 Feb 2012 at 08:16
I think perhaps, this is one of the reasons why DOI will always be the runner up against SCD in the ratings. If they were on at the same time, I don't think DOI would have lasted this long.

Inside every elderly person there is a young person wondering what the hell happened

Posted By: deborah31
Date Posted: 04 Feb 2012 at 09:59
I'd rather watch 'Call the midfwife' live /in real time on the BBC at the moment, (if I get chance Sunday evening) then 'Birdsong' I believe has/had  got all the ratings on a Sunday evening too. (unfortunately we've been recording something else as well as DOI, and Sky unfortunately can only record the two channels at the moment, so I never got to see Birdsong)
Try not to watch DOI live ever, as all the VT's and chats, and ADVERTS!! drive me nuts!
I've only really watched for the last 2 years, and to me, it seems samey samey all the time, I think it would be much better if pro-skaters had more of a profile, and got to choreograph a bit, I never watch the'Bolero' final tho, haven't seen it yet, and don't intend to, it just sounds too predictable by far. The week 'flying over ice' is a joke too!! ha..ha.... it's all so predictable, I'm surprised I'm hanging on this year tbh,altho Katarina has made a big difference for me, I wouldn't be watching if Jason, and Baby Spice were still there.

Loose Lips, Sink Ships !!   or as they say in Jamaice, 'Mouth open, Story fly out!'

Posted By: littlesue
Date Posted: 04 Feb 2012 at 10:24
I have'nt watched DOI for years, I just come on here to look at the pictures and see the resultsnod

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