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Corey and Brooke Profile & Pics

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Topic: Corey and Brooke Profile & Pics
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Corey and Brooke Profile & Pics
Date Posted: 03 Jan 2012 at 16:23

Corey Feldman

Age: 40

Professional partner:  Brooke Castile

I have no fear when it comes to confrontation, being direct, being honest, upfront but when it comes to say a paper cut, I’ll cry all day!  I have a very low thresh hold for pain

Hollywood actor Corey Feldman admits that whilst he’s excited to be taking part in the new series of Dancing On Ice his biggest fear is falling on the ice.

Star of hit films such as The Lost Boys, The Goonies and Stand By Me, Corey reveals that his biggest fear is hurting himself. 

Corey says, “I have no fear when it comes to confrontation being direct, being honest, upfront but when it comes to like a paper cut I’ll cry all day!  I have a very low thresh hold for pain I am a little but wimpy when it comes to that stuff.  I really am scared of hurting myself.” 

He continues, “I love the dancing part, that’s the easy part because it’s a part of me.  Rhythm and I we’re together but when it comes to being on ice that’s the challenging part.  Ice is a very tricky thing and I have had a skiing accident once where I broke my scapular and slipped two discs so I know that it’s a very fragile thing. You can make one wrong move and you can lose control.  So I know that happens, I know that’s possible and that’s the part I’m afraid of, the things that go beyond your control!”

Corey admits that whilst he’s enjoying the chance to learn a new skill, he’s approaching his training with some trepidation. 

He says, “I would love to impress myself.  I would be so amazed if I come out of this having this brand new gift, this brand new skill, which I think is possible or I wouldn’t be here.  However I also think it’s quite possible I will fail miserably and end up flat on my face!”

Corey continues, “I’m excited, I’m looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge.  I want to make sure I do a good job and I don’t screw up.  I think the key for me is not too be too over confident and not to expect too much out of myself and just take it slow.  This is going to be a big learning curve for me, so in the beginning all I want to do is patiently observe and learn and try things in a very slow building process so that I really soak it all in and do the best that I can.” 

The American star is looking forward to spending time in the UK and admits that one of the reasons for doing the show was for his UK based fans. 

Corey says, “There’s a lot of reasons why I want to be here, number one first and foremost this is for the British fans because I know they will love the opportunity to have me around, close in the vicinity where they can actually come and be a part if it.” 

He continues, “I’m really excited about the idea that I get to spend a long period of time in England because I love it so much the culture, the music, the fashion.”   

A self confessed ‘workaholic’ Corey says he’s hoping the judge’s critiques won’t be too harsh! 

Corey says, “I am very sensitive so hopefully the judges won’t be too mean.  I’m very driven, very motivated and if anybody’s going to put the pressure on its going to be me doing it to myself.  I’m a very hard worker, I’m a workaholic I work best under pressure,  I need to focus I have so much energy brewing inside me that I really have to take it and focus it otherwise its all over the universe.”  

Brooke Castille

Nationality American

Age 26

Brooke Castille is best know for her partnership with with - Benjamin Okolski . - They are the 2007 - 2007 U.S. National Champions , 2008 - Four Continents bronze medalists , and 2007 - Nebelhorn Trophy champions . They announced their retirement from competitive skating in May 2010. -

In November 2010, Castile was cast on ABC's - Skating with the Stars , partnered with - Jonny Moseley . -

This is Brooke's debut in Dancing on Ice

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