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Andy A and Maria Profile & Pics

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Topic: Andy A and Maria Profile & Pics
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Andy A and Maria Profile & Pics
Date Posted: 03 Jan 2012 at 16:11

Andy Akinwolere

Age: 29

Professional partner:  Maria Filippov

I’m from Africa we were born with rhythm! I’m hoping that if my hips do a little bit of wiggling, it will distract from the fact that I’m a really bad skater!

Former Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere is hoping skating partner Maria Fillapov will be able to turn him into this year’s Ray Quinn.

Maria won series four of Dancing On Ice with Ray in 2009 and Andy admits there is pressure, and hopes the audience will enjoy his routines. 

Andy says, “I saw Ray win, he raised the bar for male contestants. There’s a pressure for any male that wants to come into Dancing On Ice to give it 100 percent and guys can be competitive but in a very sly way!  I just want to try stuff that takes me out of my comfort zone, I really want to put on a good show for people and hope that they can see the progress I’ve have made.”

He continues, “I was chuffed when I first met my skating partner.  Maria seeks perfection and I think that’s the sort of person I need.  I’m a little bit scared of her because she wants things to look good and actually it’s become a respect thing which I really like. I really respect her as a person. I like her style anyway and when you see her doing the dancing it’s actually dream worthy; honestly she’s so fluid and her lines are brilliant.”

However there is one part of the show that Andy is not looking forward to and that’s the Dancing On Ice costumes. 

He says, “I’m not sure I’m ready for spandex and lycra! I’m a bit worried about my bottom sticking out in lycra!  I don’t usually think about these things but the other day I was like, ‘you’ve actually got quite a big ass’, but we’ll see; this is a whole different kettle of fish, we’re talking sparkles and sequins!” 

Whilst the presenter is revelling in learning a new skill, he admits it’s now dominating his life and he’s even practising his skating steps whilst walking down the street. 

Andy says, “I’m not only dreaming about it but I’m also practising in my living room, you’ve got to get the points really well and you’ve got to get them done precisely. So if I’m standing in my living room trying to do a cross over, I’m thinking about the position of my legs and the position of my arms.  I caught myself walking down the street the other day practising a few barrel rolls.”

He continues, “I’m one of these people that if I do something I want to do it really well. I want to give it as much effort as possible. With Dancing on Ice you really do have to give it 100 percent, otherwise you won’t see any results. I’m also really impatient with myself and that’s my biggest problem. I’m learning to sit back, relax, because then I wouldn’t get any results. By the end of this I would have learnt a phenomenal skill and I love learning new things”


Name – Maria Filippov
Age – 37
Nationality – Joint Bulgarian/Australian
Height – 5’1

Maria has represented her country at the very highest level over the years and was also
awarded ‘Master of the Sport of Bulgaria’, which is an honour bestowed by the Bulgarian
Government in recognition of sporting excellence. Maria retired from amateur
competitions to train students on the ice and achieved a high level of success. She later
moved to Australia to coach the Australian National Team.

Aprevious winnner with Ray Quinn in 2009 this will be Maria's 6h series of Dancing on Ice

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 09 Jan 2012 at 00:30

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