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Andy and Vicky Profile and Pic

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Topic: Andy and Vicky Profile and Pic
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Andy and Vicky Profile and Pic
Date Posted: 03 Jan 2012 at 16:06

Andy Whyment

Age: 30

Professional partner:  Vicky Ogden

All the lads from Corrie have been winding me up saying 'It's going to be like bambi on ice', and then they add 'when I watch it, I'll be hoping you fall!

Coronation Street favourite Andy Whyment admits he never imagined taking part in Dancing On Ice but is feeling proud of his achievements so far even if he has to take constant mocking from his cast mates.  

He says, “I'm looking forward to the whole thing. It's made me quite proud of myself.  I remember watching the series last year with Steven Arnold and thinking 'they're all mad!', then this year I'm doing it!  Watching Stevie last year, I would've never imagined doing it this year. It’s a whirlwind, every time I get on the ice I still think I'm mad for doing it!

Andy continues, “All the lads from work have been winding me up saying 'It's going to be like bambi on ice', and then they add 'when I watch it, I'll be hoping you fall.'”

Andy admits that the first few weeks of training were tough but he’s now starting to enjoy being on the ice. 

Andy says, “I’m enjoying more now. I'm sure everyone is in the same predicament because when it comes to that first day, we're all out of our comfort zone.   I've been putting everything I can into it because I don't want to go out there and make a fool out of myself.   I always said I'd put a hundred and ten percent in and that's what I'm doing. I'm not going to be an absolutely amazing skater but I'm not going to be dreadful either!

“It's quite easy to stand up and skate around in a circle, I think most people can do that. It's when you start putting in movements, knowing what side of the blade to be on; I just find it really difficult. To be honest with you I'm quite proud of myself, because I wouldn't of thought I'd be doing half the stuff I'm doing now!  The more you work on it, the better you'll get.”

He continues, “We tried a new lift today, and as soon as I lifted my skating partner, I landed straight onto my bottom!  It wasn't a high one, she just put her legs around my waist but I had my weight too far forward as soon as she jumped, I tried to compensate for it and went flat on my back side. I'm not scared of falling. I'd be mortified but Vicky wouldn't ask me to do anything that she didn't think I could do.”

With the live shows looming Andy reveals that he’s not worried about wearing the tight skating outfits but is dreading the customary spray tans.

Andy says, “I wear those tight lycra tops when I'm in training because they keep you warm, it's obviously not sequiny! I'm getting used to wearing them now so the costumes don’t bother me!  But I said to the production team that I'm definitely not getting a spray tan! I'm all natural! It's absolutely not happening!

The actor admits that whilst he’s competitive he’s not thinking about the competitive side to the show instead he’s much more interested in having fun.

Andy says, “I am competitive but there's always going to be better skaters there than I am. There are always three or four really good skaters, so I won't be one of them. I'm not really looking at rivals. I just want to enjoy myself and just get the most out of it as I can.”


Vicky Ogden
Age 26
Nationality English

Since  competing at national and international level for over thirteen years, Vicky Ogden now skates professionally in ice skating shows around the UK, including the 2008 Dancing on Ice Tour. In 2008, Vicky performed in Art on Ice at Sheffield's Hallam FM Arena, skating to live performances by well known singers, Cortes and Ronan Keating.  Vicky is noted for her performances with fire.
Vicky has performed at corporate events for Somerset House, Harrods Christmas window display, Birmingham Broad Street, Goodwood races, Eurosport Winter Olympic promotion and has also appeared in numerous commercial TV productions.Vicky is a qualified (NISA) Ice Skating coach and teaches skaters of all ages and standards, as well as being manager of the International Ice Skating School in Milton Keynes, based at the Planet Ice Arena.

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