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Sam and Alex Profile & Pic

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Topic: Sam and Alex Profile & Pic
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Sam and Alex Profile & Pic
Date Posted: 03 Jan 2012 at 15:47

Sam Nixon

Age: 25

Professional partner:  Alexandra Schauman
I’ve been looking at clips of Ray Quinn performing on Dancing On Ice which is stupid because there's no way I'm going to be anywhere near as good as that!

Children’s TV presenter Sam Nixon admits he’s been watching recordings of former Dancing On Ice champion Ray Quinn’s performances on the show for inspiration as he prepares to take to the ice in the new series.

Viewers will see Sam competing against his TV partner Mark Rhodes as they prepare to go head to head on the show. 

Sam says, “I’ve watched previous series of Dancing On Ice but since taking part I’ve been watching clips of previous performances.  I must admit Ray Quinn’s the one that I've been looking at a lot, which is stupid because there's no way I'm going to be anywhere near as good as that!  But it's just amazing to watch him. It does massively inspire you, he's just fantastic.”

He continues, “I would love the thought of being able to leave the ice and do even just a little jump.  But at the minute we've not practised jumps; I'm a million miles away from that. But the thought of me being able to do it excites me.  Whether I'll be able to do it is another story. I think that would be a massive achievement for me, but at the minute I’m content with mastering the basic steps!”

With the new series starting shortly on ITV1, Sam admits he’s not fazed by the bright and often daring skating costumes and training for the show has revealed a different side to his character.  

Sam said, “I suppose it would be a nice little victory for both myself and Mark if one of us did better than the other. It's weird because we’ve have not seen each other train. We do everything together, but with this we're doing it separately; we don't know how each other are doing. I think I've realised that I'm a perfectionist, so if I'm lucky to stay in longer that one week, I think I'll want to get better and better at this!”

He continues, “At the minute I think I'm getting better as the weeks going on which is good and I just want that to carry on. If I know I've given it my best, that's what I'll look forward to the most.”

The TV star reveals that whilst he’s attempting to master basic skating he’s nervous of learning the chorography for his first routine. 

Sam says, “At the minute we're just doing the basics of skating and I think as soon as they throw in a bit of choreography I am a little nervous about that I must admit!   Doing spins also terrifies me because I get so dizzy so quickly. I'm dreading the spins.  Also I've got no idea what my face is going to look like because at the minute it's just full on concentration!” 


Name – Alexandra Schauman
Age – 30
Nationality – Finnish

Alexandra began skating nationall in 1986, working her way up to international competitions as well as competing for the Finnsh National Team.

In 1992 , Alexandra placed 2nd in the Finnish Championships.  Her husband (Lukasz Rozycki) also joined Dancing on Ice last year.

This is Alexandra's third year on Dancing on Ice.

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