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Charlene & Matt Profile & Pic

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Topic: Charlene & Matt Profile & Pic
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Charlene & Matt Profile & Pic
Date Posted: 03 Jan 2012 at 15:28
Charlene Tilton

Age: 52
Professional partner:  Matt Gonzalez

My goal is to have Jayne Torvill’s butt.  I’m going to put a picture of her toosh on my refrigerator for inspiration!

Dallas star Charlene Tilton is looking to Jayne Torvill for more than just skating tips.  The American actress is hoping to leave the series with a ’toned’ skaters bottom like the Olympic legend.

The star of the 80’s legendary TV series is hoping the hours of training for the new series of Dancing On Ice will help her accomplish this goal. 

Charlene says, “My goal is to have Jayne Torvill's butt. I’m going to put a picture of her toosh on my refrigerator. Skaters have that bottom that's lifted and toned, it's fantastic, they all have it!”

The self confessed lifelong ‘skating fan’ admits that the years of being glued to the TV watching her skating heroes as a child, is now helping her master the technique on the ice.  

Charlene says, “I remember as a kid, we had a black and white television. I have always been such a fan of ice skating and we loved watching it. My skating partner Matt Gonzalez and Christopher Dean have said that I’ve got natural ability. I think it's just because I've watched it so much growing up, I just loved it.”

The actress can’t wait to meet her fellow cast mates but also getting the chance to show her family, friends and viewers at home what she can do on the ice! 

She says, “I'm just really excited to meet the rest of the cast. When you are in a situation like this you make friends for life.  It's such an intense experience. I'm also looking forward to surprising some people with what I can do. When you get to my age, it just comes to show what you can do. With concentration and hard work you can accomplish things, it all boils down to ‘hard work pays off’.”

She continues, “I’m very disciplined and when you fall you have got to get back on that horse!”

Known for her portrayal of the feisty Lucy Ewing, Charlene admits that she has to learn to toughen up but is enjoying the challenge. 

She says, “I do have to toughen up I don't like the cold and I'm a big sissy! I'm not a physical, athletic person at all, so this is really out of my comfort zone.”

She continues, “I have never done any sports and I am so un-athletic. I do not have the mindset of a competitor or the mind set to learn a sport or be physically active like that. I am as diligent as I am when it comes to rehearsing for a play or a television show and I’ll just apply that work ethic to this!” 

Name : Matthew Gonzalez

Nationality : American

Age : 25

 This is Matthew's second appearance in the  competition, having parnering Daniella Westbrook in 2010.

Having mastered roller skating at a young age, he took to skating like a duck to water and began pairs skating aged 12. Matthew’s also a dancer, puppeteer, actor, and acrobat

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