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Jorgie and Matt Profile and Pics

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Topic: Jorgie and Matt Profile and Pics
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Jorgie and Matt Profile and Pics
Date Posted: 03 Jan 2012 at 14:51

Jorgie Porter

Age: 23

Professional partner:  Matt Evers

Forget the headbanger. We’ve already practised lifts scarier than that!

Hollyoaks favourite Jorgie Porter has unleashed her inner dare devil and has already started learning difficult lifts as she trains for the new series of Dancing On Ice. 

Paired with Matt Evers who first unveiled the legendary headbanger with partner Bonnie Langford in the first series, Jorgie admits she’s not fazed by this iconic skating trick. 

Jorgie says, “I want to do the headbanger, I'm not scared. We've done lifts already which I think are even scarier than that! Matt literally holds me up with one hand on my bum cheek!  I think there are scarier things than the head banger. The hardest thing is getting out of the lifts as you’ve got to land on your foot, if you can't find your foot you’re in trouble!” 

She continues, “I worry about falling over on the live shows or getting the routine wrong, not being in time with the music or worst still, slapping Matt in the privates with my skates. It can happen!”  

Following in the footsteps of fellow cast mates Kieron Richardson and Jennifer Metcalfe who have both appeared on previous series, the actress reveals she’s been quizzing them about their time on the show. 

Jorgie says, “I’ve been speaking to Kieron and Jen about Dancing On Ice.  Kieran was like 'Oh my God you're going to love it. They've literally told me the schedules of what happens in what month and have both said that they really miss it! Jen told me not to be scared and that she would have done a lot more if she hadn’t been so scared.” 

The actress is looking forward to all the glitz and glamour when the live shows start in the New Year. 

Jorgie says, “I’m looking forward to the sequins, the make up and the hair!  Also I’m enjoying learning a skill that I can do every Christmas. It's not like scuba diving where you have to go out there and find it, these rinks pop up everywhere!

She continues, “I think I did lose a little bit of weight when I first started and I’ve started to notice my bottom, legs and thighs are toned! I woke up one day and I had to pick up my own leg to put my pants on, I was like 'this is so painful!'”

Jorgie admits that her family are thrilled she is taking part in the series and have already designed the banner they plan to hold whilst watching in the audience. 

She says, “My family can't really believe it but they're very excited and want to come and see me. They've even made a banner of support and have mentioned getting t-shirts made. My mum keeps everything so even if I get voted off, my mum will cut things out of the magazines and stick it in a folder!” 

Name – Matt Evers
Age – 34
Nationality – American
Height – 6’0

Matt is another veteran of Dancing on Ice, appearing in all  series to date.

Matt with Suzanne Shaw is a past winner and over the years he has also danced with Bonnie Langford, Lisa Scott Lee, Zoe Salmon, Heather Mill and Denise Welch

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