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BB:Jay and Alex, Anton and Rebeckah at war

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Topic: BB:Jay and Alex, Anton and Rebeckah at war
Posted By: Bren
Subject: BB:Jay and Alex, Anton and Rebeckah at war
Date Posted: 11 Dec 2011 at 11:11

Big Brother: Jay and Alex, Anton and Rebeckah at war

Dec 10 2011, 15:51 GMT | By - Daniel Sperling | - 20 comments - -
Several of the - Big Brother 2011 housemates have been laying into each other on Twitter over their actions in the outside world.

Runner-up - Jay Mckray alleged on the social networking site this morning (December 10) that - Alex Rose had reneged on her agreement to split - the £30,000 she won in the house with her fellow contestants, while - Rebeckah Vaughan claimed that she had contacted police after being 'threatened' by - Anton Murphy in a webcast.


© Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images


© Ian West/PA Wire/Press Association Images

"Some people are so different out off bb," - Mckray wrote , claiming in a later post that Rose had only shared her money with - Tom O'Connell .

"Alex is a totally different person...Am trying 2 be sivel but she's not the same person a was in that house with really nasty ! Am shocked to bits ! Not disco at al. (sic)

"[Alex is] not a nice person she's a nasty person...[she is] very nasty she's callin me worse than s**t am not putting up with it like just a bit upsetting."

However, Mckray clarified that he wasn't frustrated about missing out on a portion of Rose's winnings and was happy living his life with - housemate and fiancée - Louise Cliffe .

"no 1 cares about the money happiness is what counts," he added.

McKray's outburst comes after Vaughan threatened to contact authorities over comments made by Murphy in a live video message on Twitter last night (December 9).


© Sean Dempsey/PA Wire/Press Association Images


© PA Images

"Me and All the #twitterfambo on my twitcam said absolutely nothing about anton yet as soon as he gets on his twitcam he starts talking about me asking what I was saying," - she wrote . "Go away waste man nobody on my twitter EVER talks about you. You don't exist in my world stop tweeting and talking about me your embarrassing yourself."

When Murphy allegedly threatened to punch her the next time they meet, the club hostess asked if her followers would be prepared to give statements to the police and claimed that she would consider launching a defamation lawsuit.

Murphy, meanwhile, laughed off Vaughan's warnings and spent the night retweeting messages of support from his fans.

Series 12 of Big Brother concluded in early November, with - Aaron Allard-Morgan - being voted the winner . - Source

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