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Misha B says X Factor was a negative experience

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Topic: Misha B says X Factor was a negative experience
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Misha B says X Factor was a negative experience
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2011 at 13:23

Misha B says The X Factor was a negative experience, but Tulisa Contostavlos has been forgiven over bullying claims

By Rachael Wheeler - 5/12/2011


Misha looked like an astronaut on the telly

Now that she has been voted off The X Factor, Misha B has opened up about being labelled a bully and how she forgave Tulisa Contostavlos for making her look bad on live television.

Speaking on Daybreak this morning, Misha said that she had let go any anger she felt towards Tulisa, telling Adrian and Christine that the bullying claims have made her stronger.

Misha said: “Forgiving is the thing that I have done.

“I believe that in situations that occur in life, you shouldn't get bitter you should just get better. Because there's a saying that to forgive is to set a prisoner free, and I realised that prisoner was me.

“And instead of getting bitter about a situation - because it's only making you not feel good inside. And for that situation I'm so grateful because it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life – for me to look at the situation and grow and learn from it. I'm just so grateful.”


Adrian and Christine interviewed Misha B on their last Daybreak show

On Saturday’s X Factor, Gary Barlow told Misha that the bullying claims meant that she would never win. But Misha didn’t seem too angry about that either. She said this morning: “I've got the utmost respect for Gary - I think he's amazing. I understand what he was saying.”

But speaking on Lorraine this morning, Misha B admitted that The X Factor wasn’t an entirely positive experience.

The singer said that she had experienced lows during the show, but it helped her grow as a person.


Misha B made it to the semi final

Misha said: “Without the lows, there would be no highs. So I say thank you to the lows.

“I had to embrace the negatives in a positive way. It’s been a great experience whether it was positive or negative.”


Misha B posed with all the finalists last week

And speaking about who she’d like to win the show now that she’s been voted off, Misha said that Little Mix deserve the title. She said: “There's no girl group out there like them, and there's a gap in the market for Litte Mix. I think all three of them have a place in the industry right now but the ones stand out for me right now is Little Mix.

“Little Mix or Marcus." So anyone apart from Amelia Lily then...


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