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Did X Factor play up Misha B's 'sob story'?

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Topic: Did X Factor play up Misha B's 'sob story'?
Posted By: James
Subject: Did X Factor play up Misha B's 'sob story'?
Date Posted: 21 Nov 2011 at 11:30
Did X Factor play up Misha B's 'sob story' for sympathy votes?

She has been in the bottom two on the X Factor for the past two weeks, so Misha B's relief and shock were understandable when she was the first contestant announced as 'safe' during Sunday's results show.

But viewers immediately began a frenzied debate on social networking sites over whether her 'sob story' on Saturday night's show had been exploited by producers as a ploy to keep their pet contestant in the competition.

Before her performance on Saturday, a two-minute VT chronicled the Manchester 19-year-old's emotional week in which she was contacted by her birth mother.

The video showed Misha breaking down after reading an open letter from her mother Florence Bryan, published in a magazine.

Misha was raised by her aunt while her mother battled a heroin addiction and later served 21 months in jail.

She was consoled by mentor Kelly Rowland, who told her: 'When it comes to parents, I understand. It is the same situation I am in.

'It was definitely hard but it's important we forgive people and move on. When I saw my father for the first time in 22 years, I was very shocked. But it will be fine.'

Misha is widely acknowledged to have the best voice in the competition this series, but rumours of her allegedly bullying other contestants backstage lost her likeability factor early on.

Despite the judges calling the teen out on her behaviour, they have repeatedly chosen to save her above other contestants during the sing-off.

After dazzling with a rendition of I Have Nothing from The Bodyguard on Saturday, Misha was overcome with tears as she listened to praise from the judges.

Her tears turned to elation during Sunday night's results show, when host Dermot O'Leary announced that she was the first to be going through to the quarter-finals.

But on Twitter, hundreds of users cried foul, saying that the 'sob story had worked.'

Twitter Amelia Morton wrote: 'Misha B not being in the bottom 2 just proves that a sob story works.'

Laura Morris tweeted: 'Can't believe people fell for the misha b sob story yesterday and were manipulated into vote for her!'

Jamie Denham wrote: 'Aww Misha B needs votes so lets pull out a sob story - so predictable I thought this was a singing contest not Jeremy Kyle get on with it!'

'Yesterday's Misha B sob story worked wonders! Sympathy,' StevieG69 wrote.

After getting through to the quarter finals Misha thanked her fans on Twitter. 'OMG I'm the happiest girl on earth right now Because of YOU ALL! Thankyou soooooo much for your Love Support n VOTES :D THANK YOU!' (sic) she wrote.

A spokesperson for the X Factor was unavailable for comment. - Source

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