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Stacy Francis "Confused" by Astro's Behaviour

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Topic: Stacy Francis "Confused" by Astro's Behaviour
Posted By: James
Subject: Stacy Francis "Confused" by Astro's Behaviour
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2011 at 10:57
Live at X Factor: Stacy Francis "Confused" by Astro's Behavior, Calls Him "Ungracious"

It's safe to say tonight's elimination on The X Factor will go down as one of the most shocking in reality TV history.

Not because of who went home, but because of the behavior of one of the contestants in the bottom two: 15-year-old rapper Astro, who threatened to not perform then copped a major attitude with the judges. Though he was ultimately saved by the judges, who called him out on his behavior, we chatted with eliminated contestant Stacy Francis after the show and she definitely had an opinion on her competitor's actions.

So what did Stacy have to say about Astro? And where will she go from here?

"I'm very confused by Astro's behavior because I think in that moment you should be pleading for your life and not throwing it away," Francis says of Astro's actions during the show, including telling the crowd he didn't think he had to perform.

"I dont understand his behavior," she continues. "I mean, he's 14. We can call him a teenager and give him an excuse, but bad behavior is bad behavior. I think that he was ungracious in that moment and I think that in the real scheme of things, no matter what, you have to be grateful."

Stacy also says she believes Simon Cowell may have saved Astro because of his onstage antics. "I think Simon likes a little rebellion. He might respect Astro a little bit for being so rebellious. He likes a bad boy."

When asked if she talked to Astro after the show, Stacy says, "No. We saw each other, but I didn't say anything to him." Though she didn't talk to him after the show, Stacy did have some words of wisdom for Astro. "I would tell him to be a little more humble."

Straying away from the Astro of it all, Stacy reveals she wishes she had chosen different songs and believes it would have made all the difference for her in the competition.

"I regret my song choice last night and I regret my song choice last week as well," she says. "It's all about song choice in this whole thing and I don't feel like I was myself in it. I was trying to be something else because I was persuaded. It's a very difficult thing."

Not difficult for Stacy was lining up a post-X-Factor gig: she's already been contacted by a potential manager!

"Frontline Management probably will manage me," she say. "Irving Azoff, he said that he's fan. I'm hoping that relationship will blossom and go on. I do have to feed my children, so that's the goal."

What did you think of tonight's elimination? Do you think the right person went home? Do you think Astro was ungrateful? - Source

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