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Im A Celeb: Show 3 Update

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Topic: Im A Celeb: Show 3 Update
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Im A Celeb: Show 3 Update
Date Posted: 16 Nov 2011 at 22:17
ITV1 Jungle News







Mark told the camp that it’s really important whoever gets the Bushtucker Trial that they win, he kept repeating this to all camp-mates which started to get on their nerves.

It was then revealed Mark would be doing the trail which was called ‘Creepy Crypt’, “What’s a Crypt?” asks Mark.  Antony told him it’s a coffin.  Mark’s face dropped and he said “I can’t do that, I hate rats, I can’t do that”

Fatima said, “Now you’re going to have to eat your own words, like what you tried to tell us earlier about getting stars.  Now you’ve got to do your bit, so talk yourself up and kick your own ass”.

Crissy went into the Bush Telegraph and said “Mark’s been going around saying it doesn’t matter who gets the trial, that they must do it and then he gets it and says he can’t do it” Crissy laughed as she found it all funny.

After the trial, Mark came back to camp victorious after a successful Bushtucker trial, “I’m over the moon” smiled Mark.

“I’ve just won that trial and gone from being the most depressed man in the jungle to George of the jungle, er, no, Mark of the jungle, I want to swing from the trees” said Mark.


Willie and Crissy were yesterday chosen to do the celebrity chest ‘Catapulting Koalas’. The idea of the challenge was to be the first to use a sling shot & knock five furry koalas out of a tree into their bed & get the key. Crissy & Willie quickly assessed how high the tree was & Crissy quickly added “How the flipping hell are we gonna get up there?”.

After numerous failed attempts by both parties, Willie confessed: “I thought it was easy to begin with…boy was I wrong”.

Willie eventually managed to get into a groove and was the first to get all five koalas to bed with Crissy giggling & still remaining on zero.

Willie surprised of his win said “I was relieved but I think Crissy was more relieved than me”.

Willie triumphantly added after the Snake Rocks loss in the BTT yesterday: “We needed a little bit of supplement because we haven’t got a dinner tonight”.


Mark decided to create a game for camp called ‘Family Jungle’ to entertain them which was his own version of Family Fortunes.  Lorraine paired off with Antony and Crissy with Fatima .

Mark asked his camp-mates what his favourite footballer would be, Fatima immediately jumped in and said “Well there is only one great British footballer and that’s David Beckham and shame on you if you’ve not got it”.  Mark told her that wasn’t the correct answer.  “Shame on you, he inspires young people” said Fatima .

The camp kept guessing and Fatima later says “Redknapp”, Marks asked which one and she said Harry, Mark reveals it was Jamie.  “I’m not having that” says an angry Fatima .  “You’re the worse looser in the world” says Mark.  Antony told Fatima it’s just a game.

“I’m allowed to have my opinion and the rules were wishy washy” said Fatima .

Mark and Fatima continued to have a heated discussion, “It’s a difference of opinion, lets draw a line under it, you need to be more respectful, you’re provoking me” said Fatima .  “Don’t blame me for being lairy” said Mark.

Fatima then walked away from camp to calm down.  She later called Mark over to have a private conversation.  She asked him to take off his mic so she could have her say and clear the air.

Mark later returned to camp and told the others what had happened.  Antony wasn’t happy about the situation, “That’s passive aggression and that’s not on, why did she take away your mic, that’s taking away your voice.”


The tension in Croc Creek spilt into their dinner.  The campmates were fed as a result of Pat and Sinitta’s efforts.  Fatima made a comment that Antony always did the cooking and he said if he didn’t everyone would have an opinion.  Mark and Antony sat separately and ate as Antony said “She can’t bear anyone else doing something.”  Mark replied that sometimes he felt like exploding.

Fatima later suggested that Mark and Antony should do the washing up.  Lorraine , Mark and Crissy did the job as Lorraine said “I don’t need to be told to do the washing up.”

But Fatima defended herself.  “I made a suggestion with a view that I was going to clean up the boxes in the food area if you and Mark want to do the washing up because Crissy and I did it at lunchtime so keep rotating.”

Later she said to Lorraine “I’m trying to clear the air because I don’t want to go to bed with you upset.”  But Lorraine told her that was no air to clear.  “But the way you talk.  Its offensive” said Fatima .  Lorraine tried to contain her anger by saying she was going to bed.  And later she said about Fatima “I think it’s a build up of insecurity and I think someone coming into camp will be a godsend actually.”



Having been covered in classic I’m A Celebrity critters, Stefanie cleaned herself up in the jungle pool and washed her hair for the first time with hilarious results.  Without the luxuries of serum, conditioner and hair straighteners, her hair seemed to get bigger and bigger.  Jessica-Jane said “It just got bigger and bigger.  It literally grew.   Stefanie said “My bush.  It is extraordinary how big it is.  This is it.  This is au natural.”

And Willie said “You know what they say about red heads.  They’re hot!”


Yesterday Jess woke up with a swollen eye as she’d been bitten by something during the night.  She showed her fellow camp-mates who all agreed that she’d been bitten and should see a medic.


Stefanie and Mark arrived in the Trials area to be confronted by two chambers.  Each one contained ten keys.  Five of them opened one of five alcoves within each chamber; five did nothing.  Each celebrity had to find the stars attached to small balls in each alcove and roll them down a shoot to be counted.  The first celebrity to find five would win food for their team.

“I don’t like darkness, I’m claustrophobic but I need to do it for camp” complained Mark.  “It’s always the unknown” added Stefanie, before both lay on two trays and being slid into their respective chambers.

Both celebrities scrabbled around trying to unlock their boxes and guard the stars which were guarded by rats.  As they were doing so, they got covered in cockroaches, mealworms and crickets.  Both found stars but instead of rolling hers down the correct shoot, Stefanie rolled hers to her feet.  But Mark raced ahead and despite his fear of the dark, confined spaces and rats, emerged the victor.

“I’m claustrophobic, scared of the dark and scared of rats so three fears.  I’m not going to call it the worse trial because there’s always something round the corner in this place” he said afterwards.  “I’m over the jungle moon.  I want to swing from the trees I’m so happy. “

Stefanie was less happy as she returned to Snake Rock.  “I did the best I could.  We’re going to win some and lose some” she said.  “Our good run has stopped.  We’re on rice and beans.”



Snake Rock were told that Freddie Starr wouldn’t return to the jungle.  Jessica Jane said “I really did like Freddie.  He seemed to be on the same wavelength as me and he kept pulling faces behind Stefanie’s back and making me launch so I’m going to miss him.”

Dougie said “We’ve all been missing Freddie.  He’s really fun and a really sweet guy.  I’m really bummed about that (the news).”


Following his departure from the jungle, Ant and Dec caught up with Freddie Starr.

Freddie said:  I'm fine.  Well they couldn't find nothing wrong with me.  They tested my blood and everything like that and they couldn't find anything wrong.  They didn't know what it was.  I didn't know what it was.  It was something they said . .


Ant: . .  an allergic reaction to something?"


Freddie:  "They said do you know two people called Ant and Dec?!"


Ant:  "It's us! (That you’re allergic to)."


Freddie continued:  "It's my own fault through not drinking enough water and Bob told me to drink two litres of water a day and I wasn't drinking it and I was doing the Bush Tucker Trial and I was feeling a bit light headed but I didn't want to show it in front of the cameras or nothing like that.


Ant said: " But you feel ok now?  You're out of hospital now.  Do you feel well?"


Freddie said "Yes it's the best I've felt because I had a good sleep last night.  The best sleep I've had since I've been in Oz."


He continued about his time in the camp.  "I didn't really get on with her (Stefanie).  She was a loud mouth really.  Willie was in love with her so everywhere she went, Willie would go.  She's  trying to be an alpha male.  'I've made 80 films and things' and I thought don't start that please.


"Dougie and the other girl were lovely.  She was missing her mam and her boyfriend and she got rather tearful and I was comforting her and made sure she was ok."


On Mark he said "when I first set eyes on him he was plucking his eyebrows and I thought I was up and against him and he started putting cream on his face and I thought I'm up against him?!  I thought you’ve got no chance.  You've just got no chance."


"Of course there is (a part of me that's disappointed I'm not going back in).  The way I feel now I feel fantastic.  I don't feel ill at all.  It's gone.  It's gone away."



Crissy might be longing for a bit of company in the jungle but received an unwelcome guest in her bed overnight.  As she woke and shook her blanket, an enormous spider emerged and scuttled out.  “I’ve been in bed with a spider” she cried.  But Antony was less impressed.  “Yes, she found a spider in her bed so we will hear about that for the next 48 hours until something else is found in her bed.”

Not to be outdone. Jessica-Jane found one in her bikini top.  “A massive spider’s just popped out of my top.  It’s not my day” she yelped.


Dougie decided to liven up his camp and emerge in Jess’s bikini, “Do I look like you?, I feel like you” laughed Dougie.  Dougie puts socks in the bikini to reflect Jess’s large bosom, Willie says he’ll need to add more socks.  “Do you feel comfy in a bikini?” asked Jess, “Scarily enough, I do” laughed Dougie.

Meanwhile in Croc Creek, Antony tried on Lorraine ’s swimsuit much to the amusement of the camp.


Two new campmates made their way into the jungle.  DJ Pat Sharpe and popstar Sinitta were told they could either take a hard or easy journey into the camp.  If they took the hard option, they would make jungle life easier for the other campmates.  They took this option and were helicoptered into the Australian rainforest.

They had to trek through the bush until they found a highwire above a ravine.  Pat explained “When we arrived at the highwire we saw only one harness and I’m going to give that to Sinitta because she’s hurt her ankle so I’m going to pull her across closely followed by myself afterwards.”

Sinitta was strapped into the harness and as she clung to a rope, Pat winched her across the 100 foot deep ravine.  Exhausted, Pat then had to high wire walk himself across the same ravine.

Sinitta seemed to have a lovely experience.  “It was amazing.  Not like flying but surreal.  I wanted it to last a bit longer.  I’d rather keep travelling to the jungle rather than get there” she said afterwards.  And later added “Secretly I was worrying I didn’t know how I’m going to do this.”

Pat had more of a tricky time.  “It was very hard.  Really hard.  Much harder than I thought.  The harness doesn’t really help.  I’m glad I did it in one go.  I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep.  Dinner and bed.  It’ll just be like being at home.”

Little did he know . . .


The next part of the newcomer’s entry to camp involved an overnight stay at the cockroach cave.   Both Sinitta and Pat were told that they had to sleep on groundsheets on the cave floor in order to win the luxury items for their future campmates.  If one of them didn’t last the night, they would forfeit the luxury items for the camp they would end up in.  After much debate, Pat persuaded Sinitta to sleep in the cave.  They reluctantly lay on the sheets and went to sleep.  Soon afterwards, Pat woke up as he noticed they weren’t alone.  He woke Sinitta and they were horrified to see that they were sharing their jungle home with 6000 cockroaches.  And there was more to come . . . 

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