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Starr causes first drama of I'm A Celebrity..

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Topic: Starr causes first drama of I'm A Celebrity..
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Starr causes first drama of I'm A Celebrity..
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2011 at 11:31

Starr causes first drama of I'm A Celebrity... and it hasn't even started yet! Freddie refused insurance amid fears for health

By - A Tanswell

Last updated at 12:10 AM on 12th November 2011

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Comedian Freddie Starr has thrown the new series of I’m A Celebrity into chaos after being refused insurance amid fears for his health. 

Frantic ITV producers were desperately trying to strike last-minute negotiations to allow the 68-year-old star to join the rest of the celebrity campers on the jungle reality series. 

While nine of the ten celebrities met up for the first time at a plush private villa on the Australian Gold Coast, Starr was AWOL.


Drama king: Freddie Starr is having issues getting insured which may result in him not starring on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Instead of joining his fellow campers on the start of their quest to the jungle camp, the comedian sat by his hotel pool with an ITV producer waiting to hear his fate.  

The wacky star looked happy as he sipped coffee and smoked cigarettes. 



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At first, Starr’s no show at the first meeting of the jungle celebrities was thought to be down to the comic’s ill health.  

He had already admitted that his TV jungle stint would see him getting his first strenuous exercise since undergoing a quadruple heart bypass surgery last year. 


Loved up: Freddie says he will miss girlfriend Sophie as they haven't spent a night apart for over a year

However, when the comic was approached by reporters concerned for his health, the 68-year-old declared: 'I’m alright. There’s no scare. It’s all down to paperwork.'

He jokingly screamed, 'Armaggedon,' referring to the way that his non-entry into the show had thrown the series into chaos. 

It appears that ITV bosses failed to secure insurance before he flew out to Australia. 

The delayed paperwork had taken longer than expected, and now the producers are worried that the comedian may not make it into the jungle. 

DJ Pat Sharp could be sent in as his replacement.


Fitness plan: Freddie, seen here flying out of Heathrow, hopes to lose weight after suffering a heart attack

Freddie spoke to the Daily Mail on Thursday about his ill health, his quadruple bypass surgery and the fact his wife refuses to sign his divorce papers.

How are you feeling, Freddie?
I'm feeling fine, thank you.
Have you had your chat with the I’m A Celebrity medic, Dr Bob, yet?
Yes, it was about my baby. I'm pregnant. I’m about six months gone.
You’ve had well-documented health problems in the past and heart surgery last year. Are you worried about the jungle?
No, I’m not worried. It's all nearly fixed. They've done a good job. I had a heart attack last year and I had a quadruple bypass.
How did the operation change your life?
It's made me not care about death because I nearly died.

When you come through something like that, you don't worry about little incidental things any more.
So you’re not worried about the dangerous jungle creatures?
No, I love them. I love dangerous jungle creatures.
You must be a little scared, though?
I'm only being jestful with you. When you go into the jungle, it's about entertainment as well.

It’s about getting stars for people to get the food for them. It's a very tricky terrain and it’s in the rainforest, so there are snakes and rats and poisonous spiders in there.

It can be quite dangerous if you try to play with these animals because you're in their kingdom, so you've got to let the professionals take care of them.
Do you worry a Bush Tucker Trial might spark another heart attack?
I'm not worried about the Trials because my heart is fixed. However, I'm ruled out of some of the trials on health grounds.

I can't really talk about it, but I’m definitely not allowed to do some of them.

I'm not allowed to jump out of an airplane because it's too much of an adrenaline rush to the heart.
Are you hoping to lose weight in the jungle?
I've got to lose weight in the jungle. I hope I starve myself to death nearly. I want to lose around two and a half to three stone.

I weigh 56 stone at the moment, so it will be good for me. You automatically lose weight anyway because you're on beans and rice.
How much do you weigh?
I don't know how much I weigh. I honestly couldn't tell you. But I'm not worried about meagre rations. I don't get cranky when I'm hungry but I get the shakes a bit.

I'm not afraid of being hungry. I grew up on hunger when I was a kid, so I’ll be fine. You've got to make hunger your friend.
Will you resort to eating hamsters if you get hungry in there?
I've got an answer to that question, but you won’t be able to print it.
Do you get fed up of the hamster story?
It was nearly 28 years ago so one does get a bit fed up with it.

It was just a bit of journalism that was meant as a bit of fun, but I didn't think that I’d be talking about it in 28 years time.

I never imagined that my audience would still be shouting, 'Did you eat a hamster?'
Will you be annoyed if other celebs bring it up?
I'm going in there with a blindfold on. Not literally, but I’m going to take everything as it comes.
What’s your luxury item?
My luxury item is a pillowcase with a picture of my little girl on it and my girlfriend.
Is it your fiancée?
We're not engaged yet. We're planning to get married as soon as I get divorced - but that’s not happening yet.
Will you propose to her when you come out of the jungle?
I don’t know. She's a very special person to me. She’s a very great friend.

We were friends for four years before we even got together, so we went about it in the right way.
Where did you meet?
She used to be a singer on my show, and she's a lovely person. Everyone likes her. She's a nice girl. She's a lot younger than me, though. She's 34.
Will you be doing more television when you leave the jungle?
There are some negotiations being spoken about already. I’m in discussions for different shows and things, which is nice.
Do you have to be more PC now?
Being PC won't be a problem because I watch what I say. I'm not going to cause any problems for anybody.

I certainly won't have Ofcom on ITV's back because they're the police of television so you've got to not use any untoward language.
Have you been told to watch your tongue in there?
What would make you swear in the jungle?
Nothing would make me swear. Nothing would make me angry. I'd just walk away.
What bad habits do you have that might offend fellow campers?
Sometimes I suffer with wind. I've got an angry a**e. The farts don't smell, but they are loud. And they are only going to get worse because of the effect of having all the beans in the jungle.

It's going to be worse than ever. They'll be able to hear it in New Zealand.
Do you snore?
I don't know if I snore because I'm asleep. However, I might sleepwalk in the show to try and get some food.
What does your daughter think about you being on I'm A Celebrity?
She loves it. She thinks it’s great. However, I’m not sure if my ex-wife, who I don't class as my wife anymore, doesn’t know about it.

We’ve been apart for nearly three and a half years. I don't care what she thinks about it. It's none of her business if I'm going in the jungle, I haven't told her. I hope my daughter will be cheering me on, but she's only five.
Are you expecting to get on well with your other campmates?
Of course. I expect to get on with all of my jungle campmates.
What role will you have in the jungle?
I don't know what my role will be, but I won't be an entertainer. All you can be is yourself, so I’m not sure I’ll be joking around too much.

People don't want to hear you cracking jokes all the time; it would get boring. You've just got to be yourself.
Are you going to get stuck into all of the camp tasks?
I burn water, so I'm not a cook. I can't cook and I won't cook. It's safer if they keep me away from cooking.

I'll try and get as much food for the camp as possible. I'd like to do some trials, but no cooking.
Is it going to be tough to be away from Sophie?
I haven't been apart from Sophie for one and a half years, so this is going to be very tough. I'm missing her already really badly.

We've never been apart. She's coming over at the end, which will be great. When we meet up again, it will be really emotional. I get emotional with things like that. Not seeing her for so long might bring a tear to my eyes.
Is there any possibility you might break down emotionally?
I wont break down in the camp because you're too busy trying to get food for the camp. It’s all about trying to get food for your friends.

You've got to try and get as many stars as possible. Each star represents a meal, but I don't mind giving my star or my meal up to somebody.
Will you daughter come out to see you in Australia?
No, Ebony won't come out here. I really can't talk about that. I don’t want to talk about it.
Was one of the reasons for you doing the show to help get you fit?
I’m A Celebrity certainly helps you lose weight. When I was ill, I was in intensive care for three months and I lost about four and a half stone.

When you come out, you sit around. You’ve got to because you're so weak. You can't move, but you get gradually better and better.

You progress to walking sticks from your wheelchair - and things start to look up. Sophie can't believe that last year I was nearly dying and now I'm in the jungle. She says she's so proud of me and how I've improved.
It must have been a very scary time in your life…
It was just horrible. The dreams I used to have were awful. They used to oxygenate my blood. They take your blood out of your body, out of one arm and into the next one.

Some people struggle with the microlites in your brain. It’s called pump head and it makes you act unreasonable.

I was probably voted the worst patient ever. I was pulling the tubes out of my stomach, so they had to put mittens on me.
Did you give Sophie a hard time during that time?
No, I didn't give Sophie a hard time. I never would. She looked after me so well. It was amazing how she looked after me.
Are you planning a big wedding?
I don't like big weddings myself, but she does. Sophie likes big weddings. I would prefer a registry office, but she wants to go to a church.
When do you think you might tie the knot?
I've been apart from my wife for three and a half years now. You automatically get divorced after two years. All she had to do was sign some papers, just put a signature on - but she wouldn’t do it.

They just wanted to make it hard for me. In fact, it was her that gave me the heart attack anyway. What she did to me and my career was terrible.

I went down and down and down, and she just wore me down as a person until I had no confidence.
So you’re still married to her?
I'm not married to her. I don't even want to say the word. Officially we’re married. Some judge in some far off country might say I'm still married, but spiritually I'm not married to her.
So she’s refusing to sign the divorce papers?
It's all getting sorted out. She’s been served the papers three times, not by me but by the court as well - and she even ignores that.

If she does it again, the divorce is automatic so it doesn't make a difference.
Are you worried she might sell stories while you’re in the jungle?
I couldn't give a c**p about her. I don't care what she gets up to and she can say what she wants. It’s none of my business.
When you had your heart attack, were you worried that you might not be around too much longer for you daughter?
When I had my heart attack, I was very worried I might not be around to see my daughter grow up.
Did that motivate you to get fit and do I’m A Celebrity?
As soon as I got out of hospital, I asked my ex-wife to bring her down to see me and she said no, so I drove to her house.

I got out of the car on sticks and my little daughter ran up to me yelling, 'Daddy, Daddy, Daddy'. Me and my daughter have got this bond. I love my daughter and she loves her dad. She’s the sweetest thing in the world. 

I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! starts Sunday at 9pm on ITV.


Posted By: deborah31
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2011 at 11:44
Hope he makes it in, he's a nutcase!!!!!!! and everyone loves nutters!!!!!

Loose Lips, Sink Ships !!   or as they say in Jamaice, 'Mouth open, Story fly out!'

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