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Day 63: Daily Update

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Topic: Day 63: Daily Update
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Day 63: Daily Update
Date Posted: 11 Nov 2011 at 21:18
TX: Tonight, Friday 11th November, 9.00pm on Channel 5

Day 63


The time has come for one housemate fall at the final hurdle.

Housemates are gathered at the sofas as host Brian announces that Tom is ninth housemate to leave the Big Brother house. Alex cries out as all of the housemates embrace Tom. Earlier in the diary room Tom told Big Brother that his experience had been “chaotic,” and “fun.” I came in dancing and I’m gonna leave that way.”  Tom leaves the house to cheers from the crowd. Alex cries and tells the remaining housemates that she is “absolutely devastated.” “Did you hear all the cheers, they love him,” Louise reassures her.


Alex and Louise discuss tonight’s events. Alex just wishes that she and Tom had been in the final together. However, “we came in as separate people and we’ll leave as separate people,” she states.

Aaron and Jay are smoking in the garden. Jay says that they have had their “moments” but congratulates Aaron on making it to the final: “We’re the last men standing,” he smiles. Jay tells him that any one of them can win the show and Aaron speculates that fans of Tom will now vote for Alex. “It will be nice to get 50k but it’s more that than,” Jay muses. Aaron mentions the amount of boos he received when his name was announced, and wonders how he manages to stay in the house if he is disliked on the outside.

The four remaining housemates have come to the diary room. Aaron, Alex, Jay and Louise reminisce about their time in the house.


Housemates have been dancing for 40 minutes. The evening ends on a poignant note as Frank Sinatra’s My Way plays into the house. Louise is dancing wildly. Aaron and Alex are tearful as they watch the lights flashing on the housemates’ portraits. Jay also looks at the board and gets emotional as Louise continues to dance, oblivious.

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