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Day 62 : Daily Update

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Topic: Day 62 : Daily Update
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Day 62 : Daily Update
Date Posted: 10 Nov 2011 at 21:14
Day 62


In the bathroom, Tom and Alex are relaxing on the sofa. “I think you need some deo,” Tom tells a shocked Alex, “talk about filth monster!” he continues. Jay is in the diary room talking about Aaron. “Everything that he has done is calculated,” Jay says. Jay continues to tell Big Brother that Aaron spends a lot of time in the house thinking: “Why isn’t he working for the CIA or something?” he says.


The housemates are in the living area. Jay starts to tease Louise about her cleanliness. “I’ve never seen you wash anything,” he says, before asking the other housemates what they think. Aaron tries to recall a time he has seen Louise washing and then says he has never seen her do any washing. The housemates ask Tom what he thinks and he laughs, saying “no I don’t think so.” All the time, Louise is trying to persuade the housemates that she does wash and that she is a “clean person.” “I think you dreamt it, when’s that last time you had a shower?” Jay teases. All of the housemates are laughing and joking around. “This is not true,” Louise says and storms to the diary room to cause a stink with Big Brother. “They’re saying I’ve never washed me clothes,” Louise moans to Big Brother.

Other housemates are shown in the diary room talking about Louise’s hygiene habits. Tom tells Big Brother that “she does leave her knickers on the floor in the shower.” “The water gathers them up and they come towards your feet,” Alex squirms. Louise finishes telling her story to Big Brother: “I’m a scruff, I know that. No one will want to marry me after this.” As she leaves the diary room, Big Brother calls her back: “Louise would you mind leaving the door open, it stinks a bit in here…” Louise laughs.


For today’s task, housemates are campaigning to be “The Housemates’ Housemate” and are giving five minute speeches about why they should win such a prestigious title.

Tom tells the housemates: “I don’t fart uncontrollably and I never say the words ‘holy’ or ‘mackerel’.” Aaron tries to persuade the group that, “I’ve got a stash of gammon and I will share it.” Louise tells her housemates, “I’ve come in as Louise Cliffe, and I’ll leave as Louise Cliffe” and Alex tries to persuade that she should win the title “because… this is… this is me. I’m me,” she stumbles.

Reflecting further on his time in the house, Tom says that he has learnt that “I’m a mouthy, rude gobsh**e.” “I’ve just set out to be meself,” Louise assures her housemates. Jay says “I’ve had a whale of a time and I didn’t expect to be leaving with a wife,” all housemates laugh and Louise looks coy. Alex tells the housemates about her low points in the house: “I’ve been through some traumatic times, like, I had to make a bed.” On his Big Brother lessons, Aaron says that “I have learnt don’t wear socks and sandals and I can’t dance. I walked in a boy and I’m leaving a man.” “It has been amazing to meet you all,” Alex tells the group. Housemates cast their votes for “The Housemates’ Housemate” and place their votes in a ballot box.

Later on, Alex is called to the diary room to receive some good news. Big Brother tells her that they have counted the votes and Alex has won the title of “The Housemates’ Housemate.” “I’m sh**e at speeches!” Alex says before telling Big Brother about the idea of her future career in politics: “I’ll let erm… David carry on. He seems to be doing alright. I think. I don’t even know how he’s getting on.” She remembers someone in the house calling her “diplomatic” which she thinks sounds “proper.” “If I think about it, I could see myself running the country,” Alex muses.

In the living area, Alex tries to open her bottle of champagne. She struggles with the wrapping before Louise joins her on the sofas and tries to help. “Can you not just bite it off?” Alex asks, referring to the cork on the champagne bottle. “No! You’ll kill yourself,” Louise laughs and tries to direct Alex to open the champagne bottle away from her. Alex tells Louise that she’ll just “get the cork thing”, meaning cork screw, and Louise takes cover behind the sofas. She eventually pops the cork and the champagne fizzes onto the sofa “Oh my god! That is dangerous!” Alex squeals.


Big Brother has a surprise in store for the housemates. The shutters are put down and housemates are told that the garden is out of bounds. “Oh my god, someone’s going,” Louise says and Tom asks “shall we actually get ready?” Housemates look at each other shocked and continue to speculate that someone is going to be evicted. Aaron emerges from the bathroom: “Either they’re messing with us or it could be happening” he says.

In the garden, Big Brother’s Bit on the Side have been setting up, ready to present a live show. Crowd music is being played into the house and housemates are getting ready for what they think is an eviction. “If this is a joke, this is sick,” Louise tells her housemates. Aaron is contemplating on the sofa. From his bed, Jay tells Louise, “I’m not bothered in the slightest” and Louise says that they should have a cuddle as it could be their last. “I’d marry you Lou,” Jay tells her and kisses her forehead. The pair cuddle affectionately.

As the shutters come up, housemates can see the Big Brother’s Bit on the Side audience. Emma Willis walks over the bridge and introduces the show: “We are doing the show from your patio,” she tells the housemates. The housemates’ later reactions in the diary room are shown. “We all thought it was an eviction,” Alex tells Big Brother. “My heart was going, I was like Oh my God!” Tom squeals excitedly. Louise tells Big Brother that it was “scary” to see what people are doing on the outside world.

As part of Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, Aaron’s best friend, Richard, has called in to speak about his friend: “Aaron is in it to win it, he's not in there to make friends. He watches the show a lot, he knows how to get the air time. He loves an argument and he loves a bit of drama” he tells Emma and the audience. Aaron shakes his head. As part of Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, panel member Nikki Grahame asks Tom “Who’s the better kisser, Alex or Aaron?” Housemates all laugh and Tom answers, “I don’t get stubble rash with Alex!”


Emma Willis announces that tomorrow, one housemate will be evicted from the Big Brother house. In the diary room, Jay tells Big Brother that he feels “gutted that someone’s got to go.” Aaron tells Big Brother that if he had to bet, he thinks himself or Louise will be evicted tomorrow. Louise tells Big Brother, “I’m a bit scared to be honest.”

In the living area, housemates are reflecting on the evening’s events. Aaron tells the housemates, “I can’t believe my best friend said I’m playing a game.”


In bed, Louise and Jay are talking about Aaron. “I can't believe Aaron's mate said that about him,” Louise says shocked and Jay thinks that “that's what people like don’t they? Good on him if he wins, not very nice to the people who have been caught up in it.”

Aaron is teasing Alex and Tom in the bathroom. “You two have blatantly been up to no good,” he tells the pair and starts to speculate on them kissing. “We clearly haven’t!” Alex says, defensively. Tom admits that “we had a smooch, like once” and Alex insists that it was “by accident.” Aaron continues to joke with the pair before leaving to go to the toilet. Alex and Tom start to rub noses with each other and joke by blowing raspberries on each other’s noses. As they get closer, Tom quickly kisses her on the lips and she squeals.

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