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Young Apprentice: Episode 3 review

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Topic: Young Apprentice: Episode 3 review
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Young Apprentice: Episode 3 review
Date Posted: 08 Nov 2011 at 15:35

Young Apprentice: episode three, BBC One, review

In this week's Young Apprentice (BBC One), the candidates were challenged to set up two rival floristry businesses. Ed Cumming reviews their efforts.

"Hoo-rah chump Harry M" in this week's Young Apprentice Photo: BBC

By - Ed Cumming

10:10PM GMT 07 Nov 2011

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The girls were triumphant in last week’s babycare challenge, so this week Lord Sugar’s task had a much less girly theme: floristry. “This is my idea of hell,” said James on entering a room full of blooms. The teams were mixed up accordingly. Hannah led team Atomic, while Lizzie took the helm of Kinetic.

As well as getting their heads around the techniques and terminology – mains, additionals, fillers and foliage – the teams had to pitch to three businesses. A hotel needed flowers for an anniversary. Daniel Galvin, the celebrity hairdresser, needed window displays, and a theatre wanted four bouquets.

Harry H and James rolled haplessly around the West End for Kinetic, winning the hotel deal only because their pitch was lower than Zara’s aggressive offer. Zara and Lewis cleaned up on the other two, despite Lewis’s mobile going off twice during the pitch. “I don’t know how to work the mobile,” he pleaded. Perhaps Merseyside really is as technologically backwards as people say.

The challenge was really lost in the final stretch, however, where the teams hawked their bouquets to passers-by. Atomic set their prices too low, and lost overall by just £12, despite Harry M managing to flog his grotesque Helliconia.

Despite her constant repetition of the word “guys”, Hannah made quite a good team captain. But she made a grave error in who she brought back into the boardroom. Zara might have disobeyed her team captain’s orders in pitching too high a price for the contracts, but she proved an excellent deal-maker.

Even worse, trying to get the hoo-rah chump Harry M fired showed a tremendous naivety about the workings of knock-out, semi-reality entertainment series. Nothing is quite as good to watch as naked contempt, and the other candidates hate Harry with the kind of clear-eyed purity one only usually sees in people who have just had red wine spilt down their jackets.

Sugar would be a fool to let him go, and as he often reminds us, he’s no fool. Hannah went instead. As Harry M returned to the house the other candidates looked on in grim silence. Except Lewis, who stormed out, either for a little cry or to find a tyre iron to drop on Harry’s head in the night. We’ll find out which next week. - Daily Telegraph

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