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Day 56: Daily Update

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Topic: Day 56: Daily Update
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Day 56: Daily Update
Date Posted: 04 Nov 2011 at 21:05
TX: Tonight, Friday 4th November, 9pm on Channel 5

Day 56

There are only 8 days remaining in the Big Brother house….and only 8 eggs.
Jay is making an eggy breakfast in the kitchen. Faye notices and tells him that she also wanted to use some of the eggs. Jay is clearly put out and downs the raw eggs from the pan.

In the diary room Aaron explains the egg situation and is confused as to why the eggs were not shared evenly. “Jay and Faye ate them between them.” “I’m a little bit cheesed off, that’s not a yolk,” he adds. “I won’t crack, I’ll lay it to rest,” Aaron remarks with a straight face.

Faye and Louise are lying in bed discussing their boyfriends. Louise confides in Faye and reveals that she loves Jay. They hug, roll on the bed and squeak excitedly. “Have you told him?” Faye asks but Louise says that she can’t. Faye says that she wants to tell Aaron “something” but thinks she’ll wait until they’re out of the house.

Jay is in the pool talking to Alex who is standing on the bridge. Jay says that he doesn’t want either of the girls to leave “but one of them has to.”

In the bedroom Faye and Louise continue their conversation. Faye says that she would prefer a better setting to declare her love than in the Big Brother house. Louise tells Faye “I’m over the moon because I’ve met Jay. Love is more important than money,” she adds and Faye agrees and says that if she leaves, “I’ve got Aaron to see when I get out of here, and that makes me really happy.”  Aaron enters the bedroom and pours himself a fizzy drink. “Oh that is flat,” he comments after the first sip. “Just like your face,” Faye retorts and they hug.

Aaron is getting changed in the bathroom following a session in the sauna.
Earlier this week Aaron and Jay agreed to improve the intellectual conversation in the house.  The time has come for Jay to flex his mental muscles again… Today’s heavyweight topic is marine life. The two housemates discuss whales and a documentary they have both seen on whales then leave the sauna after a few minutes.

Jay is talking to Big Brother about what the house might be like without Louise.
“It would be quite lonely,” he confides and says how nice it is “to have her here.” Big Brother asks what he would miss about Louise.  “Everything about her, I like the way she can even pick things up with her feet. She fits like a glove when we cuddle, she’s got lovely soft lips,” he adds. He confesses that Louise is always able to “perk” him up when he’s feeling down “She’s proper disco.” Jay says that he will feel like a “spare part,” if Louise is evicted but will just have to talk to other people a bit more. Big Brother asks him what he thinks Aaron will be like if Faye leaves. Jay says that for the past two days he thinks that Faye and Aaron have been on “happy pills.” He says he is unsure of Aaron’s true feeling and says that Aaron will be “upset” if Faye goes but won’t cry as much as he did when Harry left.

Aaron is in the diary room talking about eviction. He says that he would prefer Faye to stay, “I think I’d be a bit lost,” without her. Aaron says that Jay would be equally lost without Louise but doesn’t really want Louise to go either. “Louise has been cracking up recently,” he adds.

Louise is in the garden with Jay; she also has the eviction on her mind. She tells him that tomorrow will be, “dead scary.”  “I’ve met the lovely Jay McKray so I’m happy,” she adds and holds his hand. Jay tells her that he can’t talk much in the house because it’s like being on “watchdog.” Louise asks if he’s ever been on Crimewatch, to which Jay bluntly says ‘no’. Louise tells him she was joking and then adds, “I’ll be fine.


All of the girls are in the living area talking about party tricks. “Can you lick your own elbows?” Faye asks. “I’d never really need to,” replies Alex while looking confused. Faye then shows Alex and Louise how quickly she can flick her tongue. Alex looks even more confused as Louise giggles. Aaron is watching in silence from the sofa.

Big Brother has had enough of the foul language in the house and has called the worse offenders, Tom and Jay, into the diary room. Big Brother sets them a task but first, the boys must wash their mouths out with the soap and water provided. Big Brother informs them that in order to win booze for this evening, they must not swear for the next two hours. They are allowed five slip ups between them: “Now get the f**k out of the diary room!” instructs Big Brother

The pair return to the living area and tell their fellow housemates about the task and what they had to do. Tom reveals that after washing their mouths they were able to dull the taste with mouthwash. “We should have robbed some, it was the good s**t,” Tom tells housemates before quickly realising his mistake. Twelve minutes later Big brother calls Aaron to the diary room and sets him a secret mission. Aaron must sabotage Jay and Tom’s swear-less task and get them to swear. He can enlist the help of Alex, Faye and Louise to wind them up and lose their cool. If they are successful, they will win booze for the entire house.  Aaron tells Big Brother that he will try his best although “no task is worth losing my self respect for.” Aaron informs the other housemates of his secret mission.

Later in the garden, Aaron winds Tom up by telling him that everyone in the house has commented on Tom’s laziness. Tom is shocked and swears yet again. A short while later Aaron watches over Jay who is in the kitchen preparing some lunch. “We’re gonna have to get all the other housemates to wedge you out,” Aaron comments. Jay asks if Aaron is referring to his belly and Aaron says yes. Aaron later tells Jay that housemates have commented on how feminine he can looks asking: “Did you used to be a woman?” Jay is not amused but doesn’t respond.

Later in the kitchen Aaron moans at Tom about his lack of cooking skills, “Even Alex has had a go,” he complains. “Are you looking for an argument?” Tom retorts.

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