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Day 53; Daily Update

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Topic: Day 53; Daily Update
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Day 53; Daily Update
Date Posted: 01 Nov 2011 at 22:11

Day 53


Housemates have woken up to a dark mood in the house. “Everyone seems a bit miserable this morning,” Louise says. Yesterday, the housemates’ plan to manipulate the nominations went horribly wrong as Aaron broke ranks and gave Louise an extra vote in the shocking face-to-face Halloween nominations. As a result, Louise and Faye both face eviction this week.

It’s a quiet morning in the house with Aaron in bed and Tom sitting in the garden. Louise is in the diary room, telling Big Brother how she feels about being up for eviction: “I feel absolutely dreadful Big Brother, I’ve not slept at all.” She explains that she feels nervous and is only just coming to terms with facing the public vote. On the sofas, Faye and Jay are talking about making the most of the last few weeks in the Big Brother house. Aaron hasn’t spoken all day.

On the sofas, Louise, Faye, Tom and Alex are talking about yesterday’s events. Faye tells the group that she doesn’t want to go on Friday, but if she does, she wants to know that she made the most of her experience. Tom says that he thinks that Louise and Faye drew the “short straw” and says that it’s Aaron’s fault for trying to be “heroic”. In the bathroom, Aaron talks to Louise about how she is feeling. She says she feels “weird” but thought it was best to vote as she did. Aaron agrees, saying that he has a “lot of respect” for her. Louise says that she hopes people would have done the same for her and Aaron reassures her, saying he would have.


Jay is in the bedroom putting the finishing touches to a picture that he has made for Louise. He is decorating it by finger-painting and holds it up. It reads “To a special girl” with a picture of him and Louise. Aaron is still walking around the house, looking glum. In the living area, Louise tells Faye that she should speak to Aaron but Tom disagrees, saying that no one else would have done what Aaron did yesterday. Aaron walks through the room and everyone is silent.


Louise has found Jay’s picture for her and is looking at it in wonderment. “I actually could marry him, he’s marriage material,” she tells Alex. Jay is talking to Aaron about nominations in the sauna. He is only the second person to speak to Aaron all day.

In the diary room, Faye is telling Big Brother how she feels about the prospect of leaving the house on Friday. “I’m trying to act as if I’m ok but really I’m so sick,” she says. She says that she feels “gutted” about making it so close to the final and thinks that she will sort things out with Aaron later. She feels like she always makes the first move for peace after an argument so will wait for him to make the effort this time.


Louise goes into the bedroom to hug Jay. He points over to the picture on her bed and says “On one side we’re skiing and one side we’re on holiday.” She smiles and holds him, cooing at the romance of it all. “It’s cheered me up,” she tells him, “You’re dead special, I don’t wanna leave you know.”

Alex is in the diary room, telling Big Brother about the mood in the house. “It’s been a bit down,” she says, and doesn’t think housemates should stop speaking to Aaron, even though breaking away from the team in nominations yesterday wasn’t “nice.” In the bedroom, Aaron is in one bed and Faye in another. He looks over to her before walking over and putting his arms around her. Neither of them speaks and he walks out of the room.


Aaron has moved to the garden and is lying in the smoking area on his own. Alex, Faye and Jay are talking in the living room and Jay wonders when the group will all have “group chats” again. Faye doesn’t seem to understand what he is saying and Louise says that Aaron can get involved with the group if he wants to. Jay seems a bit fed up and goes out to the toilet. “If he speaks to me then I’ll speak to him,” Faye tells the group, referring to Aaron. Tom says he feels like he is being made to feel sorry for Aaron and Louise says that it was “what he wanted to do,” referring to the nominations.


Faye is doing an impression of Brian Dowling and hosts a mock eviction interview with Alex. Faye asks Alex about her “highlights” in the house and Alex says, “ooh so many!” The girls are both laughing.

Aaron goes into the diary room and speaks for the first time in 2 hours and 21 minutes. “I feel like I’m being made to feel like I’ve done something wrong by doing what I thought was the right thing to do,” he tells Big Brother. He explains that he is “struggling in this environment” and isn’t getting on very well with the people that are left in the house. He says that Tom was being “snappy” with him last night before explaining why he chose to save Alex. He says that her “imagination” and livelihood reminds him of his son and he is “cherishing the opportunity to live with her.”


Louise and Alex are already talking about how they will prepare for the eviction on Friday. They agree that they will have to do fake tan and their hair. “I don’t know if I’m going to fit in that dress you know,” Louise worries.

In the diary room, Big Brother is asking each housemate about habits they have noticed in their fellow housemates. Tom talks about Alex’s eye twitch whilst Jay says that Tom’s catchphrase is “bab.” Housemates all agree that Jay’s catchphrase is “disco” and Alex tells Big Brother that she thinks it means “good.” Housemates describe how Aaron walks around the house with his limp wrists held out in front of him and Tom does an impression by walking around the diary room. Jay tells Big Brother that it looks like Aaron’s “hands are dislocated.” Tom says that Faye’s catchphrase is “awkward” and Alex tells Big Brother that Louise always describes herself as “not shady.”


Housemates are called to the living area to take part in today’s task, Egg Roulette. In turn, housemates have to choose a housemate and an egg and splat the egg on their opponent’s head. If a housemate is splattered with a raw egg, they are out. Aaron is first and chooses to egg Jay. The egg is boiled and Jay tells the group “I survived!” Alex is next up and chooses to splat Faye. Jay looks on and says “that looks like a wet one” but the egg is boiled. Faye chooses to splat Aaron. “Pick wisely,” Jay tells her and she splats him with a boiled egg. Jay picks Alex to egg and high fives her when they realise the egg is boiled. Louise chooses to splat Jay and the egg is raw, meaning he is out. Tom chooses to splat Aaron and he is out as the raw egg splats over his face. When Alex chooses Louise, she accidently hits her on the nose. Louise laughs and says that she was “nearly knocked out!” Faye splats Alex and the egg is boiled. Faye is then out as Tom splats her with a raw egg. Alex goes to splat Tom and jokes “this egg is gonna punish you.” Tom is then out as the egg was raw so Louise and Alex are declared the winners.


Alex and Louise are called to the diary room to receive their reward for winning the Egg Roulette task. “I’m so hungry,” Alex says as they walk into the diary room where their roast dinners are waiting. “Look at this baby chicken!” exclaims Alex and Louise thanks Big Brother for the meal, saying “it’s lovely.” Big Brother decides to have some light dinner conversation and asks Louise if she prefers the chicken’s thigh or Jay’s thigh. She laughs and then says “Jay’s.” She says he has “lovely” strong thighs and a “nice a**e!” Big Brother asks Alex what she thinks of Jay’s bottom. “I’m trying to eat!” she grimaces as Louise laughs.

All other housemates are eating their dinner at the table, in silence. Jay burps and breaks the silence. Back in the diary room, Big Brother asks Alex what her perfect date would be. She says that she would like to go on a date with “Dappy from N-Dubz!” “I’d take the lovely Jay of course,” says Louise and explains her perfect date would be a Sunday dinner at her mum’s house. She also tells Big Brother that her Dad would get on with Jay because “they both fart like troopers” “They’ll get on like a house on fire,” she says and Alex says, “they’ll probably set the house on fire.”

Jay is having a cigarette with Aaron in the garden. “I feel like Tom’s trying to provoke me,” Aaron tells Jay but he says that he finds it “funny.” Louise and Alex have come to the end of their date. Both mark each other as 10 out of 10 as a date. Louise breaks wind twice and Alex squeals: “I wanna get out!”


Aaron is in the diary room, complaining that the housemates can “only talk about sex or sing.” He says that he feels he is on a “different planet” to Alex and that Jay can’t control himself. “I’m just a silly boy from the country,” he tells Big Brother. He thinks about what he has in common with Faye and pauses for a long time. He thinks that they have a similar sense of humour but says “I’m at a loss” and doesn’t know what to do for the next eleven days. In the living area, Faye, Alex and Tom are singing Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you.”


Tom and Alex are annoying each other on the sofas. Tom mimics her saying “I neeeeeed my hair, now!” Alex defends herself and says that Tom can be greedy too. Aaron, Faye and Jay are in the garden smoking. Jay asks if he is alright and Aaron tells him that he just has “nothing to say.” Jay asks about Aaron’s interests and what he would like to talk about. “Politics or marine life,” Aaron says. Jay tells Aaron that he can “talk the back legs off a donkey if you wanna talk anything about the universe.” They agree that they will have an intellectual conversation about the universe in the Sauna in the morning. Aaron goes into the house and Jay says that he is going to “blow him away” but first, needs to “remember clever stuff about the moon and stuff.” Faye tells Jay that she feels offended that Aaron just said he didn’t have anything in common with anyone. “I feel like he’s making me look really stupid,” she says and Jay hugs her to comfort her.


The two couples are in the bedroom. It has been over 23 hours since Aaron and Faye last spoke. Aaron looks over at her from his bed and asks if she is going to sleep. “I can’t,” Faye says. Jay and Louise are laughing and joking in their bed together. In the garden, Alex and Tom have made a makeshift bed on the bridge and are talking under the covers.

In the bedroom, Aaron goes and gets in Faye’s bed. She tells him that she would have picked him to take through to the final if she had the option. “I don’t think you know me as well as you think you do,” she tells him.

Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 02 Nov 2011 at 10:55

still feeling a tad guilty i couldn't get into it after launch night, looking forward to the celeb version though

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Posted By: James
Date Posted: 02 Nov 2011 at 11:16
Are they doing another celeb version so soon after the last one?


Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 02 Nov 2011 at 11:22
I heard there was a celeb version in Jan, not sure where I heard it though

Jungle Celeb back soon!

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