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Derek Hough tries his hand (and feet) at comedy

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Topic: Derek Hough tries his hand (and feet) at comedy
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Derek Hough tries his hand (and feet) at comedy
Date Posted: 17 May 2011 at 16:08

Derek Hough tries his hand (and feet) at comedy as he plays camp dance instructor for U.S. show Better With You

By - Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:12 AM on 17th May 2011

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These photos show Derek Hough snuggling up on the dance floor with handsome actor Josh Cooke.

The Dancing With The Stars hunk – who’s been linked to Cheryl Cole – was performing a comical scenes for a one-off appearance on a new TV comedy, Better With You.

Derek, 25, plays dance instructor Philip in the popular ABC show, which taped in January.

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Busting some moves: Derek Hough puts in some fancy footwork on the U.S. comedy show Better With You, sharing a dance with Josh Cooke


Time to tango: The Dancing With The Stars professional plays a dance instructor for the skit

In the cameo, Phil agrees to give lessons to mal-coordinated bride-to-be Mia (actress Joanna Garcia) and her fiance Casey (played by Cooke), who is pretending he cannot dance to make her look better.

But sparks fly when Mia starts criticising her man over his apparent two left feet.

She says: 'It’s like I’m dancing with a malfunctioning robot…Look, you’re never going to get better unless you know how bad you suck.


Bro-mance: The boys perform a dance before the rest of the class as as Cooke's on-screen fiancee Mia (Joanna Garcia), pictured on the far right in the back row, watches on

'I don’t know whether to keep taking these classes or have you reprogrammed….I mean, you are just so bad.'

Outraged Casey responds, 'I am an expert dancer.'

Hough pleads with him: 'Casey, no.'

But the furious fiance goes on: 'I am a much better dancer than you, you really aren’t’ that good - bordering on bad.'


Smooth moves: Cooke's character Casey pretends he can't dance to make his fiancee feel better

He then adds: 'Watch this.'

Actor Cooke then reaches out a hand to Hough, who responds: 'I don’t think this is a good idea.'

But Casey says: 'I have to do this, I cannot keep it in any more.'

Hough says: 'I understand.' And the two guys then hit the floor for an intimate tango that sees them locked in an embrace, with actor Cooke twirling Hough around the room.

Hough does a series of acrobatic leaps before jumping into his friend’s arms.

The two men then have an awkward 'man hug' before giving an effeminate dance salute.


Up close and personal: The boys look intently into each other's eye during the routine


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