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'Yes, I did have a tantrum,' Cher Lloyd admits

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Topic: 'Yes, I did have a tantrum,' Cher Lloyd admits
Posted By: Alex
Subject: 'Yes, I did have a tantrum,' Cher Lloyd admits
Date Posted: 13 Oct 2010 at 16:23

'Yes, I did have a tantrum,' Cher Lloyd admits throwing strop over X Factor stage outfit...

Rumours have been rumbling for days about diva behaviour on the X Factor set - now Cher Lloyd has confirmed that she had a 'meltdown' at show stylists about her clothes.

She confessed that she had thrown a strop because she was unhappy about what show stylists wanted her to wear for Saturday night's show.

Talking in this week's X magazine, she said:  'I had a bit of a meltdown earlier in the week. But I just couldn't go on stage in something I felt uncomfortable in.'


Knitwit: Cher Lloyd was spotted wearing an oversized patterned cardigan, over-the-knee pompom socks and wooly tights on her way to the X Factor studios in north London for rehearsals today


Fragile: The star's woollen tights showed off how thin her legs are - even with the extra pair of knitted over-the-knee socks worn over the top

The 17-year-old went onstage instead in her own clothes, and shoes lent to her by her mentor Cheryl Cole. 

She joked: 'It's a good thing Louis isn't my mentor, or I'd have been wearing his shoes on TV.'

She took to the stage eventually in black and white patterned baggy trousers, a cheap-looking T-shirt that said 'Bite Me' on the front, black leather jacket and heavy gold chains.

The tiny star meanwhile showed off her questionable taste today wearing an unflattering oversized cardigan and bizarre knitted over the knee socks which did up with pompoms, that she wore over woollen tights.


Fight: Cher threw a strop at an X Factor stylist on Saturday's show and insisted she be allowed to wear her own clothes

Perhaps she was celebrating National Wool Week which is taking place at the moment...

Whatever the reason, Cher was also wearing zipped wedge mules and her trademark heavy make-up and backcombed hair when she arrived at the X Factor studios in north London for rehearsals. - source



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Posted By: mummy2009
Date Posted: 02 Dec 2010 at 23:52
does anyone know where cher got her cardigan????? thanks!

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