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Dizzee: Cowell is a dirty Rascal

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Topic: Dizzee: Cowell is a dirty Rascal
Posted By: Jonnyboy
Subject: Dizzee: Cowell is a dirty Rascal
Date Posted: 16 Sep 2010 at 10:17">X%20Factor"> Feud%20...%20rapper%20Dizzees%20blast%20at%20Cowell%20and%20X%20Factor
Feud ... rapper Dizzee's blast at Cowell and X Factor
Sky One"> Cash%20Cowell%20...%20X%20Factor%20guru%20Simon
Cash Cowell ... X Factor guru Simon
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MUST Be The Music judge Dizzee Rascal has accused Simon Cowell of cashing in on X Factor winners.

And his fellow Sky1 judge Sharleen Spiteri blasted their ITV rivals over the "Auto-Tuning" scandal as the battle of the talent shows reached new heights.

Imagination ... Emma
Sky1/Justin Downing

Rapper Dizzee said Must Be The Music - which is holding its final this Sunday - allowed its contestants to enjoy chart success on their own terms.

Must Be The Music stars Pepper and Piano and Emma's Imagination have both had top ten hits after releasing tracks on iTunes.

By contrast any big successes on ITV rival The X Factor always sign for Sony BMG, the label Cowell works for.

Hit duo ... Pepper and Piano

Dizzee, 24, said: "We give power back to the artists. It's in their hands.

"They earn all the money from their song on iTunes, we don't take any of their money.

"The artists make the money, the way it should be."

Dizzee - who sits on the judging panel with singer Sharleen and jazz star Jamie Cullum - also blasted contestants on The X Factor as talentless wannabes intent on overnight fame.

He insisted that the performers who appear on Must Be The Music are all dedicated artists looking to showcase their talents.

Dizzee went on: "Our acts are not deluded people who have woken up one day and decided that they want to be the best singer in the world.

"They know their craft, they've often been doing it for years. They know who they are and what they are about."

Sharleen, 42, laid into The X Factor for "tricking" viewers with Auto-Tuning.

The hit show - which pulls in 12million viewers a week - sparked a massive backlash after it admitted tweaking the voices of some of its contestants when they sang off-key.

Sharleen said: "They f*****d up. I don't know about Auto-Tune and I don't care.

"I don't think anyone on our show needs it."

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