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Le Jedward oui-ly divide judges

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Topic: Le Jedward oui-ly divide judges
Posted By: Bren
Subject: Le Jedward oui-ly divide judges
Date Posted: 04 Sep 2010 at 14:17


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A FRENCH Jedward rip-off are one of the main talking points for the judges on this week's X Factor when they perform Lady GaGa's 'Bad Romance'.

Twin brother act Twem (which is the Arabic word for twin) are described by Cheryl as "the Parisian John and Edward".

Just like the awful Irish duo known for their tuneless singing and crowd-baiting dance moves, brothers Samir and Medhi divide the judges.

Simon Cowell turns to Louis Walsh and says: "The two monsters you created are now spreading across Europe."

Unsurprisingly, Irishman Louis, known for his cheesy taste, instantly takes a shine to them.

"Simon, they're entertaining. Everybody loves them here," he says.

Also on this week's show is LA-based Storm Gardner, who tells the judges he took "a train, two planes, a bus and three taxis" to get to the auditions.

The Edinburgh-born singer, who says he's been trying to make it in the business for almost 25 years, sings 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For' by U2.

But it isn't his voice or choice of song that Simon finds the main fault with.

The grumpy judge says that Storm is a "stupid name", despite pleas from the desperate singer who changed his name from Lee at the age of 16.

"My issue with you is that I can't take you that seriously with calling you Storm and then trying to be a rock star," straight-talking Simon tells him.

The familiar face of Liam Payne makes a return and gives a rendition of Michael Bublé's version of 'Cry Me A River'.

Liam made it through to Simon's house after he auditioned in 2008 before being turned down.

Will the 16-year-old make it any further this year now that he has matured?

Middle-aged housewife Pattie Eleode tries her best to impress the judges by singing 'For Your Eyes Only'.

Simon tells the 41-year-old, who compares herself to Celine Dion and Mariah Carey: "The good news is that people like you."

But will Simon like her enough to put her through?

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