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BB Housemate Mario - The Mole

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Topic: BB Housemate Mario - The Mole
Posted By: Bren
Subject: BB Housemate Mario - The Mole
Date Posted: 10 June 2010 at 01:30


Earlier this evening 13 new housemates entered the Big Brother house to begin a summer in front of the cameras. Shortly after Big Brother made his choices and ushered the chosen ones into the house Lady Luck had her say. The names of the remaining 68 housemates were put into a tombola for a random draw under the auspices of an independent adjudicator. Davina reached in and picked out one name. Mario.

Mario is to become the 14th housemate but he has been set a very special task - the impossible task. Big Brother told him that "with great randomness comes great responsibility…."

Mario must enter the Big Brother house wearing a mole costume. He must sleep in the mole hole and will be asked to perform a series of dastardly deeds against his fellow housemates that he must complete without them realising he is the BB mole. If he succeeds then he can stay. If he fails then he will be asked to leave the Big Brother house.

Age: 28
From: Essex
Occupation: Unemployed

Born near Venice in Italy Mario is half British and half Italian. He lives in Essex and although now unemployed recently worked in McDonalds.

Mario is fascinated by the paranormal and the potential powers of the mind believing "we are all connected by a cosmic force but organized religion isn't relevant or needed".

He doesn't believe that love truly exists rather it is 'an enforced emotion of jealously and fear'. He says he has learnt to not wear heart on his sleeve and to trust no-one, he is often the dumper because he likes feeling like a big man.

Mario has a phobia of death and aging which means he constantly wears moisturiser and sunblock and always exercises 'to be young and beautiful'. He hates to see animals mistreated but he eats meat.

Mario is a massive Big Brother fan and he owns the diary room chair from BB7. His friends say he is a shallow narcissist but he is bored by Paris Hilton/Jordan wannabes. He admits to being vain, saying when he goes to a club even if he doesn't want to pull girls, he still wants to look attractive to them. However, never in Primark - "vampire and destroyer of fashion"

Posted By: Rose
Date Posted: 11 June 2010 at 10:05

Im liking him ..

Posted By: moonshine
Date Posted: 11 June 2010 at 19:19
he's good at thinking on his feet think he might just make this mole thing unless bb pulls the mole rug from under his feet 


Posted By: killersbee
Date Posted: 12 June 2010 at 17:44
He'll be my early favourite to win if he does

Catwoman: "For one if I was a bloke, I would not flirt with you two. I have standards."
Toots: "If I had a figure like Ola's, I'd wear that outfit to Sainsburys!"

Posted By: Laura
Date Posted: 03 July 2010 at 10:39
I liked him as the Mole.

His accent's all over the place which i find off-putting and i don't like the touchy-feelyness. He still has potential, but he's a bit of a drip on occasion.

Posted By: j_2009
Date Posted: 17 May 2011 at 14:12
i really like mario, i still do, follow him on twitter. hes datin sum1 whos on twitter now. apparently hes dating a guy frm Cardiff, Ben Hartley
Gutted :(

Posted By: Alex
Date Posted: 17 May 2011 at 14:27
Awww, follow us on Twitter for the new series of Big Brother, you might find another Mario - BBReturns

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