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BB Housemate Josie

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Topic: BB Housemate Josie
Posted By: Bren
Subject: BB Housemate Josie
Date Posted: 09 June 2010 at 23:50

Age: 25
From: Bristol
Occupation: Financial Sales Rep

Country girl Josie may just set the house alight with fun and laughter with her big personality and wicked tales of mischief. A celebrity of her own making in her home village, she says everyone there knows and loves her.

Josie is the life and soul of the party. Some of her more infamous exploits have seen her pull a moonie at a monk in Thailand, waking up in a graveyard, and breaking her arm doing a combat roll.

Fiercely independent, Josie left home aged 14 to live on her Aunt's farm, where she still lives today, in a 'wooden cabin' with her own horse and cart. Once a successful financial sales rep, she had her own company car and great wage, but she now MCs at house parties at the weekend, drives a 'shit mobile' and hates her job saying 'I've lost my game and turned into a loser'.

Josie grew up around horses as her mum breaks in horses for a living, and they travelled to many a horse fair across the country.

Ever the naughty school girl, she was deemed a disruptive influence and expelled from two schools. She believes in ghosts and claims to see them often. She says she hates bullies, attention seekers, moaners and cheats.

Posted By: Rose
Date Posted: 11 June 2010 at 10:06
I think Ben and her are getting close or should I say she is hoping to get close to Ben !

Posted By: Laura
Date Posted: 03 July 2010 at 10:30
Another interesting character. I like Josie - she's by far my favourite girl in the house this year. A rare like-able person, she obviously is trying to work out what to do with her life.

PLus she has gorgeous eyes and does liquid eyeliner really well.

I like that she speaks her mind and will tell people exactly why they're knobs.

But I do wish she didn't suck her thumb

Posted By: Cherrypop
Date Posted: 09 Aug 2010 at 18:08
Ouch sorry but after really routing for Josie from day one, i've now really gone off her, she is all the things she says she hates in her profile. I cannot believe someone could be so openely desperate, and make such a fool of themselves.  I know many people think she is really genuine, but i recorded all the shows, and watched em bk one after another, and when u watch it that way, its very clear that she only started to obsess over john james, once keeley told her how popular the story was on the outside... Last night really proved what i'd been thinking for a few wks now, but kept hoping and waiting for something she did or said that would prove me wrong, i really didnt want to believe that she was as manipulating as she comes accross, but last night, after laying next to john james whilst he was talking to all the others having a bit of a laugh, and all openly saying what they think of ex hse mates etc, and she kept making sarcastic responses to things john james was saying to the others, and really got nasty when he spoke of Coaihme, and said he thought it was unfair that she felt so alone in there, and had to leave, she went mental, john j then tells her, that she is the only person he has argued with and feels he has to back down because of how offensive and upset she gets when she thinks her opinion is right and he is wrong, he said i feel i cant express my opinion without you going off on one, i have to agree with you or else, she then told him how when they argued in the beginning she would of swiped him one if he hadnt backed down, and she was really mean in the way she said it.  She moans and slags off people who talk about the other hse mates, but does it herself, she totally ignores full on conversations unless its about her and john james, especially when Corine needed advise from her about jj, and she basically turned away and acted like she wasnt even listening to her, and after all the hrs corine sat listening to her go on and on about john james i think that was really unfair. Whilst john james chats with the others, from absoloutely nowhere she says out loud, in front of everyone... if we stayed in here a year would you have sex with me... (gross, she is so desperate its sickening)he laughs it off embarrassed, and she says it again, he says where did that come from, she said i want to know if we were in here for a year would you have sex with me in here, would you be able to resist me for that long... What kind of role model is that to all those young girls out there? She has been trying so hard to presurise him into sex in there, and i am so glad that he has shown, will, respect, and strength of character by not giving in, he says its hard to ignore her when she gets so upset over things, and the only way he knows how to deal with her when she is like that is to give in to her, and she knows this and thinks that because it worked when she sulked cos he didnt reciprocate her feelings, shouted at him, kicked him out of the bed, and told him never to talk to him again, once again he gave in, secondly she then decides the hugs and cuddles all night isnt enough and now she wants a full on snog from him, to which she disclosed all the secret details to corine, after he'd said i dont want us to be the main topic of conversation, so dont say anything to anyone, we will wait and see what happens on the outside, if you still fancy me then and my feelings grow we will see what happens.  But she ignored that and spilled her guts again, making sure the cameras were fully on her.  Eventually he gave in to those tantrums and kissed her under the covers, but stopped it when she got carried away with it, and since he has held it back so she dont get too carried away, he is obviously one of those guys who dont like to let everyone know wot is going on, and doesnt like showing feelings and being sexual in front of people, he gets embarrassed so easily, she needs to start thinking about what he wants as well instead of just what she wants. Now he gave into those kisses and cuddles and allowed her to tell the world they are a couple, even though he hasnt agreed to that, because she again threw such a paddy that he'd shown her up and embarrassed her, cos he didnt want to do the relationship in the house, he thought the only way to stop upsetting her was to leave, all she could think about was it looked liked he'd bolted out the emergency exit as soon as she told him her feelings for him, not how hard it was for him to like her so much as a friend and really cares for her, but doesnt find her sexually attractive, he isnt allowed to say what he wants and doesnt want, unless she agrees he doesnt have much choice really does he?  Now she is doing the same cos he wont have sexual contact with her in the house.... Last night he told her, in reply to her question about having sex in the house if they were in for ayear, that if their relationship grew into that kind of relationship, maybe, because after a year you'd probably totally forget about the cameras, and it would be like normal life, he said no way is it something i want, but if my feelings grew that way maybe... i think that answer says it all really.  I think he cares for her, and doresnt want to be the reason she is upset, or angry, he doesnt want to be the cause of her looking an idiot with the unrequited love situation, and the only reason he agreed to stay in there, and to put up with it, is cos she made him feel so sorry for her with her tantrums, and little hissy fits she has about herself, making out she has no self esteem or confidence, knowing this is somethng he suffered with badly in his school yrs, and is especially aware if anyone feels that way and he jumps in and wants to help them, that he wouldnt make her feel that way in front of everyone, so she knows by saying, ive got confidence issues, youve made them so much worse. sorry u dont go on big brother if you have confidence issues, she openly says she is a celebrity self made in her local area, cos everyone knows how her antics are seen as her being life and soul of the party with moonies etc, and that everyone loves her.  Not many people think of themselves as a celeb even if they are, let alone shout out about it, she bigs herself up so much, she has so much control over mst house mates, and really loses her temper and throws real tantrums if she dont like someone, and makes sure they are up for eviction by moaning about them to everyone trying to influence nominations, after thinking she was just a fun girl who you'd want to go out on a night out with, she has really changed my view of her, and i dont think that anyone would say she was a celebrity, even once she leaves there, she has made herself look so cheap and nasty, i dont understand how she thinks that desperation, and turning every conversation to sex, and makes a question about it to john james, that she could ever imagine this behaviour being a turn on for a man, after arguing with my husband that she was indeed a pretty girl wen she went in there, but her collosol weight gain since eating the housemates cheese cakes, and just about anything else she can stuff in there, and then acting like a spoilt bratt when she cant have her own way, esp if john james spends time with others. or sum1 talks to him too long she jst stares and stares, tht wud mke me worried tht her obsession has gone 2far now, she is basically begging for sex frm him, a turn off in itself its getting uncomfortable jst watching now!! AFTER REALLY WANTING THEM TO GET TOGETHER, I DONT THINK THE WAY SHE HAS BEHAVED THAT SHE DESERVES SUCH A DECENT GENUINE GUY.... I KNOW HE ISNT PERFECT, AND IF HE HADNT PUT THE BRAKES ON, WE WUD ALL BE WATCHING JOSIES PORNO, IS SHE REALLY THAT DESPERATE TO LOOK SUCHA FOOL!!!

Get jo and josie out!!

Posted By: moonshine
Date Posted: 09 Aug 2010 at 18:35
agree with you cherry pop every word...and you have been proved right with the nominations today without giving away anything incase you havent seen it but one of those noms was out of spite whatever she tried to say it was  it was out of spite


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