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BBC schedules SCD against X Factor

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Topic: BBC schedules SCD against X Factor
Posted By: Alex
Subject: BBC schedules SCD against X Factor
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 00:15

BBC schedules Strictly Come Dancing head to head with The X Factor

BBC's decision to shift Strictly Come Dancing from early slot attacked as 'very aggressive and competitive' by ITV source (9/9/09)

Talent show fans will have to choose between Simon Cowell's X Factor and the - Strictly Come Dancing lineup after the - BBC decided to go head-to-head with - ITV on a Saturday night for the first time.

The two shows have traditionally aired with little or no overlap in broadcast time, meaning that fans have seldom had to choose which show they would watch live.

However, the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing, which is due to start on Friday 18 September, has been scheduled on its first Saturday night, the 19th, to air between 7.25pm and 9.05pm. This pits it almost directly against ITV1's blockbuster X Factor, which will then be in its fifth week, airing between 8pm and 9.15pm.

"It is disappointing that they are effectively splitting the audience – both shows have previously been pretty much complementary," said an ITV source. "Given that millions of people enjoy both shows this seems to be a very aggressive and competitive scheduling decision."

Previous series of Strictly Come Dancing, which is about to start its seventh outing, have traditionally aired earlier, with start times between 6pm and 6.30pm. This year the first two weeks of Strictly will see shows air on Friday and Saturday night. From week three the show will take over Saturday nights with one long episode, including the results.

The BBC argues that there is actually more choice for viewers this year because Strictly has dropped its Sunday night results show, run for the past two seasons, while X-Factor has launched a Sunday show this year for the first time.

"Strictly and X Factor have successfully co-existed on Saturday night for many years," said a BBC spokesman. "This year is no different. There is even more choice for viewers with Strictly launching on Friday and with an X Factor results show on Sunday."

The BBC's decision to adjust the Saturday night schedule comes on the heels of an outburst from host Bruce Forsyth about the performance of the show against ITV1's X Factor.

At last month's launch event Forsyth opened proceeding with a - speech to the assembled media at what he saw was misreporting of the ratings for last year's show, when X Factor beat Strictly for the first time.

He argued that because the shows were on at different times it made for an unfair comparison. - Source

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Posted By: minihaha
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 00:58
dividing the "wheat from chaff" would be my summation.....xxxxx


Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 03:07
I have a feeling Strictly might regret doing this


Posted By: Laura
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 09:13
I would always pick SCD over X Factor - simply because X Factor seems to be repeated ad infinitum on ITV2. Plus, the new format of X Factor puts me off.

BUT! yes i think SCD will ultimately lose out.

Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 11:00
the bbc has i player and those with cable/freeview get easy access on TV tp it - by the time SCD starts X factor will be nearing its boot camp stage and by the time it starts properly ie all couples together X factor will be about to go to live shows and I think it is then that SCD may loose out - why go head to head the BBC does not have to chase ad revenue


Posted By: Laura
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 11:15
ah i forgot iplayer

Posted By: deborah31
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 11:33
nodYeah I-Player is so great, and also I have tv-on demand, (with Virgin on the tv) that's how i watched X-factor this week on Sunday, great, no need to watch live, or record anymore, TV has moved on definitely while i've been away.

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Posted By: Crube666
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 12:37
I too can see SCD losing out, but I really fail to see why they do it. Whay take the chance. Why make all those people who like both choose which to watch live and which to watch on Sky+/video/iPlayer/whatever later?
There is no need for it in my opinion. Personally, i can't stand XFactory, so there's no conflict in this household...


Posted By: Bren
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 12:47
I like X Factor and as Laura said it is repeated so can be watched later but why do the BBC insist on doing this and going head to head? I really do no think the SCD line up is strong enough to win the battle (I  maybe proven wrong)

I have an awful feeling BBC going to try and push Anton this series and if he does stay to anywhere near final stages I will not watch the programme live anymore will have to record it so I can get rid of him off my screen!!!


Posted By: Jonnyboy
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 13:15
anyone know if SCD will be on catch up TV? 


Posted By: killersbee
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 13:35
Well, I have been known to record a Whole Series of SCD, been doing that since the 4th Series

Think I'll be recording SCD whilst watching X-Factor this year

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Posted By: Tups
Date Posted: 10 Sep 2009 at 20:20
not a problem for me.. I don't watch X Factor so I will watch Strictly .. but even though there is no conflict.. I can't honestly say my heart is totally in it this year.. the shinanigans of last year left a nasty taste in my mouth .. now Dancing with the Stars.. that is a MUST SEE!

Posted By: terrip
Date Posted: 11 Sep 2009 at 06:37
I'm with you TUPS, am very excited to see Donny (try to) dance in DWTS.  I do watch xf but have never cared if I watch it 'live' or later - in fact later is always better - I can fast forward the ads. This year, though, xf has a new energy so it might be problematic for the beeb - is this a ratings war they are prepared to lose?  It must be as I think they will!

Terri P

Posted By: Thess
Date Posted: 11 Sep 2009 at 08:49
I frequently recorded scd to watch later, but it wasn't anything to do with it clashing with other programmes ..... it was so I could fast forward through Bruno's drivel. LOL

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Posted By: *Poppy*
Date Posted: 11 Sep 2009 at 09:48
I'm glad they are putting SCD on abit later as it was always on too early for me, still seeing to the kids etc, and i only ever watch X-Factor until SCD starts so it clashing doesn't bother me, but i do think it's abit unfair for the people who watch both, which is probably quite alot of people.  They only care about the ratings and whoever said they think SCD will lose on that i agree.

Posted By: rickyfan
Date Posted: 11 Sep 2009 at 20:09

i'll just record one and watch the other or record both.  i can never understand why they do this cos it's the viewer that loses out, plus they must also lose out on voting money cos if you're watching one show on record you can't vote. 

maybe they're hoping that people will record the xfactor cos you can then flick through the ads, therefore scd will get more viewers.

Posted By: Left Feet
Date Posted: 11 Sep 2009 at 20:56
It depends on the talent a couple of years ago SCD was the better program because it had exciting dancers and personalties I liked the show before but REALLY liked it that year. But it was against the worst X Factor in terms of standard ever. Now last year the X Factor stepped up because the singing talent was miles better and SCD got mired in in the Sarge affair and the Semifinal farce. So if SCD is going to win it needs person like a Ramps, Jill or Alesha to step it up from the start, thats what series six did not have a couple which ticked all the boxes and exicted the public.

Posted By: chesilbeach
Date Posted: 13 Sep 2009 at 12:18
Well what an up and down preparation it's been to the series. First they have all the ageism backlash from getting rid of Arlene, but they seem to overcome that somewhat when they get rid of the Sunday recorded results show, go back to all couples dancing a latin and a ballroom before being voted off (like series one), and then they announce they'll return to Blackpool - all fantastic news. Then finally to decide to go head to head with X Factor seems to have undone all the good work, and re-ignited all the Strictly bashing in the media again.

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Posted By: Rosy Lee
Date Posted: 13 Sep 2009 at 13:38

This year is a reversal of last year between the two shows. I thought SCD lost out by airing the Saturday show too early and consistently changing the time slot but gained with the Sunday results show which I imagine was a ratings winner. X factor will surely wipe the floor with the Sunday results show this year but have to decide where to pitch the Saturday show just like SCD did last year.


As SCD has just one show this year I am pleased that it is airing later on Saturdays, as it is after all the bbc’s top autumn/winter entertainment show so I would expect it to aired in the best prime time slot.

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