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SCD Blog Week 4

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    Posted: 25 Oct 2015 at 11:03
Hello, everyone – this week’s ramblings will be even more grumpy than usual, my ‘itch’ I mentioned last week hasn’t gone away, and the wife says the noise of me scratching in the middle of the night wakes her up so she’s been sleeping in the spare room – and refused to watch the show with me because of the noise. As I found out last week, when I myself was shunted off to the spare room, watching Strictly just isn’t the same without her cracking jokes and annoying me, so I promised I’d resist scratching if she changed her mind. Luckily – she did – although how I’ll manage to avoid the temptation I don’t know!

We’re going to watch the first hour of the show, pause it (and record the rest), then I’ll drive out and get cheese burgers, fries and chicken from McDonalds down in the city – unhealthy, I know, but it doesn’t cost much and it’ll cheer me up after a tough day.

Hooray – no ludicrous ‘theme’ this week – hopefully that’ll mean no props, ‘comedy’ (I use the term loosely) vts and performances resembling the dances they’re supposed to – in my dreams! [8-)]

Oh, get on, Daly - boo hoo, the one-armed boxer and Oti were booted out last week - couldn't stand him!

I wish you'd be 'eliminated' too, Daly, and Winklepicker for that matter - how you've kept your jobs this long is above me.

Sacking Dreary and the Italian irritant Bruno wouldn't go amiss either!

Winklepicker seems to have stolen Daly's belt this week, I notice.

How long until they get the first 'couple' on? These pointless judges 'intro's' are getting on my wick! Ah, the couples are finally coming on - and I can count the one's I like on one hand!

Who's on first? Ah, it's Anita & Gleb:-
This pair aren't very exciting are they? Don't get me wrong, she seems nice but she's not exactly loaded with personality. Oh sweet Jesus, is all the faffing needed? I bet there'll be lots of fussing over his torso - if my wife is to believed, it's nothing special! Dreary Bussell obviously disagrees, but then again she fancies everyone!

Why is Winklepicker wearing a blue shirt? Oh wait, she's flirting with Gleb, and he happily strips for her - the poor mite, Winklepicker must've performed some kind of hpynosis on him!

Daniel O'Botox & Kristina:-
The personality vacuum is on a plane - Daniel, why don't you take a trip to Australia? And don't bother coming back - bring Kristina, her new man Ben Cohen and Dreary Bussell with you! I was out of the room pouring a drink for the wife while he danced so can't comment on that, but I nearly dozed off while he was speaking, he's *that* dull and lifeless! Can't stand the pair of them, especially him!

Kirsty & Brendan:-
Yawn, yawn, yawn - can't stand this lifeless couple! Lousy performance by a pair of robots - quick, call the 'British sports commentator repair team' - her ego has had some damage done by the comments! Talking of robots - Dreary, I think you need a new chip installed!


Georgia & Giovanni:-
The quickstep - I'm sure it'll have lots of faffing about and be another one of their showdances. Oh, I'm wrong - it does seem to have Quickstep content and she's good, very good, I think - Bren or Thess will have to confirm! Still can't stand him - cocky doesn't even come close!

Jeremy & Karen:-
He never fails to put a smile on my face - and while resisting the temptation to itch I need it. Yes, I admit it, he's not great - but neither was O'Botox or Kirsty! Karen's great with the 'duffers' - and much better than the other Karen (Gurner Hardy) ever was with Gary Rhodes.

As much as I enjoyed it, was it really worth two sixes?

Kellie & Kevin:-
Love this pair - wish they were hyped up the same way as po-faced Peter and dull Jay were! The dance is lovely, and probably my favourite I've seen so far this year - yes, yes, Dull Jay's jive was probably better, but I enjoyed this a lot more.

Rats - I thought it deserved more than '8's!

Jamelia & Tristan:-
She's the human version of a banshee - this dance should be perfect for her. The dance was enjoyable, if a bit manic - still can't bear her.

Yes, you got 8's - calm down, the mighty one isn't giving you a visit!

Flirting with Aljaz now are you Winklepicker - that's the signal for the TV to be paused and for me to exit to McDonalds.


Back now, and who's on - rats, it's Dull Jay & Aliona:-
Didn't see much of the dance as I'd only just got in the door as was busy laying the food out - but it seems he messed up - surprised at that if I may say so. Not a fan of him but at the same don't like to see people fail - so I do feel sorry for him.

Carol & Pasha:-
Paso Doble, you can tell she's not exactly going to master it - and it's not even comically bad, just quite dull if I'm honest. I bet Old Pa Goodman will do his usual 'Yer came/got out and...' in his critique - he does! Didn't think all that gushing was deserved - again it'll have to be confirmed by the dancers on here!

They are one of the four or five couples I like, though - and maybe I'll do what I forgot to last week and vote for them!

Yay - it's Ainsley & Natalie:-
Still can't believe they were in the bottom two last week - I found them very entertaining - maybe I'm just out of touch with the 'GBP'! Hopefully their waltz will be good - and it seems ok to me, even if there was some faffing about at the beginning.

I'm sick to the back teeth of Dreary saying 'the boys are right'! Well, I'm sick to the back teeth of Dreary in general.

Natalie looks stunning in her dress - I wish all the dresses could be this nice!

Helen & Aljaz:-
Can whoever writes these comedy vts be fired?

I do like Aljaz, and I'm warming to her, even if she is a bit dull - I don't know if the 'Strictly B*tch' press report is true, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt this once. Her leg work didn't seem very good to me - but as I've said before, what do I know?

Peter & Janette:-
I found their Paso Doble last week dreadfully boring, no doubt they'll be gushed over again this week even if he does a Matt Di'Angelo and forgets the routine and sits on the steps! Hells bells - his wife is a fair bit younger than him, isn't she? Too much faffing about with a table and chairs - dance the effing tango, for fig's sake! Well I found it stompy as anything - but surprise, surprise - it's being gushed over!

Not a fan of this pair, as you might've guessed!

Katie & Anton:-
What dance are they doing - ah, the Viennese Whirl - she's quite good, but not as amazing as the judges will inevitably make her out to be. A lot of gushing, yes, yes, she was brilliant, I understand - wait a minute, did Daly just say they were the last ones! Hooray! Quick - I'd better nip to the shop and get a bottle of red!

Top of the leaderboard? Oh, for fig's sake, now we'll get endless comment about 'my first time ever at the top of leaderboard' - have you forgotten Lesley Garrett, Patsy Kensit and Laila Roass (?), Anton?

I'd have rather Kellie got the top - I suppose I'll have to make do with second.

Hope you enjoyed tonight's ramblings - and I promise they'll be funnier when I'm less grumpy next week (only if that bliddy itch goes away though!).

I'll be back to check the spoiler!
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