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DWTS 18: Week 4 recap and pics

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    Posted: 08 Apr 2014 at 10:39

James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd remain coy about their dating status as they continue to shamelessly flirt with each other on DWTS

By Daily Mail Reporter

Published: 06:59, 8 April 2014 | Updated: 06:59, 8 April 2014

Their potential real-life relationship has already been the hottest thing on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars.

Now the overwhelming chemistry between boy band star James Maslow and his dance partner Peta Murgatroyd became the show's biggest talking point on Monday night - and an open-season for cheeky sexual innuendos.

'You're a little squatty, you like to stick your butt out - maybe next week Peta can help you with tucking your pelvis,' guest judge Julianne Hough joked to James, leaving Peta blushing but laughing as she gave a happy thumbs up to her partner.


Real romance: James Maslow were coy about their romance on Monday night's episode of Dancing With The Stars after being forced to switch partners


On the hot seat: DWTS host Erin Andrews asked James if he was dating Peta

'Welcome to euphemism theater,' host Tom Bergeron quipped.

The pair - who admitted to having been on one date before they even knew they would be paired up - constantly refer to possible romance without actually addressing it.


But that does not stop the show's other stars from teasing them - and even asking outright what is going on.


New partners: James took on new partner Cheryl Burke while Peta teamed up with Charlie White

'Can you tell us you're dating?' co-host and previous contestant Erin Andrews asked to huge cheers from the audience.

'I want a Dancing With The Stars baby!'

As they stood blushing - but not denying a romance - Erin pointed at them together and added: 'You're adorable, come on - who doesn't want this?'


Support section: Peta cheered on James from the balcony during his routine

'Oh my God,' Peta blushed, while James attempted to laugh it off. 'You can't have a baby while you're dancing, all right, so let's just put that - not gonna happen,' James joked, refusing to address romance reports directly.

The pair had actually been split up on the dance floor for the week, with all the stars getting new pros as an added challenge.

But that did not stop their furious flirting.


Stepping up: James and Cheryl scored high marks from the judges

Learning that his pro for the week would be Cheryl Burke, he admitted to her that he felt like he was cheating on Peta, adding: 'But it's kind of exciting because of that.'

'Who knows, maybe it can be as fun with Cheryl,' he said, before turning to the camera and winking as he insisted: 'Just kidding Peta, it can never be as fun as with you.'

Meanwhile Peta, teamed up for the week with ice dancer Charlie White, felt similar sentiments during her rehearsals - especially when Charlie got too close.

'I feel like I'm cheating on James a little bit,' she admitted.


Felt like cheating: Peta admitted that she felt like she was cheating on James by dancing with Charlie

And to make his message even clearer, James even showed a little potential jealousy. 'Don't get too comfortable with @PetaMurgatroyd,' James tweeted Charlie as soon as his dance finished. 'She's coming back to me next week!'

But Charlie appeared more than understanding that he did not compete with James for his temporary partner's feelings.

'She won't stop talking about you,' he told James during a video web chat during rehearsals, leaving Peta blushing once again. 'It's just non-stop ''James this, James that''.'

'I wouldn't mistreat this one,' Charlie assured James when he asked if he was 'taking care of her'.


Good try: Charlie and Peta didn't have the chemistry the judges wanted

As well as her cheeky comment about his pelvis, Julianne insisted James was 'not just the hot guy who takes off his shirt'.

'You are the total package - you are so amazing,' she told him. 'You have dedication, you have technique, you have passion, you have everything. To me you're the total package.'

'Dances are like fire - some should warm, some should burn. And this was burning hot, I'm telling you,' Len Goodman agreed, as the judges gave him three 9s and an 8 for his tango.


Body language: James had guest judge Julianne gushing about his performance


Lack of chemistry: Charlie White and Peta were criticised for their rumba

Peta and Charlie did not fare so well with their chemistry - getting two 9s but also a 7 and an 8.

'As a performance it's terrific. Is it a rumba? Not in my world it isn't,' Len told them, with Carrie Ann agreeing. 'No question you're a beautiful dancer, but that wasn't a rumba,' she said.

Returning to the show, Julianne had also raised some heat with her sexy dress opened in a circle in her cleavage.

'Firstly, welcome back, and secondly - wow, what a dress!' Tom Bergeron told her.


Triumphant return: Julianne Hough returned to DWTS in a stunning peek-a-boo black dress

Fan favorite Derek Hough also raised temperatures as he and the other male dancers from the Macy's Stars Of Dance troupe performed a flamenco number shirtless.

Meanwhile James's rival for the female fans' affections, teen pop star Cody Simpson, had a challenging week - even though he was paired with fellow Australian, pro dancer Sharna Burgess, who he admitted he 'was honestly hoping I'd get to work with'.

But Sharna - who repeatedly told Cody to pull up his trousers and his his underwear - admitted the struggled through a generation gap.


Australian star: Cody Simpson switched partners and was teamed with pro dancer Sharna Burgess, a fellow Australian

'I'm not old - I'm 28! - but there was a generation gap,' she said, with Cody admitting during rehearsals: 'I'm kind of getting used to Sharna being like my mum.'

He started his routine by singing some lines live - and when they finished Bruno joked:

'I thought I was on the wrong show - I thought I was on Australian Idol, the final.'

But he only got three 8s and a 7, with Len telling him he 'looks a bit awkward' and Bruno admitting he doesn't look 'quite in control'.


Wrong show: Cody started his dance routine by singing

Drew Carey, 55, had a similar experience by being partnered with Cody's usual dancer, Witney Carson, admitting: 'It's like dancing with my daughter!'

'You're older than my dad!' she told him when he revealed his age.

He drew shocked gasps from the audience when he admitted he didn't miss his usual partner, Cheryl Burke, but she soon got her revenge when she said: 'Drew and Witney have this grandpa / young girl relationship - cute. Creepy, but cute.'


Impressive performance: Drew Carey drew rave reviews with his Cha Cha in a gold suit

No matter what the dynamic, the judges all praised his Cha Cha, in which he wore a gold suit, giving all 8s and one 9.

Calling him a 'dancing Ferrero Rocher', Len joked: 'I've not had that much fun in a minute-and-a-half since I was a teenager.'

With no elimination for the week, the contestants' judges' scores will be added to last week's and combined with viewers' votes to see who goes home.


New partner: Drew admitted to favouring his new partner Witney Carson

One dancer seems a definitely safe bet - Charlie's partner on ice, Olympian Meryl Davis, who switched between the Chmerkovskiy brothers, going from her usual partner Maksim to his brother, Val, joking it was 'some incestual adultery'.

She got three 10s and a 9 - the same as her top-of-the-leaderboard score last week - with Len stopping her getting a perfect score even though he told her: 'That was the dance of the night.'

'You are one of the most stunning, beautiful dancers I've ever seen,' Julianne told her. 'I would love to dance like you. You are so beautiful - it's true. It was stunning.'


Olympic champion: Gold medal-winning ice dancer Meryl Davis turned in another beautiful performance


So graceful: Meryl impressed the judges and audience again and earned top scores


High praise: Julianne told Meryl that she would love to dance like her

Carrie Ann agreed: 'You two are in a class of your own. You're untouchable.'

When Erin asked which brother she preferred, Meryl diplomatically responded: 'Oh not a fair question! Loaded question!'

Candace Cameron Bure started the evening with Tony Dovolani - who died the tips of his hair red to match his sneakers and tie - getting all 7s for their 50s-themed quick step that Bruno likened to 'a quick step performed by the Sex Pistols'.


First couple: Candace Cameron Bure and Tony Dovolani started the show with a 1950s-themed quick step

Danica McKellar also swapped a McKellar, getting Maksim rather than her usual partner Val, which got all 8s - even after scathing critique from Julianna who questioned whether Maks 'phoned it in' so 'this week could get passed so you could get back with Meryl'.

'That was definitely not the case,' Maks insisted as the audience booed.

Tom quipped: 'I'm going to give Maks a chance to go get tickets to Julianne's tour.'


Scathing critique: Danica McKellar reacted during the judges' review that included a suggestion by Julianne that her new partner Maksim 'phoned it in'

Of the contestants, Olympic snowboarder Amy Purdy - who dances with prosthetic legs - admitted she was the most nervous of the partner swap as give Mark Ballas 'the run down' as to 'what works, what doesn't' with her legs.

They initially seemed in trouble as Mark was less supportive and hands on than Amy's usual partner Derek - but that got praise from the judges when she danced more on her own than usual.

Julianne noted how every talks about how inspiring she is - admitting it is 'hands down totally the truth' - but stressed: 'There is more to you than coming on this show to be an inspiration. You here as a competitive, and fierce assed - tight ass, by the way - girl. 'You can shake it, you are incredible.'


In it to win it: Amy Purdy impressed her new partner Mark Ballas who said it was one of his favourite weeks on the show

Bruno said she 'continues to astonishing me', referring to her 'very very hot' hips in tight black leather trousers, while Len joined in by saying: 'I tell you this - your bottom is the top.'

'She's amazing, we had a blast,' Mark said as they got two 9s and two 8s. 'One of my favorite weeks ever working on the show.'


Fun night: Tom Bergeron and co-host Erin had a particularly good time during the show

NeNe Leakes, meanwhile, got Derek Hough - as well as her highest praise of the season.

'This was a dance that absolutely suits your personality, and it was your best dance this season,' Len told her, giving her an 8 like his other three judges.

Calling it 'so much fun', Julianne said: 'Every girl wants to let her inner Beyonce out, and you had a full number with millions of people watching you. That was awesome.'


Rocked it: NeNe Leakes and Derek Hough danced performed an energetic jazz dance and nailed it

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Dancing With The Stars' Season 18, Week 4: Dance By Dance Recap

04/07/2014 by Cari Skillman

Dance fans, our world is a jumbled mess this week. Just as we were getting used to the idea of Maks and Meryl, or Nene and Tony, or Cody and Witney ... the rug is pulled out from under all of us.

But it's our own doing, isn't it? It wasn't the producers or the judges who decided the new pairings for this one week only "Switch-Up Night." We did it with our own votes and tweets. With all credit given to head judge Len Goodman, I will dub this "itchy blanket week." Len gave the "Switch-Up" that moniker because he said while it may do the job, it is a little uncomfortable. The good news: no elimination tonight!

And our guest judge this week: the brutally honest Julianne Hough!

Here's a recap of "Switch-Up Night," from highest score to lowest:

Meryl Davis and Valentin Chmerkovskiy -- 39 out of 40

Meryl is happy she gets to keep it all in the family on "DWTS," trading one Chmerkovskiy brother for another. Tom Bergeron lets us know that this duo was the most request pairing! Of course we want to know the difference between the two pro dancers; Meryl says Val is all business and Maks likes to goof off a bit more.

They do the Argentine Tango, which happens to be Maks' favorite dance so they know he'll be jealous. Head judge Len Goodman calls their performance the dance of the night; Bruno Tonioli thought they were like two musical instruments perfectly in tune; Carrie Ann Inaba said the two are in a class of their own and untouchable; and two time "DWTS" champ Julianne Hough told Meryl she would love to dance like her. Two week total for Meryl: 78 out of 80.

James Maslow and Cheryl Burke -- 35 out of 40

James said he felt a bit like a swinger and that he was cheating on Peta Murgatroyd. Cheryl taught him an intense and almost mean Tango. Julianne called James the "total package;" not just the good looking guy who takes off his shirt, but also a real dancer with technique and passion. And then she started talking about his butt. In a "dance" way. And Bruno chimed in. So the double entendres flowed.

James looks like he has a pretty thick skin so he could handle all the butt talk. Erin Andrews then ambushed him about his relationship with Peta ... are they dating? Erin wants a "dancing" baby. Awkward? Yes. Two week total for James: 71 out of 80.

Amy Purdy and Mark Ballas -- 34 out of 40

Amy leaves partner Derek Hough for his best bud, Mark. They start their rehearsals with Amy giving him the lowdown on how her body and her prosthetics work. It throws Mark a bit and to help him understand, he talks to Derek. The two fedora-wearing pros go over just how differently Amy has to move to stay balanced.

Mark is up to the challenge and comes up with a fun and sexy Salsa. Bruno praised her footwork and said she never went wrong in the routine; Carrie Ann loved that she was more exposed and said she has a "girl crush" on her abs; Julianne said Amy is not just inspiring but also a fierce competitor; and good ol' Len said her "bottom" was "tops." More butt talk! Two week total Amy: 70 out of 80.

Drew Carey and Witney Carson -- 33 out of 40

Witney goes from the youngest guy on the show, Cody Simpson, to the oldest guy, Drew. They realize he's actually older than her dad. She has to slow down teaching style because Drew picks things up much slower than Cody does, but Witney has all the patience in the world.

She dresses Drew is a shiny gold suit and teaches him a fun and fast Cha Cha Cha. Bruno called Drew a confident "sugar daddy" and "Elvis meets Liberace." And Len killed it tonight with the comment, "I haven't had that much fun in a minute and a half since I was a teenager." Two week total for Drew: 63 out of 80.

Charlie White and Peta Murgatroyd -- 33 out of 40

Charlie's nervous but thrilled to see Peta, who is good friends with his regular partner Sharna. He notices the difference between the two choreographers is that Sharna teaches each individual detail, while Peta lets things evolve.

They are assigned the Rumba, and Charlie plays the role of Captain Obvious by telling us sexy and sultry does not come naturally to him. To make him look the part, they slick back his blonde curls and his hair looks just like Petas!

The judges were split on this one; Julianne and Bruno gave nines and love the routine. Len and Carrie Ann said it was a great dance, but was absolutely NOT a Rumba. More hips! Two week total for Charlie: 69 out of 80.

Danica McKellar and Maksim Chmerkovskiy -- 32 out of 40

Val gets Meryl; Danica gets Maks. She learned the two men may be family but they have radically different teaching techniques. Danica says Val explains why she needs to do things; Maks says "just do it." Even though they get "eights" across the score paddles, the judges were all critical, from Len saying there was too much goofing off, and Carrie Ann pointing out a timing issue.

But it was Julianne who gave the roughest comment; she told Maks she felt as though he was going through the motions and just wanted to get through the switch so he could get back to Meryl. Ouch! With Erin, Maks said he tried his best, and his little brother thanked him and said he was proud of the dance. Two week total for Danica: 68 out of 80.

NeNe Leakes and Derek Hough -- 32 out of 40

NeNe calls Derek her little brother; I think that's more than an age thing, it's also a height thing. She also gets to do a Jazz routine which both she and Derek feel will suit her strengths. They do an African tribal themed number which felt a little weird, but the judges liked it. Len said it was the best dance she's done; Bruno called her the Queen of Sheba. Two week total for NeNe: 63 out of 80.

Cody Simpson and Sharna Burgess -- 31 out of 40

Sharna says this is the first time the American version of the show has featured two Aussies. And, like NeNe, she's feeling a bit of the age difference with her partner. Cody's the youngest partner she's ever danced with (he's 17, she's 28) and she was feeling the generation gap. He joked that she talked to him more like a Mom (pull up your pants!) and she definitely doesn't tolerate any messing around.

Their Foxtrot begins with Cody singing in the audience and the girls go crazy. The judges see improvement, and think he's good when he's not in hold. But when he does have to do the proper ballroom technique, he loses it. Len told him "nail the details!" Julianne suggested that next week he embrace the ballroom style and do something very "un-Cody" like. Two week total for Cody: 66 out of 80.

Candace Cameron Bure and Tony Dovolani -- 28 out of 40

Candace was kidding (I think?) when she said she didn't want Tony. And then he walked in the door! Staged? Or big oops? Turns out he likes to tease her a lot. She blushes. That was the only drama. Tony's dance style is very different from Mark Ballas' but CCB likes them both.

They dance a Quickstep to "Ballroom Blitz" and while Tony's red Mohawk was a bit distracting, the dance looked good. The judges liked it; but didn't love it. Complimented them on energy and choreography but technique needed work. This is where Len gave his "itchy blanket" metaphor. Two week total for Candace: 60 out of 80.

Next week: one couples goes home. That is, unless they toss ANOTHER surprise our way!


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