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Im A Celeb: Mon 18th Show 2 recap

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    Posted: 19 Nov 2013 at 22:51


Having been selected by the British public to do the Bush Tucker Trial, Matthew was determined to win.


“I need food, they need food.  I think I can do this.  Five stars, five meals, it’s in the bag,” he said optimistically.

Joey, who had also been selected for the trail, said, “I’m going to do everything possible, we need food.”


Joey and Matthew entered the Trials area to be greeted by Ant and Dec.   Joey said that "I'm thinking I'm against someone and I'm going to have to eat some sort of bugs or creatures.  You can see I don't like eating creatures."   When he saw Matthew he exclaimed "I knew it would be you!"   Matthew explained that he thought that viewers "could see that I was a bit scared before the last one (Trial).  But they've made a big mistake because I am over my fear now and I am in control.  I've had an awakening."


Ant and Dec explained how the Trial would work.  The two would sit face to face and eat five 'takeaway' themed Bush Tucker dishes.  Each dish was worth one meal for camp.  But only the winner would take any food with them, so it was an ‘all or nothing’ Trial.


Both Joey and Matthew were determined to win so played mind games with each other in an attempt to gain the upper hand.


First up was a visit to 'The Wicked Wok' where Joey and Matthew had to eat Pork Chow Brains - a pig brain.  Matthew went first and gagging said that it tasted like "livery soggy chicken".  Joey then ate his portion after Matthew told him to "tell yourself it’s something else." 

Next up was the' Foul Fish Shop' where the two had to eat an ostrich penis.  Joey went first.  "It smells of willy.  I won’t be able to chew that" he complained.  "It's horrible" he said as he bit down on the tough and rubbery penis.  "It's so dirty man.  It tastes like a school rubber and put a load of wee all over it with vinegar and tomato sauce."  But he persevered and finished his portion.


Matthew ate his share.  "Oh My God, your description was spot on minus the vinegar" he said.


"Is your camp really hungry?" taunted Joey as Matthew chewed.


"I couldn't eat a whole one, could you?" said Matthew.  "My mum is going to be so proud.  To see her little boy up there eating cock on the TV with Joey from TOWIE."


Next up was a visit to 'Curry Frights'.  Joey taunted Matthew "Can I talk to you about something quickly?.  I'm to going to give up”.  “I'm not because we're starving," said Matthew.  On the menu was Bunion Bhaji - a slice of camel toe.  "It stinks" said Joey.  "I think you should maybe give up".  As Matthew chewed on his camel toe, Joey shuddered and told him to spit it out.  And getting his own back, Matthew encouraged Joey to give up as he had his turn.  But once again, both finished their meal.  "I'm not giving up.  That was the worst thing I've ever tasted in my life" said Joey.


The next visit was to 'The-Un-Upper-Thai-Sing'.  The two campers retrieved bamboo steamers that each contained a 'sting roll' - a spring roll containing a scorpion.  They had to remove the scorpion and eat it.  "Are you going to keep going?" asked Joey.  "I'm not hungry, but they are" replied Matthew.


Joey started to chew and exclaimed that the scorpion tasted like burnt toast and marmite.  Once again, they both ate their treat.


Finally, they visited 'The Screaming Tower of Pizza'.  They opened their foil takeaway trays to reveal some spicy meat balls, in the form of turkey testicles.  "I'm not giving up" said Matthew as he defiantly put the testicle in his mouth.  "They've got a flavour.  Like turkey but wrong" he said before gagging.  "They are rank.  They are proper vile" said Joey.


But after retching, they both swallowed the testicles.


They both got five out of five so had to compete to a tie-break.  "I never thought in a million years that I'd come in here and do that."


The two had to race to drink the tie break treat - a glass of ‘cock-a-cola’ - blended cockroaches.  Joey downed his straight away winning the Trial and leaving Matthew with absolutely nothing.


Gutted that he had bravely faced the Trial but lost at the last hurdle, he returned back to camp furious.  However, hugging Matthew Joey promised him that when they met again, he would give Matthew his dinner.


The red team would eat wallaby Shank in Snake Rock, whilst the yellow team had to make do with rice and beans in Croc Creek.




“I started the day hungry and I don’t feel hungry anymore.  I feel sick – sick because of what I have eaten and sick,” said a devastated Matthew.  “I have good news and bad news,” he said as he returned to his campmates.  “It was horrible, disgusting,” he said after telling them about the trail.


“It’s absolutely heartbreaking for him,” said Kian.


“If anybody at home in the pub said there was going to be a drinking competition, I’d have been odds on favourite,” said Matthew.  “I’d like to think I’ve done enough to avoid another Bush Tucker Trial for some time.”


Over in Snake Rock, Joey was breaking his news.


“It’s literally one of the worse things I’ve ever done in my life.  I’ve been sick and everything,” Joey told his campmates.  Rebecca hugged him sympathetically, assuming he lost, so the campmates were shocked and thrilled when he told them he won.


“I don’t think I could’ve done that trial.  We are very, very proud of Joey and pleased we’ll get some nice food tonight,” said Rebecca.


“I swear girls, it was so hard,” said Joey, getting a little emotional.  Both Amy and Rebecca hugged him.


“I’m really proud of myself.  I feel like I’ve achieved something today,” said Joey.




Joey asked Rebecca to dispel a myth that he’d heard when he quizzed her about whether peeing in a swimming pool turned the water “purple”.  In response, Rebecca shocked her campmates when she admitted to peeing in swimming pools.


“I always pee in the pool.  You have two hours in there, you can’t get out.  Everyone does it.”


“You always pee in the pool?” said a horrified Joey.


“If you’re full on training you cannot get out.  You’ve just got to go,” insisted Rebecca.


“Lucky you don’t want a dump then,” laughed Laila.




Following Rebecca's admission that she pee-ed in swimming pools during training, Steve decided to wind up his fellow campmates and told them he had a confession to make.  He said he had pee-ed in the camp pool.  He justified his actions saying "I'm just following my hero in the swimming pool department.  I thought, it’s good enough for a Gold medallist so it must be ok.  I just followed in your footsteps.  It was recommended by a top class sports person.”




A rare glimpse of Australian sunshine provided the campmates with an opportunity to sunbathe.  Amy stripped off her shirt to reveal a pretty black lace bra.  "We're going to cuddle up buddy,” she said as she positioned herself next to Rebecca to catch the maximum rays.


Rebecca starred enviously at Amy's cleavage and said "I would look exactly like she's doing now if I had it" she told Laila who sat nearby on a log, watching the two girls.


"I just want to get a tan.  I told you though, I've worked out.  My body has changed since I worked out.  Its weight training and . . . " Amy explained.


"You're only young anyway" said Laila.  "I looked like you when I was young.  That's the thing.  I was always slim"


"I've never looked like that" said Rebecca enviously.  But Amy added "Well Rebecca, I'll never have a Gold Olympic medal.  Can you get one for ping pong or something?"


Joey joined the three women and simply just starred at Amy.  Later in the Bush Telegraph he said "Amy - she's fit in that way, running and stuff and obviously she is fit."


And Amy's display prompted Rebecca to start exercising.  She complained to Laila that it was making her need to go to the loo as she did squats and sit ups in the jungle heat.  "Well don't do it then!" Laila advised.




Despite being the envy of the camp, Amy looked in a mirror and said, “Oh gosh. I feel like my face has shrivelled into a prune.”


As Laila and Rebecca reminded her how great she looks, Amy said, “I’m lucky because I’ve naturally got bigger boobs and I’ve got a bum.  I’m a little bit in and out.  I probably don’t look quite as skinny.”


“Lots of sex keeps your weight off,” laughed Laila.


“Sounds like you know this knowledge Mo,” joked Amy. “Yeah, I do, it makes you right slim, believe me,” said Laila.




Amy and Joey lay closely together and chatted.  Amy leant in and smelt Joey’s neck before complimenting him. “How do you still smell nice?” she asked.


“I’ve washed myself over, that’s it,” said Joey.


“It smells really nice, the aftershave,” said Amy with a smile.




Alfonso boasted that he had met Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers but David slightly stole his thunder when he told him that he had done the same.  When they chatted further, it emerged that they had both performed at a show in New York called 'Night Of A Hundred Stars'.  "I was at the finale of the fashion section with Ann-Margret.  And The Rockettes.  That's where I met Ginger Rogers" explained David.




Kian talked to the yellow team about this career in Westlife and the subsequent trappings that the group’s success bought him.  He explained that the band released 14 albums in 14 years.  "I doff my proverbial.  An amazing career" congratulated Matthew.  He asked Kian if he thought that Westlife would reform.


"Oh I don't know.  Never say never.  I think everybody needs to do what we're doing now.  Just doing stuff on your own rather than being a member of a band.  That's the problem.  It's like what's next?  What do I do for the rest of my life if I don't work?  Telly's where I want to go” explained Kian.


Alfonso asked him if he'd made enough to never need to work again, to which Kian replied "Yeah".


The conversation moved to the trappings of a successful career.  Matthew revealed that he had once bought a "flash" car but had regretted it.  "It's not pointless, but it’s about showing off.  It’s not about what you want to do" he said.


But Lucy added that she wanted an expensive car.  "I enjoy cars and driving" she said.


Kian explained his position.  "Some people love cars and some people don't and for people who love cars, absolutely.  I didn't have a picture of a Ferarri on my wall growing up.  I didn't have any cars on my walls.  Some of the other boys in the band did, they were like car enthusiasts, so absolutely if you can do it, do it."


Both Kian and Matthew explained that their upbringings had been the secret of their success with Kian saying that he wanted to encourage his son to work hard and achieve his own success when he was older.  "Our situation was so surreal where we came from on the West Coast of Ireland.  Nobody from where we came from ever did what we did."


Matthew went on to say that he never heard anyone say anything negative about Westlife.


Kian explained.  "The funny thing is that people say you're all so clean cut but we were not really that clean cut. We go out on the rip, fall over the place and get drunk and go out real late and drink a good amount of alcohol between all of us."


“For the first few years we were first class lunatics when it came to going out, but if we had something important the next day we wouldn't do it.  Or if it was going to affect what we were doing, because we cherished what we had.  That was the big thing for us.  And like I said when Brian left the band, that made us cherish it even more because we were like, ‘Oh My God, it could all be over,’ and it wasn't over and we made it work again.  And then we had little dips and then 'You Raise Me Up' came and boom and then another little dip came and then we had 'What About Now'”




The teams had to answer questions about their opposing side in order to win treats for camp.


They were given laminates with questions on them and had to guess the correct answer to win a chocolate brownie each.  Snake Rock answered three questions out of six correctly about Croc Creek; Croc Creek got all six of their questions correct.


Answers included that Kian had more twitter followers than Alfonso; and that Kian was once a kissogram.  And in Croc Creek they knew Amy's age (21); Joey's chart position with Last Christmas (33); that Steve had more twitter followers than Amy; that Steve had won more world snooker championships than Olympic medals won by Rebecca; and that Rebecca had two tattoos.



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